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  1. I will send you a text somepoint, was going to go shooting at 'Bells' inbetween Gorleston and Yarmouth.
  2. Hi all, Sorry if this sounds like a lonely hearts ad I've been trying to get shooting at a local clay ground but you need to have 2 people turn up as it is self service, none of my friends are in to Clay shooting so I am looking for someone to join me. I am in my 30's and have been shooting air rifles for a long time and recently got my SGC mostly for pest control. I have been out shooting Pigeons and then Crows more recently and it seems like I can't hit a barn door . The only time I have shot clays I did well but it was pre mounting the gun so I would like to spend some time p
  3. Hi, My In laws have a running machine that they would like to sell and I thought I would try it here before I put it on Ebay. It is 8 years old but has not been used a lot so is in really good condition. They paid £650 for it but are now looking for £100 ONO for it. Here is a link will all the specifications, http://www.hifit.co.uk/treadmills/proform/390p.htm If you want more information or pictures let me know and I will sort them out. Cheers, Steve Pick up only in Gorleston as too big to post.
  4. hi reddan, I went to have to have a chat with Mr Billy Bell, very nice guy (great name as well). He was very frendly and said I could use the traps anytime and if he is not in just post the money in the box. He charges £5 per 25 clays (or as he says "put £5 in the box for every empty box of carts"). I am trying to get a go this week but struggling to get another person to join me as they are either busy or away! I would be interested in joining you on some of your other shoots if that would be okay? What would be the best way to arrange this? Cheers for your help and informatio
  5. That is some great information, thanks. I will try to get in contact with "Mr Bells" this week and get a go on his range this week as it is just down the road from me. Once I have got more information I will post the details up. Looking forward to trying my shotgun, the help from this forums members has been great!
  6. Hi gordan&jo, starting with another beiginer would be good! I will pm you my mobile number!
  7. Thanks for the help, I was going to try wildfowlers when the season starts but my problem is I can't make Sundays during the summer because I sail. I will try the Orsmby ground as I can make Tuesdays. Have you got any more details about this? Berretta28g do you do much clay shooting?
  8. Hi, I have just bought my first shotgun and would like to spend some time getting used to it on some clays before I venture out in to the field for pigeons. I have been clay shooting at high lodge but it is about an hour away from me as I am based in Hopton. I was wondering if anyone know of any closer clay grounds that I would be able to use? I would also like to meet any members who live in my area who I could join in shooting at a clay ground with. Thanks in advance for any help, Steve
  9. Welcome, your not far from me, I'm also a keen on my fishing bit the Cod have been sparce this year!
  10. Cod fishing has been very poor this year , I think we were spoiled last year, Bass fishing was good this summer so hope they will turn up again in 2011. I think the poor Cod fishing has brought me back to hunting
  11. What sort of fishing and shooting do you do? I do a lot of Kayak fishing both in Fresh and Salt water.
  12. Hi Bleeh, I'm on the coast, I live in Hopton. Where are you based? Hi Shippy, I'm afraid that I'm about an hour away from Thetford.
  13. Hi, I've been living around the Norfolk\Suffolk border for the last 10 year, before that I lives on Anglesey and spent my youth Fishing and air rifle hunting. After returning to fishing a few years ago I thought that I would get back in to air rifle hunting and looking to get a shotgun licence if I can find the right permissions around my area! I have just bought myself a new rifle (AA TX200) and thought I would join this forum as I have been enjoying browsing it. I have also been given a very kind offer of a days Pigeon decoying from a memeber of a Fishing forum i use (Have just r
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