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  1. Blackbird for me - I think it was the first bird I ever noticed and recognised, probably because one nested in a tree in our garden every year. I had a much wider variety of birds to watch when I lived further south - paricularly liked dippers, the tit family (especially long-tails), and at one time a capercaillie was a regular visitor to our hens. Nowadays I content myself watching buzzards, owls and hen harriers in the countryside and sparrows, robins and wrens around the house. Yesterday a female Eurasian blackcap was feeding in a tree six feet from the front window. I don't
  2. Worst story I ever heard came from a friend (now departed this earth) who owned a small gunshop. Young man came in one day with a 12 bore semi and explained that it was jammed solid, breech closed. Turned out his kids had been playing with it in their sand-pit....... Friend (who was a BIG bloke) couldn't budge the action, so suggested that the gun be left with him. He took it to his workshop, laid it on the floor with the butt-plate against his lathe, and gave the cocking-lever a sharp kick. The bolt flew back and out popped the first of five live cartridges...... He "had a word
  3. Way back in the early seventies it was all the fashion for girls to cut shapes out of felt (butterflies, little birds, cute bunnies, etc.) And stitch then onto their tops. Motifs, I think they were called. Anyway, my younger sister was keen to get "with it" so she slipped out of school one break-time, nipped into the local drapery, and said to the man behind the counter, "Excuse me, but can I get felt here?" "Sure", said he, laughing, "just come round here behind the counter and I'll do my best!" Exit schoolgirl, horribly embarrassed. Very much a tale of its time - sad to s
  4. Thank you all very much for your responses. You've given me some great suggestions and leads. It's going to have to be a jacket and trousers job - we get too much wind too often up here for a poncho or coat. It's blowing F7 - F8 right now - again..... the geese'll be flying backwards tomorrow morning...
  5. Just in from giving my dogs a run on the hill. It's raining heavily here and my "waterproofs" have performed so poorly that even my more intimate bits of clothing are rather moist.... Any suggestions for replacements (and sources)? Keeping dry is the important factor - keeping warm less of an issue as it doesn't get that cold here. Thanks in anticipation!
  6. Nor do I; maybe the OP would care to elaborate??
  7. Not the case. Udal Law pertains in Orkney and Shetland, which means that the adjacent landowner - not the Crown Estate - possesses the land to the low-water mark denoted by the lowest spring tide, plus, I believe, the distance a stone can be thrown, a horse waded or a salmon-net cast. Hugely archaic but still the legal position. Best to ask as some landowners will already have given right of access to resident or visiting fowlers who obviously won't appreciate strangers on their territory.
  8. Oh, and I forgot to ask you to explain why building oil-rigs in Aberdeen is "another flaw in the SNP masterplan". Do tell!
  9. You're right, I AM surprised! I used to live in north-east Scotland (including four years in Aberdeen itself) and rigs were built at Ardersier and Nigg, and at Kishorn in the west, but, d'you know, I can't recall ever hearing of one being built in Aberdeen...... Which yard did the construction there?
  10. You need to go up to Aberdeen and tell the people about rigs being built there. They'll probably be as surprised to hear that as I am!
  11. You'll have to come to me..... bring a gun, we're inundated with geese just now!
  12. Haven't compared medical records... I think we're both offended by the Post Office's shameless, cynical behaviour in a) abrogating responsibility for the goods it undertakes to convey, and / or b) conning extra money out of the public.
  13. Can't see why anyone should be confused by the post. The OP wanted to - and did - post a parcel. When he presented it at the Post Office he was offered the opportunity to insure it, presumably against loss, damage or theft, if its value was over £50 - i.e. he was invited to insure against an eventuality which, were it to occur, would be wholly the fault of the Post Office. Let's look at it another way. If you were eating out, how would you feel about being asked to insure your order in case the waiter dropped it on the way from the kitchen, or delivered it to the wrong table? Same p
  14. Mine's still got the full length barrel. I find it a bit unwieldy when the moderator's on, but I've never got round to having it shortened. I did the trigger as soon as I bought it, though - fitted the lightest of the three springs and it was well worth the money and the few minutes it takes to do the job.
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