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  1. I've watched him - for a few minutes. That was as much as I could stand. Vacuous, irritating, self-satisfied are a few of the words that come to mind.
  2. 46 pumps????? I'm hoping there's a typo in there.... I had an Innova and recall that it "blew off" midway through the fifth stroke of the pump. Very accurate and never leaked; I always put one stroke of the pump in it before putting it back in the cabinet.
  3. And you see YouTube as a viable alternative? Which sources do you follow?
  4. Really? Nothing on the BBC and ITV news? Surprised they haven't been following events.
  5. YouTube?? I take it you're jesting!
  6. In such an unlikely case there would again be significant risk of bias. Simply suggesting that anyone searching for the facts is highly unlikely to find them in the media.
  7. Errr......this is a thread from 2012.... Why the revival?
  8. An article written by a Labour politician for a Centre-right newspaper.... No risk of bias there then.
  9. It's the inconsistency that irritates me. Some Forces don't demand medical evidence, some do. Some GPs don't charge, others do (and royally!) I suspect that, were I to re-register with one of our several little rural practices, there would be no charge. Unfortunately the practice I'm currently with is quite large and staffed by a seeming myriad of part-time GPs, with the result that a patient will seldom see the same doctor twice during one course of treatment. I've been so little bother to the medical profession over my 65+ years that they've got precious little on record which coul
  10. Well, my Renewal Notification has just arrived and, for the first time, I've been instructed to arrange for a GP's Report. I rang my medical practice this morning, and the very helpful receptionist advised me how to get the proforma to her for completion. She'd obvously been through it all before. And then she added that there would be "a fee". Fifty pounds. Fifty pounds for something that will be dealt with there and then, and will only take a couple of minutes to complete. I was speaking to our local Chief Inspector this afternoon and took the opportunity to ask him how much he tho
  11. That's right! I derive a strange enjoyment from spotting these bloopers - and from counting how often dim-witted influencers and "celebrities" can squeeze "amazing" into one sentence. Drives Mrs Aldivalloch crackers, though (added bonus).
  12. Think you mean SHE....
  13. Aah, but his landlord was a landed gentleman who obviously owned a piece of England way, way bigger than the fall-out area of a mere rimfire.... What about the continuity on those so-called "survival" programmes set in Alaska et al? Hilarious! The dog-teams seamlessly increase and diminish in number, the snow machines change colour, and the guns go rimfire / fullbore / bolt / semi / shotgun in chaotic fashion, all within one scene.
  14. Just to be clear - it's .17HMR, not .177, which is an airgun calibre. I hope your Licensing Dept hasn't granted you .177 - stranger things have happened....😱
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