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  1. I think the feo I talked to was concerned that they could get into the outbuilding unknown and have time to work on it as it wasn’t a very secure outbuilding.
  2. You are allowed to keep guns in an outbuilding? Is the barn itself really secure? I asked about this once and was told it wasn’t allowed unless the outbuilding was really secure and alarmed etc.
  3. Almost all the time, and when I forget I can guarantee someone will ask me for it! I recently got one from a garden centre, a curved end pruning type knife. Uk legal length and very stiff to open and close which I like seeing as lockers aren’t legal without good reason. I also thought the curved end would help show it’s not a stabby stabby weapon... opinels are great as you can pop the locking ring off if you want. Just want to point out that you can carry a knife without a good reason, ie because you want to, because it’s just useful. It has to be under 3”/7.62cm and non locking. Wouldn’t be advisable to have even these kinds in a city pub fri/sat night, at a football match etc. But in the supermarket, your car, sat on the beach etc, you don’t need a reason to be carrying a knife 3” or less that doesn’t lock open.
  4. How interesting. Never heard that grass ripping trick before!
  5. Yes, a long shotguns is usable, but not the best tool. Ok if just one calm animal to do that stays still. But a handgun has a better ability to track slight movements at close range, in confined space. The animals also need bleeding immediately following the shot, so the ability to quickly holster the weapon in an environment when I’m trying to stay calm and focussed on the task is great. And then the possibility of a rapid follow up shot of ever required. I want the dual calibre as .410 is ideal for most, but for larger cattle I’d be happier with the .45
  6. Hi, its been a long time since I’ve posted, but this is probably the best place to get advice on this! I now own a smallholding and am killing livestock for personal consumption. I want to apply for a dual calibre pistol that fires both .410 shot shells and .45 long colt. (Taurus judge) It would only be used at home for point blank shots to dispatch livestock. Before I apply, I just wondered if there is anyone out there who has one like this, and how it’s applied for? Thanks in advance for any replies, pete
  7. Hi, sorry I’m no deer hunter, but is 1.5” groups at 50 yards really considered accurate enough to hunt deer? how close are your shots normally?
  8. Thanks, I was more thinking of the head shaped part that the antlers would mount to before being attached to a shield.
  9. Thanks, how much should I be looking at roughly, and if made for roe will they take large red antlers?
  10. Any idea where to get a decent skull cap mount from? Large enough for good size antlers?
  11. I have just been given a large set of red stag antlers. I'd really like to mount them with this kind of mount, http://classicantlermounts.com/ainc/imgad.jpg I'm pretty handy at making things from wood, but would really need to see one first to see how to mount them. Or find one similar for sale cheaply in the uk. How do others mount dropped antlers? Most uk offerings are for roe, but these are obviously substantially bigger and heavier at a few kilos each. Many thanks Pete
  12. That would be fine. Just the chance to go for sneaky and get some wild food!
  13. Hi, I'm going on holiday near st malo week after next, and was wondering if there might be anywhere near there that i could go along and do some shooting that anyone knows of? Long shot I know but worth a try, Thanks
  14. We've already fallen out lol so I won't be building them anything. I'll have a polite word and say I'm worried about him using an air rifle while my daughter is in the garden, and he should be more safety aware as a pellet could easily go through a fence into another neighbours garden too. Up to him what he does with that
  15. To be honest now I've thought about it more, it's the first time I've been in the garden and they've done it. But then again what if I'm inside and they do it and something happens... and maybe it's a new rifle, and they will be out slot over summer. I might go talk to the neighbours behind see what they think. Thanks for all your comments
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