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  1. Sharpen you chainsaw, knives. Make little surprises for when he wakes up, how old is he? I used to move my girls or stepsons toys around just a little so they thought they’d come to life during the night. get into a new tv series, or check out documentaryheaven.com write a book? try and sleep longer? as above, sorry it didn’t work out for whatever reason, I know from having a stepson how it can affect kids.
  2. That’s absolutely fair enough, just seemed you were willing to class a country as bad due to their dietary choices.
  3. Why is eating dogs bad? is it just the list of things we eat in this country that are ok? are french foods like snail, frogs legs and horse ok? what about whales? or is it just things you consider pets, so Chileans eating guinea pigs would be bad? where is the line drawn? Baby animals? Lamb, veal, suckler pig?
  4. Nice. I’ve tapped silver birch before and made syrup, tasty enough.
  5. You have a sugar maple tree!? Or did you tap a field maple?
  6. Shame, greenfinches have a special place in my heart after I had two as pets as a kid
  7. Yea, it’s her not getting many words in that makes me want to give her a ‘cuddle’
  8. Does seem like a whole load of rubbish posted in that group. I’ll still put it down though in the vain hope it could work!
  9. Thanks, but none of those are .22 are they? Interesting, not quite what I’m after though cheers
  10. I started a thread about vegans being afforded the same legal rights as religions, where have I said i worried about anything? Where have I mentioned not letting them live how they choose to?
  11. At what point have I worried about what they think? At what point have I not let them live how they choose to?
  12. Yea furlough had to happen, but the whole deal was you could put mortgage and other big loans on hold, or so I was under impression. So groceries and bills. Not £2500 a month. And if they were, then people should have cut back and gone without.
  13. I can’t seem to find any co2 air pistols in .22 flavour any more. i used to have a great revolver air pistol that got nicked years back, wanting another now.
  14. Yep, also agree and said all along with the whole clapping thing and thank you nhs signs. People should always have been grateful for the nhs, before covid. Look at America, I’d hate that system. However, when was the last time nhs below doctors had an appropriate pay rise? And where would we prefer the money went, councillors, mp’s, that ‘press briefing room’ mentioned above? They paid far too much in furlough. £2500 some people getting!? Who tf needs £2500 a month to sit at home, unbelievable.
  15. Don’t worry, I don’t devote a lot of time, energy or thought into it. But it would be very interesting, science proves plants feel, vegans all starve to death...?
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