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  1. They could allow the British boats to stop them back off to France. Well that doesn’t make sense. UK wasn’t the first country they entered, so they can be sent back..
  2. Also, even though you are able to carry shorter non lockers, they may still do you for it if you have it at a football match or nightclub etc. And when you have a valid reason ie going shooting, you still need to take it off your belt/out of your pocket when filling up with fuel or going shopping on the way home. And they probably wouldn’t like it say in the passenger seat either. Of course it probably depends where you live, the level of knife crime, how used to seeing knives the copper is, and what mood they are in....
  3. Ok, I thought you were saying it was obvious it was a child, driving erratically. personally, if I’d witnessed that and not done something and someone had ended up dead down the road, I would definitely feel responsible.
  4. You should have blocked his path and called 999....! cant believe you would just give directions and allow him on his way... you express sympathy above for someone who was killed, how would you feel if you read in the news that another ten miles down the road this pi... ummm traveller had killed someone else’s child... anyone who buys from these people, has them do work, or allows them to carry on with their behaviour is just enabling them.
  5. At the end of the day if you have a good solicitor I’m sure it wouldn’t go anywhere...
  6. It’s a joke to try and prosecute a shooter in a field when last week at the carers clap there were crowds gathered in Westminster, including the police... one rule for Londoners another for the country bumpkins...
  7. Why are you using racial slurs? Would admin tolerate the use of other racial slurs used for Asians or blacks? no one else has used racist terminology, why would you start?
  8. There’s been beavers in kent for years
  9. Not resentful of the individuals at all, resentful of the way it’s worked out. I don’t work in the nhs or a supermarket, but I think those people should be getting extra pay during this time.
  10. I think they should have done a lot less. People don’t have to pay loans or mortgages during this. All they have to pay are essential bills and food shopping. No one needs £2500 for that a month. It shouldn’t be 80% it should be a certain amount that some clever accountant works out should cover the average household bills and food shop and that’s it no more no less for everyone.
  11. My wife works for online shopping for a supermarket. She is having to cope with extra issues and workload, working from home via conference calls and emails. Long days. While I try and homeschool our daughter and run our smallholding. i am self employed, and after a couple of weeks decide to get back out working as much as possible. the government has told self employed people, yea stay at home, we will pay you 80% of your average pay from the last 3 years. But we won’t pay you until June. And we won’t even let you know if you are eligible until May. I think there will be a lot of ****** off self employed come May. people on paye systems are getting 80% to sit at home and chill. Self employed are getting naff all to sit at home. And buy food and drink with nothing, and pay the bills with nothing... people are getting 80% to do nothing when others are getting their normal wage to do extra work, or normal work at high risk. It’s a stupid system and it sucks and only looks good for those that are on paye and get to stay home.
  12. You are allowed to shoot to protect crops... The British pest control association have confirmed that pest controllers have key worker status.
  13. The dictionary defines professional as relating to work that needs special training or education. defines work as an activity that requires physical or mental effort.
  14. Well that’s cleared that up then. Crack on anyone who wants to without worry about backlash from those who were trying to say otherwise.
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