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  1. Geez I’d love to but, ummm that’s well out of budget, for like ever!
  2. Not really. I do have a Yamaha rxs 100 in the barn, but just can’t afford to put it on the road really. Been lucky and had a few bikes, ninja 600, Daytona 675, cbr600rr, buell x1, another Daytona 675, then the rxs 100. one day I’ll get another decent bike. I’d love another Daytona, or buell. Or maybe try an mt10, or a ktm.... lol
  3. No, but I’ve felt incredibly sad when they ride past, as I can no longer afford one 😪
  4. I’m so sorry to hear this, there are no words. I hope you have someone close you can be with at this time. All the best, and sending love even though I don’t know you.
  5. Sit your cabinet in the corner and measure the triangle behind. Have a local welder make two simple triangles of flat steel bolt these to the corner, bolt cabinet to them. Screw some battens to the wall either side and then a front panel, and a top panel. Make door, cut hole for clock. Add a few bits of trim, stain a nice colour, buff it up with some wax. Job done 👍
  6. I once got an air pistol, as when ferreting sometimes when they were really tightly curled up and stuck in a net it would be easier to shoot it quick and sort it out after. But I got one, can’t remember which, I think a multi pump, and the pellet just bounced off it’s head! years before I’d had a co2 revolver for killing tin cans, and that was really powerful, it was nicked though unfortunately.
  7. That’s great, normally it’s around 500,000 a year. If you’re talking 100,000 covid deaths, you can probably half that number for people who truly died OF covid...
  8. A few fencing offcuts to make stuff at home with, other than that nothing... cant even get furlough 😪
  9. Yep, they’ve all realised they won’t be able to ban shooting outright in a year or two, and cleverly worked out how to limit it bit by bit and make it seem so bad that eventually it will be banned. I reckon within the next 20-30 years it could be limited to farmers and few others who can demonstrate dire need for it, and clays/target only. And even then it may become like pistol clubs where it has to be stored at the clay/target ground...
  10. Wow, I’d never have thought of trying that, I’d have assumed it would have just gone black and slimy! will have to have a go, thanks
  11. No, you made that leap. I was first saying if a trolls information was put out, OTHERS may then seek the troll out to administer vigilante justice TO the troll. And after, saying that trolls can affect people’s jobs and home lives, is certainly also true. Its also true that trolling can cause people to end their lives. But you go on thinking it doesn’t matter. Same as the outdated, sticks and stones will break my bones but words can never hurt me. What a load of dangly round things. It’s far easier to heal a bruise or broken bone than the emotional and mental damage trolling can do.
  12. Yea I don’t think you understand at all, oh well
  13. I didn’t confuse anything, I was pointing out what could happen if trolls details were published. Just ask any of the many people who have taken their lives as a result of online bullying if it only matters in the real world. why would an investigative journalists opinion matter more than anyone else’s? It may not be in your book. But would it be if for months or years there were people online calling for you to be killed, your kids raped, if you lost your job due to malicious lies online, or had social services coming to your house because people had told them you abuse your ki
  14. Free speech was a given when it was just that free SPEECH. when you had to stand on a soapbox in the street and announce your thoughts, or arrange a meeting or whatever. Not anonymous. As others have said, it’s only the anonymity that makes most of these losers even did what they do. If the government/internet providers/social media etc made it easy to quickly identify online users, then people wouldn’t post such things. its dangerous though, years back a paediatrician had her house attacked because idiots thought it said paedophile. And all you need to do is post a video of a
  15. What do you have m, and what do you call cheap..?
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