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  1. To be honest, you kill any pigeon anywhere and odds are it will have the remains of a farmers crop in its crop. The general licence doesn’t say you have to have permission on the land a pigeon took off from or intends to land on. If there is cause to shoot pigeons on an area of land, then any pigeon on or over that land is fair game. Even if I was stood on my lawn, and I had no idea where a flight line started or ended, if I shoot them for the surrounding farmer then again, shooting them any where in the area of the thousands of acres a farm covers is still fulfilling that service.
  2. Or, I shoot for several local farms and the local pigeon population is decimating his crops. So I shoot pigeons in this whole area in order to attempt to reduce the local population and therefore their demand for food. done and dusted.
  3. Some have! Not all schools are equal. My daughters would set work, but had some stupid complicated website to send it back on. We have a **** laptop where you can’t see a portion of the screen and our printer is broken. The luverly government wouldn’t pay me any furlough while expecting me not to work, so cant just go out and spend £600 on a new laptop and printer. I had to copy out worksheets, to not have anything marked. No feedback from teachers to my daughter. One phone call, not even from her teacher. Nothing marked, nothing checked. No visits. ive heard of schools sending back marke
  4. I think it’s called the IQ challenge. If you take part you don’t have enough IQ to really be holding weapons. A club, never mind a gun!
  5. A young looking polecat turned up in one of our stables this morning to my wife’s surprise. It seemed friendly and followed her for a bit before nesting in the hay. It seems to have a lot of tics or some white lumps on the back of its neck. we keep chickens and so don’t want it about, we put it in a cat carrier for now and fed it some cat food. But will take it to a rescue centre or something so they can treat it and then release it somewhere... i wonder why it seems so friendly, we are a long way from any neighbours and no one around here ferrets, no rabbits.
  6. Ah yea having zoomed in you can see marks around some of the holes that would suggest very close shotgun, but they’re quite thick metal, I’d be surprised at that damage
  7. Undoubtedly. But my curiousity, and the fun factor, and a pile of cartridges that I’d never got round to using meant I just went for it lol
  8. I don’t think that’s a shotgun, gotta be a .308 going through both sides like that! I once shot a tower computer, lots of times, close range. (To destroy the hard drive) I used everything from birdshot to 00 buckshot just to see. Nothing made it through and out the other side.
  9. Will that also mean prosecutions for when the hunt go through private property?
  10. That fact checking link is rubbish. Statistics are always used in a way to favour the writer, rather than reflect the truth. For instance, applications per 1,000 capita, rather than applications plus illegal undocumented immigrants per square mile of destination country...
  11. Children’s hospice is always top of my list....
  12. Massively agree with this. Unpopular opinion, but I think any couple that has more than two kids is selfish. Where will they all live? There’s not enough land! a friend told me tonight about a farming program they were watching where the couple had 9 kids 😮
  13. I haven’t read every post, but I believe it’s retsdon who keeps trying Reg to defend the french and ask what they should be doing? firstly, do we agree that illegal immigrants are breaking the law? (Kind of implicit in the name) so secondly, lets ask what the french would do to any other law breaker. Let’s take a hypothetical situation. A rapist leaves France via a boat from the beach and heads for England. Would the french just escort him until he reaches British waters, picked up by UK border patrol and then wait for extradition/repatriation? How about a drug boat, smuggling drugs
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