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  1. When I was younger I was headed north on the m1 on my Daytona 675. I was caning it when the fast lane was clear, then having to wait for cars to pull over from time to time. All of a sudden everything pulled over all at once. Not good thought I, checking my wingmirror... Silver scooby with flashing blue lights in the grill and an extra aerial. Oh dear. I slowed, pulled over and carried on until the next lay-by and pulled in, ready to apply the lube for the inevitable. The cop had done me average speed for four miles. He was super nice and left it on while I slowed down until I
  2. Only if you’ve gone on and told them you don’t need one. i quite like letting them waste their letters on me...
  3. Imagine paying that 3-4 times a year for 3 years. i reckon for £12000 you could buy the shooting rights on a couple of farms. Or just buy your own fields and let a farmer plant crops for a fee, and you still have the shooting, and the asset held. Some people literally have more money than sense
  4. I’ll be honest, I’ve never really had the knack of necking. Either just hurting them or ripping the head off. At 20p a shell, I take them to the top field, give them a last meal, let them enjoy the view and blow their head off. After raising them for a few months, I like to think that they know nothing of their death. Not manhandled upside down into a cone, or a stick across their neck under my feet and so on. This way I know it’s instant, and if I was being farmed it’s the way I’d want to go. but then I only do 2-6 at a time...
  5. I did afterward, of course you are right, I wonder how many other people, like I was, are under the impression it’s just linked to the bbc...
  6. We haven’t a tv licence, haven’t for the last two years. We barely watch anything, if we do it’s on amazon prime or similar. My daughter has lots of dvds also. I do have Disney+ but am recently disgusted at their content which you assume to be safe, but my daughter is 6, and it often seems to centralise around tight clothing, snogging etc. The amount of threatening letters we’ve had from the tv licence people is appalling. They are less often now, but for the first year every two months or so, letter with big words in capital letters in red, things like you’re committing an offence, you w
  7. As he left you should of said haha, we watch it in the attic and watch them come back with a ladder lol I was under the impression it was only bbc, not itv or channel 4?
  8. I love my snug pack, I feel warmer the second I put it on. It’s like a cuddle you can wear!
  9. Oh. It wasn’t my criteria, I had read it somewhere. But still, how has Lewis made a major contribution to the country? I suppose f1 fans might say he has, like football fans might say beckham has. But I still believe that there are many who have contributed more, but just don’t get tv time or newspaper columns because they earn less than £30k rather than millions.
  10. Knighthoods are for extraordinary public service. Surely there are nurses who do far more for the public for far less reward. A massive list of people who do more fore the public, binmen, bus drivers, all those who volunteered in the floods, the elderly soldier who walked round his garden, the list goes on. Just because Lewis is famous doesnt make him worthy...
  11. Why not email them and ask how they did it?
  12. I think if most people devoted most of their spare time and money to driving competitively since the age of 8, they’d be pretty darn good. knighthoods are supposed to be for extraordinary public service I believe? what public service is driving a car around? Unless it’s a taxi?
  13. I have done it? only problem is it could take 18 months for them to get my notes. Which is about a year and a half late for my renewal.... Lucky you, my paperwork has written all over it that if there’s no gp form included with the form, no renewal.
  14. In the old days maybe when truck drivers were courteous ‘knights of the road’ now, they’re just *****, blocking traffic, causing accidents, not caring about other road users...
  15. So, the ridiculous go forms you need filled out for renewal... Handed mine in to the doctors. Charged £25! Perhaps 5-10 minutes work tops, by the secretary not even the doctor. £150 an hour to film in a simple form.... nice work if you can get it... So three days pass and I go to ask why I haven’t got it back yet. I’ve only recently registered having moved from kent to southwest wales. Apparently it can take up to 18 months to get my notes! So I definitely wont be making my renewal date...
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