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  1. Donkey


    Will only have Henry’s the other half prefers them to all others and for work I’ve had one for years
  2. Donkey

    London bridge

    Not sure if it’s correct but I hear it was two women who were murdered today so there will be a mother sister daughter not coming home tonight my thoughts go out to their families
  3. With a lack of machinist in my area I’m hoping one of you knowledgable guys could point me in the right direction i need a Ponsness Warren shell holder die made up for 3” 410 shells I have the shorter 2 1/2 and taper shell holders Ponsness Warren no longer sell these so after all avenues exhausted of where to get one I hope I can get one made up has anyone had any made up before if you have could you please pass on the contact details to me many thanks in advance donkey
  4. Donkey

    Get the gat

    Diana mod 27 it was my grandfathers I spent hours and hours with that gun in hand I shed to think how many pellets I put through it
  5. Thanks walker570 I have ram shot enforcer powder and data from fes Kent nowhere local to me has sp3 powder
  6. Does anyone know what powder Fiocchi use in the 3” 410 shells they eject very well from the auto and would like to try and replicate them cheers
  7. Donkey

    Remington 1100 410

    Pm replied to thanks
  8. Donkey

    Remington 1100 410

    Thanks 222mark I want it for skeet and sporting clays so my heart is set on the 3” version semi not the pump
  9. Donkey

    Remington 1100 410

    They have stopped importing them until they sort out the problem of not ejecting spent shells and blowing primers out it will be a lottery to get one that works ok so I have been told by the importers thanks for the reply
  10. Donkey

    Remington 1100 410

    Thanks Stephen just spoke to them it’s gone back to the importers with a problem it was an ex demo model and priced at 1250 they purchased 3 ex demo guns the importers had up for sale thanks for the lead
  11. Donkey

    Remington 1100 410

    Used ones are like hens teeth but in the last year or so I’ve just missed out on a couple of chances i search all the for sale sites daily and have contacted loads of gun shops so I’m hoping someone from PW knows of one for sale
  12. Donkey

    Remington 1100 410

    I’m looking for a Remington 1100 in 410 gauge which is chambered for 3” shells if you have one you are thinking of letting go or know of one in a gun shop near you please get in touch thanks Donkey
  13. Great game not sure on the match stats but japan gave away few silly penalties like offside but the line speed was amazing as well was the hands
  14. The thing that irks me is the fact they All banks not just Barclays close the banks and tell us you can get cash from the atm machines now they want to charge us for taking money from the machines
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