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  1. Nice movie again big Al I love hunting teal , the wheels didn’t quite come off fully as you didn’t go home with an empty bag
  2. I have a perfect draft machine the selection of beers is excellent
  3. Just had two Apache copters over my part of Sw London under the flight path to Heathrow very impressive we are used to the chinooks going over they follow the Thames
  4. Nice account of the mornings sport the dogs certainly enjoyed it
  5. Thanks for the help so far guys I know it was a long shot with vague information I seem to recall it was Bologna or similar but google brings nothing up
  6. For the price get a day ticket and support local clubs
  7. Shot blast the area to take the smooth finish off it
  8. The second hand gun was a low price of about 250 the ad was on gun star around Dec Jan time I can not remember the shop selling the gun
  9. Sorry I don’t have a picture the gun in question had some engraving scroll type on the action it was fixed choke and a not bad looking stock
  10. No not the Chimbo I have googled images of 410 double trigger straight hand stock over and under to no avail button I believe they did a version in 12 and 28 not sure about the 20 though
  11. Thanks been driving me crazy I had a chance to buy one a while ago but snapped up before I could say yes and now don’t know what to be on the lookout for
  12. Thanks for the reply straight hand stock and double triggers and the bit I left out durrrh on an over and under
  13. Donkey


    Lion I think had one similar back in the 80s
  14. Do any of you knowledgeable lads and lasses know the name of a gun from the 70s the one I’m thinking of was a 410 with a straight hand stock with double triggers and I think made in Italy thanks in advance
  15. Donkey

    ELU flip over saw

    From what I understand the de Walt spares are compatible with the elu machines I have both de Walt and elu chop saws and a dewalt flip over saw and used the elu flip over for many years shopfitting when dewalt took over elu they just changed the livery on the machines
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