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  1. Richmond is a good shout there is a travel lodge on the lower mortlake road just a short walk to Richmond there are plenty of pubs in the area including the sun inn a big rugby pub from the Richmond circus roundabout you can get the free bus opposite Richmond and London Scottish rugby grounds to the stadium this also takes you back to Richmond after the game if you would prefer to walk from Richmond down the 316 there is the Turks head pub a good watering hole donkey
  2. Donkey


    Was there today it rained well a heavy drizzle till 1 ish there are paths laid on most of the main rows and where there are none a slurry lays on the ground wellies would be a good idea enjoy the show
  3. Two diffent labelling of the silver with load information on the side
  4. Land Rover series III owned previously by coal board and used in an open cast mine since then I have only had defenders of some sort or another I had a lad a niva / Cossack for a couple of month whilst waiting for a defender to become available
  5. I have about 200 once fired blue lights left for reloading they were a great she'll including the silver I loved the t 100 and t 200 both were cracking pigeon loads
  6. https://www.ballisticproducts.com/images/LDALLTPS.pdf?EM180127 you will find loads here
  7. Hi I'm after some help with a load ive lovex d002 powder and want to load some12g paper case cartridges 30 gram no 6 with plastic wad roll turn over crimp and some of the same in plastic active cases with plastic wad star crimp what charge should I use in each thanks in advance
  8. I seem to recall there was a feature about Steve and the shot maker in one of the shooting magazines I think sporting gun in the late 80s where the plans to make one were
  9. Hope these pics are here if not pm me your e mail and I will send them over
  10. In my other posts before this one there are a Remington flextone snow goose a flextone white front both sound like pinks a buck expert snow and a faulks mallard I have marked the ones sold
  11. I have 2 28s a Remington 1100 and a bsa over /under I use 21 gram shells and never feel I'm under gunned the yanks use 28s a lot especially at skeet
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