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  1. I might have one I will check and take a picture to see if it’s what your talking about
  2. Donkey

    sons band

    Liked that very good
  3. 1/4 inch any more you get oblong shot
  4. Old farrier what kind of load were you using in these i was looking at 28-32 steel shot with either steel or vectan powder that’s what I have and just as a starting place
  5. Thanks old farrier did you treat the 16 gauge cases I’m thinking of doing so with dope or a pva solution to give strength cheers donkey
  6. Thanks mat they are not far off 1 mm this is just a me being bored in isolation having a go at something for the future in practice it works Fit wise once everything is back to normal I will get some orders for components and test some
  7. Apologies if this has been done before i have got round to having a look if I could make a wad for steel shot with a card wad this is where I got 16 gauge paper case 16 gauge wad glued in 12 gauge over powder card glued on all fits nice in 12 gauge shell wad just needs slitting at 45’ slits what I would like to know is the 16 gauge paper case strong enough or would it need to be strengthened either with more card inside or being coated in dope or pva solution have any of you gents tried this thanks donkey Don’t know why pics are wrong way up and in reverse order
  8. I’ve seen nothing about these in the sporting press but after speaking to the uk importer about September time they gave some boxes to someone to review them i was told they will do these in 10 gauge as well
  9. Last summer jocker cartridges launched a steel load in a card cup i believe it was a 32g load
  10. Terrible news my daughter was a friend of hers
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