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  1. The bottle on the left is one of the ones from Sainsbury’s which I think sits in hedges or cookoff posted a few years ago which they no longer sell
  2. These bottles have the same thread as mec ones and were purchased in aldi cheaper than buying original ones
  3. I remember a chap who shot on the solway using an sp10 with only one arm he used to pull down plenty of geese with no problem
  4. I hope so I did little to nothing this season due to Covid restrictions last time I managed to get out was 31st October I missed my trips to the wash and solway
  5. Don’t know why they are upside down following the Winchester theme 10 gauge double x magnum and super double x super x buckshot load 20 gauge AA plus skeet load box of Jeffery of Guildford box of Egham gun centre singles Elton of Darlington turners red rapid
  6. fakro Windows from selco are a good alternative I e fitted a few of these with no problems
  7. Are the Two metal piston rings the correct way round other than that clean the gas port hole with a pipe cleaner as posted above good luck they are great guns
  8. Donkey


    Muddy gutter calls easy to blow and sound good too
  9. Lanber .? Looks like the chokes I had when I owned one
  10. Remington they have made semi autos in all gauges from 410 to 10 bore the sp10 and 1100s are my favourite
  11. Donkey


    I took advantage of an offer at vets for pets where you pay a one off £99.00 payment and all vaccinations are free for the life of your dog
  12. Yes cheapest coffee Granules you can get it does work
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