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  1. You could use a couple of layers of slate as they used to use as a dpc then build off them if it’s 30mm you need to make up if it’s 50 mm then split the bricks or use a grinder to cut them down
  2. When I had a 410 armsan I had quite a few brass heads pulled off there was not one particular manufactured shell as I used quite a few there was also the primers that were blown out both were put down to a problem gun as opposed to shells
  3. Rustins plastic coating It’s what Howdens sell to coat the wooden worktops it’s very good and long lasting and food safe
  4. I use ram shot enforcer powder which looks a lot like that but commercial powders used by cartridge manufactures are very different to what we can buy over the counter
  5. All reversed this week leading to an exciting finale next and France now no1 in the world
  6. Yes missed that one
  7. Looking for a Ponsness Warren progressive press in 28 gauge if anyone has one they no longer use thanks Donkey
  8. WoW stunning as said before I thought it was a photo what an incredible talent do you have pics of other works of yours
  9. Ram shot enforcer seems readily available and data is on the Folkestone reloading website
  10. Gamebore have a steel load called rhino I load my own so have never used them
  11. Nice looking dog enjoy the ride it will be fun I’m sure
  12. Really enjoyed the game tonight good rugby unlucky wales just couldn’t finish it off
  13. In your opinion was it a red card for me I don’t think so there was no time for the tackler to get lower and ball carrier did dip down
  14. It’s picking up here in SW London a large tree has come down in next doors garden blocking the footpath On the road luckily it did not fall towards the house and roof tiles coming down from other houses its not a cold wind quite warm
  15. Looking for a ponsness warren 28 gauge progressive press cheers Donkey
  16. I have 1 kilo of sipe / lovex d002 and 1 kilo of Nobel 80
  17. I have some lovex d002 purchased from Folkstone engineering and some 80 or 82 purchased from Pantiles guns i only load 1oz loads now ill let you know the amounts when I get home
  18. John 12 I’m going to be around the Annan area
  19. Superb again that’s a real skill you have there
  20. 148 10. Bore lead cartridges for sale all 31/2 long 82 Gamebore mammoth 21/4 oz no3 shot in federal case 25 Remington peters 2 shot not sure on weight of shot Remington case 8 Winchester double x magnum no4 shot not sure on weight of shot 10 Remington peters express magnum 2 shot not sure on weight of shot 23 Federal magnum no2 shot not sure on weight of shot I think all cartridges are 21/4 oz which is over 9kg of no2 shot with hard to get hold of reuseable cases some have stained brass will wipe them over with an oily rag traveling to Sw Scotland on Sunday m40 and m6 £200 on production of sgc pm me for further info if needed
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