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  1. Well worth the effort !!!!
  2. 41p per clay at Bisley Pay and Play.
  3. The 302 and 303 are the best semi-autos ever, I would never get rid of mine !
  4. Both of my semi autos (Beretta 391 and a 30 year old 303) cycle 24 gm Eley Olympic Blues without any problem. I think the length of the cartridge is important, light loads in 65 and 67 mm cases seem to jam before they slide into the chamber the Olympic blues are in a 70 mm case.
  5. Three horseflies and three ticks in the last few days, the horseflies in the back garden and I suspect that the ticks got on me as I walked through some long grass where the deer have been.
  6. I have a near identical oily rag and it came from an old cotton shirt that had a brushed finish on the inside, the type that you could buy at the game fairs £5 each. I suspect it is the 100% cotton that makes it so good !
  7. We do mountain walking holidays in Southern Austria most years and the horse-flys there are wicked ! I react badly and have found that the best cure is neat TCP applied with a cotton bud ASAP on the bite. Needs repeating a few times but works well !
  8. I was there, our gamekeeper didn't know there were that many people in the whole UK ! A great day !
  9. Naga Munchetty, a right royal pain and Chris Evans.
  10. Brierly guns have them in stock @ £34 if you get stuck.
  11. I've seen the 2018 one, same size as last year. Lack of interest made me forget to check the 13 month format! As with others here I always have a paper diary, no batteries !
  12. Great to see the figures, I suspect that lots of shooters (my mates included!) think that cartridge velocity is gauged by the recoil !!
  13. I have been in the same position, my MK38 started to hurt. I now shoot a Beretta 391 Urika and 24 gm cartridges - the change has been well worthwhile ! At an "Away day" I fired 260 cartridges and went home with no injury and only minor stiffness of my shoulder the next day. Best of luck with your choice.
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