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  1. Not Nice. But look back on on good memories with and how he made you smile,πŸ˜€
  2. Yes great time of year. love the rhodddies and azealies. Another couple of weeks harvest new potatoes.
  3. Tend too agree. If you take one of leaves off and snap it Should smell of rosemary. Most common are blue flowers but some pinks.
  4. Yes agree. Keep going if you can. There comes a time though. Keep posting with your knowledge.
  5. Never experinced with my dogs. Do wonder about boxer dogs having tail docked. seen so many with bleeding tails. All terriers I have had Docked and declaw removed.
  6. All came out fully intact. Done the same quite a few times and always got it all out.
  7. My terrier had one just above his nose today. Sat with him for a while, got thumb and finger underneath it. quick pull all out.
  8. Looks great. Forget sometimes as there is other places to shoot than just the UK. Some still on bucket list in UK though. πŸ‘πŸ‘
  9. Great productive day. Your boys loved it.
  10. Back too it now with training. Roll on good season.
  11. New years day shoot 2021 that taken. Dog been working hard all season on shoots every week plus wildfowling. thank you
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