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  1. Well over top on prices. Dogs and puppies the same. Refuse to pay it.
  2. In affiliated wildfowling clubs with BASC, So insurance comes with it,
  3. I use a small ratchet strap at back of cages to keep them in. Then some beading in front too stop movement. No drilling was required into back of cab. 2 pieces of 3*2 wedged in ,then plywood on top and cages above.
  4. This is what I done. As walkedup quoted. Thats in old car, going to do similar in next.
  5. Agree with above entirely. Shoot with walked up regular. Think as starting point for next year. come along to are annual meeting and see the team. If you get perms in meantime great.
  6. Milestone that. 21,000 posts. I'm a rookie,
  7. Will have a look at that article. My main aim as to what comb raisers and stock extenders did you use. Seen them on ebay etc, but what did you use, and where they any good. Will adapt them to fit.
  8. His eye is always below. Nearly 6ft slight built , long arms. 15 years old. We would have called him punnie years ago
  9. Stock 14 1/2 pull. Tall and Lanky. arms are long. Tried my s/s once. Not for him.
  10. Hi Lads, Harry my Grandson shoots with Parker Hale Skeet gun1/4 an1/4 choke. Shoots well some of the time. Does not come up great to his cheek and shoulder. looking for comb raiser, got a Bisley stock extender but still not long enough. Feel as though it will take a few tweaks. Any opinions guys.
  11. just seen this. Knew you would be on to it, Walkedup.
  12. Thanks Stephen -H. just trying to sort contacts for local shoots.
  13. Hi Gents, Does anyone know if Raby shoot/Wirral shoot are in need of beaters or pickers up. Also surrounding areas 1/2 hr from Chester.
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