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  1. When I retire in a few years time. Will have ferrets again. lovely photo.
  2. One of my shooting buddies emailed them earlier in week. Still no reply Bit of a lemon in my opinion.
  3. Cracking site to see from top of bank.
  4. Perfect Meal. Lady next door always cooked liver and onions. you could smell when getting out of car.
  5. Seems quite complex on deerstalking. You pay extra for certain things. then claim percentage back on others?
  6. Any one a member. seems loads of ground too go at.
  7. We have Petplan with vets. Includes annual boosters. flea and worming treatment. No cost cosultation. nail clipping ect. think around £14 a month for Lab. There flea traetment great never had any in 2 1/2 years. Last few dogs before used Frontline. Always had problems with fleas. On plus side as Walked Up mentioned no problem in kenneling them.
  8. He was hard work in early years.Leave school all of sudden grown up want too earn money. still on learning curve though. Walkedup great mentor. Shotting in his blood now. Lets see if marsh walk on Sat about 1,5 miles. sure he will **** it.
  9. Most of this fruit temperatured controlled of continent. artificually matured. Buy British fruit when in season. The best. Know some fruits wont grow here. but buy them when coming in seson in another country.
  10. Thanks for replies. Sorry for not replying earlier. My boots Hiax combat high liability. Friends Meindl Dovre Extreme high boot. Maybe explains why they dont fit.
  11. Hi all, bought these gaiters XXL for 10/11 boots. Know you have to heat them up to put over boots. Tried in vein would not go over. Passed onto Friend on here too see if he could do better. no avail. Any suggestions. Thanks.
  12. Barbacue sauce horrible.not a fan of barbacued food. Plus would never bother me if I never ate a pizza again.
  13. Wheildons butchers in Town Lane Bebington Wirral, there my favourite pork pies.
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