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  1. Thanks for your input. I wear awesafe electronic ear defenders. There on Ebay. Got to say no problem with hearing through them. If your near river have to turn volume down. Cheap at around £35.00 Just would have liked something not as intrusive, although don't get in way of gun. Cens are dear and that annual service charge is a no no.. Not good customer relations with them. Stick with what I have for now and keep looking.
  2. Hi all, Does any one use these hearing protectors. Looking at getting some for next season. Not cheap. Sure will be fine in hide, but if out beating or rough shooting, don't want them to easily fall out of ears. Welcome your thoughts.
  3. worrall26


    Cant fault Aldi. And I like good food. Been regular customer at Heswall shop since early 90's.
  4. My wife and I seen his live shows about 5 or 6 time in late 80,s early 90,s. Tears of laughter throughout the show . Struggle to find things funny with the upcoming comedians.
  5. Well made gear for clay and dog walking. But if jumping over barbed wire fences and ditches. Cheap and cheerful is best. Learnt my lesson 25 years ago , Barbour waistcoat cost 65.00 ripped on first fence.
  6. Hi All. Looking to purchase some new tyres for my Mazda BT50. Mostly on road except weekends. dirt tracks and some fields. the ones I have on a moment clog up straight away if off road. only 3mm tread left. Don't mind paying for decent tyres. Love to hear your comments.
  7. Hi all, went there a couple of times last year. Can any one tell me the times for Thursday nights and Sundays. Thanks.
  8. This was always rattley from first time I picked gun up. Thought was cartridge still in it
  9. The spring is the one that returns cartridges to upper chamber, Tried to post pics but refuses as to big,
  10. Hi All. Purchased this new gun Nov 2016. Last week first time use. nothing about so shot some cartridges through it to see how it cycled.3 first time and about another dozen. all seemed well. Out last night had first shot at a duck , missed, but 2 shots went off. Almost certain did not press trigger twice.Widgeon landed on water, waited for it to get up, going away from me. One shot missed by miles, felt forend loose, went to tighten nut up not there. Thought it had dropped in ditch where I was sitting. felt around in water but to no avail .Mate who I was shooting with went collect decoys. as he walked out found spring at about 9 yards. Then 15 yard out end cap. Read some threads on here of cap blowning off on earlier models, This is the first semi auto I have had and its put me off them .Will take it back and ask for refund. Anyone had similar problem?
  11. Two places still available for rough shoot Anglesey. £ 450 per gun Pheasant, duck and woodcock. PM for more info and can pass details on to shoot captain.
  12. Rough Walked Up Shoot 1 or 2 Guns places available.350 Acre walked up rough shoot in North Wales with dogs preferred. Shoot in 3rd season and still developing. Shoot also allows FAC licence holders for all year round vermin control. Duck and Pheasants put down & great for Woodcock & Snipe PM me and will forward to shoot captain. £675.00 per gun.
  13. Just looked at Lancashire field sports on Facebook, cannot find any more info on above subject If its on there can you guide me to the right place. Thanks Colin
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