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  1. Need this gone, so down to £40 delivered
  2. I loved watching Malcolm Marshall. Childhood hero of mine( especially watching him bat one handed after busting his thumb!) Im handling lockdown ok, but boy I miss playing and watching cricket
  3. Not sure tbh, I’m guessing it’s just the standard box set? It’s this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Out-Town-Box-Set-Vol/dp/B000MM0C6I/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=out+of+town+box+set&qid=1590258637&sr=8-4
  4. Other post jogged my memory! Price dropped to £60 delivered
  5. Jack Hargreaves “Out of Town” box set 9 DVD’s in cardboard sleeve ( sleeve is very slightly “tatty” £80 inc uk delivery( or can collect for £70)
  6. Just a quick update: Massive thanks to Glos constabulary, who managed to get everything done in time and renewal granted today. They were absolutely brilliant to deal with, with great communications to any concerns I had
  7. I've been in contact with the licensing dept, who have been very good so far.Will update once i get any more info. Many thanks for all the advice, much appreciated
  8. Cheers, I think that sounds like a plan!
  9. What a real cluster****! Just got off the phone to my doctors, who said that due to CV they are not undertaking any "private" work, only medical!
  10. Many Thanks for the advise. I've just emailed Glos now, and will see what they come back with. If needs be, I'll transfer to a mate and transfer back at a later date.
  11. Ive moved house, and therefore need to transfer my SGC from Avon to Glos. Also, certificate expires middle of May. Just had a look, and would now appear that I do so online, but I also need to have a GP letter? ( cant remember doing so on previous renewals?) As well as the cost of this and the general hassle ( im still registered at my old GP address), I cant see the doctors being able to respond quickly enough, so that im lpotentially eft with an expired certificate? Any thoughts please? Thanks
  12. Not sure if it would be possible for you, but would you be willing to courier?
  13. Thanks all! Met up with Logstove today and purchased his mower. Will see how I get on with it, but very happy so far. Cheers all!
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