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  1. Another vote for Watchworks on Ashley down rd👍🏻
  2. Have a look at new tech revolution on you tube. Follow the chaps VERY easy to understand instructions, and he’ll have you back up and running in no time
  3. Wadswick Country Store. They also have an amazing shooting simulator there
  4. I believe this is a form of betting amongst those lovely Irish travelling chaps? essentially, whoever brings back the most heads wins the bet
  5. Never known anyone to have to pay for additional birds, unless you mean. “ overage” birds. Also, can I go on a 600bird day for £2100 please😀
  6. I have one of these: http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/mobile/mobi-v-17-portable-bike-pressure-washer/rp-prod46653
  7. Yep, just spray it with disenfectant, leave it for a bit then flush with water. This should sort it, if not, you could go to one of the fridge wholesalers and pick up some RTU Envirocool, which is what we use in the trade
  8. You need to try to get the evaporator and clean it( you’ll see the aluminium fins through the louvred on the front) You could use a normal disenfectant kitchen type sprayer and spray through the louvres
  9. I had a lab that would constantly do this. I overcame it by using a remote dummy launcher and letting the dog release( usually by saying its name for a mark retrieve) and run in just before/as the dummy reaches the floor. Can also do the same if you have a ready and willing dummy thrower.
  10. Price drop to £60 posted
  11. Sold( apologies for the delay)
  12. Sorry, think they’re 9-11
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