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  1. Stephen taylor optician in longridge make up prescription lenses for my decots. They will put prescription lenses in most frames.
  2. I agree about the weather. It seemed pretty exposed on that fell side in the sun, in horizontal wet sleet I can only imagine😳 hopefully we won't get that on the 19th
  3. oop's you are quite right folks, Old Glossop is in Derbyshire and hence in West Midlands even though it has a Stockport post code. Local-ish anyway for NW shooters.
  4. Don't forget old glossop clay ground 100 esp reg on the 19th Oct. They tell me they plan regular reg shoots on the 3rd Sunday of the month. A welcome addition to the northern circuit.
  5. Visited the ground on Sunday for there inaugural 100 esp open anniversary shoot. Nice ground, friendly, great location and good targets. Owner says they plan 100 reg competitions in future, first on 19th October. Well worth a visit but be prepared for heavy traffic on the A57 approach to glossop and in the town itself.
  6. Gordon do you have more info on the longridge shoot? Venue, contact details. I live in longridge and no n Nothing about it
  7. Excellent write-up and photos, having looked at the fitasc website seems there are a number of shoots coming up this year in warmer-climes. Can any seasoned traveller explain just how one goes about taking a shotgun abroad to these events in Europe, any advice / tips would be very welcome as I have never shot abroad.
  8. I did ask the ground specifically why the shoot was cancelled at such sort notice. I am still awaiting a reply.
  9. Thanks - such a shame, it always seems a ground that is under used to me given its facilities. You might think holding the odd registered sporting comp would introduce more folk to the ground for practice?
  10. The north region selection shoot at Coniston scheduled for the 18 May is cancelled according to the CPSA website. Anyone know why - I was looking forward to it.
  11. Will that be plastic or fibre?
  12. No more registered shoots then?
  13. I would not rush to a gunfitter until you have put a couple of thousand shells through it. Get used to the gun first and you will soon get a feel of where it is shooting. Then get it fitted for fine tuning.
  14. No reg comps at Worsley until December? Shame, travelling nearly 1.5 hours to a reg shoot is no joke. Need more registered grounds up here.
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