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  1. That's the danger of speed-reading, 'Subsonic' is written so much more than 'Supersonic' that the brain spell-corrects it for us - we've all done it.
  2. London - highest Cocaine use. Also centre for international banking. Coincidence ? Of course it is, we all know that drugs are taken by unemployed thieves, not corporate high-fliers on huge salaries and bonuses. Apparently 99.9% * of those rich bankers will soon be dole scrounging smackheads burgling our sheds and shooting up in the park. Or perhaps not. * Figures from KW Made-Up-Statistics Ltd 2015.
  3. Hang a couple upside down on the front fence, it keeps the rest away.
  4. You sure outsmarted him there ! I bet he feels silly now.
  5. Did you see how many people march past with a grim look on their face ? Do these people know how to smile ? Can they not see the joy in life ? I've seen the same look on peoples faces before, in Bluewater, Kent, it's as if they are robots performing the shopping task and nothing can interrupt them. I smiled. Thanks for posting.
  6. I remember Kent writing about how his HMR was not penetrating crows wings or bouncing off or something, but I can say that everything I have hit in the right place has died PDQ. That includes foxes.
  7. I don't expect rimfire ammo to be as good as centrefire, but it seems strange that 22LR / 22WMR works extremely reliably but HMR doesn't. I assume the problems are caused by necking down the case. Having said that, I love my HMR, it is flat shooting and effective. People often repeat the common myth that "the little bullet gets blown around a lot" and claim that 22LR or 22WMR are better in the wind - it isn't true - the HMR is better than both in the wind and even holds more energy than the WMR at longer ranges, although in my hands none of them are really capable past 150yds. If
  8. I know a man who takes prescription Morphine, he is also a FAC holder and very regular shooter, as well as a stable and decent man. He decides when to take it, when pain becomes too bad. Does the fact that he takes Morphine mean he is not fit to hold a FAC ? It hasn't turned him into a homicidal maniac - in fact you'd be hard pressed to find a more even-tempered man despite his health problems. How do the members who have stated they would have nothing to do with a drug user feel about this ? I'm curious to know if it's the drugs that they object to, or the fact that they have
  9. Not bright enough to read his post properly though ;-)
  10. Catweazle

    Best BBQ

    Agreed. I cook fillet steak too. I light the coals and move them around until they're all white, then push them to one side of my kettle BBQ ( Dancook ). I place the meat on the other side and put the lid on. Fat does not fall onto the coals, so I avoid having burned outer and raw inner.
  11. Some hilarious points here. I especially like the idea of keeping soft drugs illegal so as to keep criminals employed ! Perhaps we should ban bread too, think how many criminals it would take to supply all the cafes with sandwiches, they wouldn't have time to burgle houses. There's a load of posts about Cannabis being a 'gateway' drug, but what is the 'gateway' to Cannabis ? Alcohol or Tobacco ? I'd wager most drug users tried one of those legal drugs first - I doubt many schoolkids had a crafty joint behind the bike sheds before they'd tried a normal cigarette, and I don't know
  12. I've done some testing and research on the strength of glued joints, your stock would do well to have the surface of the wood cleaned with pure acetone to remove any oils that have soaked into it, then glue it with slow epoxy resin ( it can make a strong joint even if there is not tight wood-to-wood contact, unlike some glues ).
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