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  1. Starlight Archer c grade tube Night master IR torch and mounting ring I had this serviced by starlight and all was good Cash on Collection Or bank transfer Any questions please ask £1150 Thanks Mark I got it on eBay
  2. Weaver 2.5-10x56 classic extreme rifle scope with 30mm tube and illuminated German #4 reticle new in box 350 Open to offers
  3. I am a Works manager for a Chemical Company
  4. This will rub your nose in it sorry sorry😃😃😃 It was all paid for I flew from Heathrow to Munich business class my boss and his wife pick me up from the airport on Friday afternoon the rest of the company was brought over we were all put up in a hotel which was four star taken out for dinner and beer on Friday night went into the Oktoberfest on Saturday and had 3 tables booked for 30 of us drank as much beer and get as much food as we liked then on to a restaurant for a meal and taxi back to the hotels Sunday we all done the fair which surrounds the tents we had another
  5. Just back from Oktober Fest what a wk end anyone else done it ?
  6. 55 243 rounds Home loads 55 grain ballistic tip heads and varget powder Must have a slot on ticket and collection in Dorsett only £30 or swap for something let me know what you might have please PM me with any messages thanks Mark
  7. Hi Looking for a good powder for .223 will be using 40 or 50gr heads Mark
  8. Hi I got a Weaver 2.5-10-56 scope up for sell new in box Weaver 2.5-10x56 Classic Extreme Riflescope with 30mm Tube and Illuminated German #4 Reticle (Matte Black) I would like £400 Mark Open to offers
  9. Hi all I am looking for a Starlight Archer NV unit thanks mark
  10. Put it up here 1st if anyone might want it If not scrap yard here I come
  11. markws80

    Lead shot

    Hi I have got some lead shot about 55kg I have put a 50p in the photo to give you a idea of the size £70 or offer pick up from Dorset mark
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