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  1. Have you read the terms of the general licence recently?
  2. Technically shooting pigeons on stubble is illegal as you are not protecting any crop on that field.
  3. What a load of rubbish! I'd have said so if you are a Rastafarian then you should be allowed to smoke cannibis as its part of their culture!
  4. Black Islander or Meindl I'd go for black islanders personally
  5. If its FAC you will need a slot in order to buy, plus a slot on your sons licence to transfer it to
  6. Depends massively on all sorts of different things, weather, type of crop, whether the farm has a drier, size of the farm etc etc
  7. Looks similar to some of the "dances" football players do as well
  8. Ali G might be interested
  9. Nikon Monarch 8x42's...... love them!
  10. I havnt a clue, cant remember now, I just kept trying different ones until I found one that was suitable
  11. I have fitted a rimfire magic kit on my 455, I put the shim in as well, and it has a very small amount of pull now, the trigger is nice and light now improving accuracy a lot.
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