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  1. I hear MM's friends are leaking details to Overseas gossip mags: Royal Family 'toxic' and row with Kate was over MM disciplining staff at Kensington Palace. Sad though this is I think Harry may have picked the wrong one again! At his wedding the film crew picked out the 'exes' - Ellie, Cressida and Chelsey - I was hoping the choir was going to sing 'It Could Have Been Me'!!
  2. I got a ####ing off a keeper for carrying gun barrels up resting on my shoulder - this was how I was told to carry many years ago (I'm nearly 70 now!). The reasoning I was given many years ago which seemed logical then was to bring gun to shoulder to shoot would mean pointing towards anyone ahead of you if you had in under your arm. Over shoulder meant fresh air when mounting. I have tripped and consciously kept gun pointing upwards so seems to work for me. As a beater it scares me walking towards guns and seeing both barrels brought upwards through the line from an under the arm position!
  3. When you say 'no major overheads' don't forget the multi- million pound claims which are an all to regular feature for all motor insurers. In my last days as an underwriter one of my risks managed to let a Latvian (with no driving licence) use a van to ferry his colleagues (some illegals) to their place of work and crashed killing 3 and seriously injuring a young lass - reserve was £3m. Even though technically there was no insurance we were on for the full amount as 'insurer concerned'. How many £500 premiums do you have to collect to cover those incidents??
  4. I've been wondering about a twin cab - I drive these regularly in my p/t job - but recently discovered you are limited to 60mph on dual carriageways if vehicle was first registered as a commercial (ie if VAT rated) and this carries through to subsequent owners. One of my colleagues got done and had to go on speed awareness course where this was explained to him. These vehicles are quite stable at higher speeds so this surely does not make sense?
  5. Write offs are so rare that this is an unnecessary add-on unless the salesman is desperate to sell the car and chucks it in 'free'. Wife and I have 90+ years of driving and have never had a fault claim so salesmen struggle to sell to us although on one deal; an unregistered car where a newer model was already on sale we got £5k off the OTR price plus he chucked in wheel/tyre cover, GAP and paintwork insurance. The only slight dodgy element was a warranty that commenced when car manufactured which was 6 months prior to date it was registered.
  6. Coming from a Socialist background I find this all very disappointing although so long as the 'looney left' have control of labour I can at least keep my guns! I do hope to God there is a contender who has the country at heart and not, as we had with Beardy Bloke, personal hatred of all I hold dear to me. So far none are putting their heads above the parapet so Boris and co will have a clear run for many years to come.
  7. I just hope to God they distance themselves from Momentum as they appear to behind the anti-semitism.
  8. No sympathy at all. Obscene wealth regularly flouted in her blog so it was an accident waiting to happen.
  9. My problem with the potential 'pain' we may suffer - losing our cars, wood burners, gas/oil heating, beef cattle etc etc is that the biggest sinners (China, India, Russia, USA, Sth America etc) are doing absolutely *****r all to change their ways and unless they do we will suffer both the pain of deprivation and all the impacts of global warming. I was listening to a frank and (seemingly) honest debate on the various measures we are expected to take to 'reverse' CO2 increases - I think it was Talk Radio - and there were a numbers of supposed causes we are being blamed for debunked by alternative experts:- - beef production world-wide is a problem because of the way USA/Sth America grow feed with forest destruction and soil degradation for soya and maize. Our beef farming on grasslands/hay production is better than carbon nuetral - diesel cars are now very clean and lean and account for a minute fraction of the Co2 our masses of Amazon/Parcelforce/DPD van fleets are now churning our with the massive expansion of online shopping - electric cars good in theory but not thought through. Teslas of 4-5 years old are virtually worthless with replacement batteries costing more than value of car. Similar issues with other early electric cars. Hybrids with tax concessions rarely charged and thus running on small thirsty petrol engines. Little or no enthusiasm for extending charging facilities. China holding onto or controlling cobalt supplies to hold us to ransom? There were other serious concerns but the bottom line seemed to be we need to be careful and think this through but we could bankrupt our country if we took the Greens agenda to its ultimate whilst the rest of the world were doing little or nothing. More important to get global agreements than take hysteric knee jerk steps unilaterally.
  10. Greta suffers with the same mental disorder as Packham - evidence 'care in the community' doesn't work.
  11. A farmer friend I was shooting with last week said his kids - both eligible for first time - were voting Greens as they didn't like/trust the Big 2. This is a True Blue family in a Tory constituency with a big majority. What we need is poor weather which may deter young from getting out of their 'pits'!!
  12. I hope to god it is Con win otherwise sell your guns quickly and leave the country. JC has pledged to get rid of guns; he hate the Royals, landowners, wealth (part from his own), the Armed Forces and in the Labour Manifesto he wants to turn Grouse Moors and the Highlands into National Parks thus removing shooting and fishing etc from wealthy landowners. How can anyone vote for someone who loves the IRA, Hammas and ***** Dianne Abbot???
  13. Late news item the dead guy had recently been released from prison for terrorist offences! This is an issue which I, personally, have been concerned about: the very short sentences being handed out "....5 years for terrorism". I've noticed this several times and thought far to short and what happens during their time inside -.do they suddenly become good boys again?
  14. The trouble with our 'snowflake generation' is they are submerged in so much **** the truth very rarely shows itself to them so they believe in almost everything that they see, hear or touch. Wifey and I have made it our life to be honest and truthful is all we do - it's not hard on a personal level although is has caused us issues with our kids; one who as they say 'old enough to know better' just cannot handle it and she is mature and in a professional job. She is also one of those addicted to social media which seems to be the root cause. i despair with the current crop of politicians who, like the media, just cannot be honest with us. God help us!
  15. My Gunmark is Gamba-produced and in 12yrs of ownership I've only had one firing pin replaced so fairly reliable. It is the gun I pick for pigeons and walked-up days and the odd days on a 'titled' estate where I get a day with the Lord's sons and their wealthy friends. Love it.
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