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  1. There was an interesting documentary on Herpes as while ago where they have weekly auctions of undelivered parcels - here you bid for the contents of a large plastic box and take pot luck on the value. Successful bidders usually make a profit: some a very good profit if there is tech included but the reporter who investigated followed up on the failure to deliver information and in almost every case was able to locate address and person. Apparently their failure % is within industry levels of acceptability but still represents hundreds of thousands of disappointed customers annually.
  2. Apparently we have agreed to a further £30m! And I understand - see my earlier post - unaccompanied under 18s are our responsibility and we support them until they are 25. Under 16s are fostered -at huge expense - so the £30m is a good deal if the Frogs 'stem the tide'
  3. It's who registers the vehicle in the first instance I believe. If you are a company VAT etc then twin cabs get N1 category and same rules as for vans Ie speed restricted on non-motorways ie 50mph single carriageway or 60mph dual carriageway. If you are an individual and not VAT reg. then you get M1 and can drive as a car. Speed cameras differentiate - some of my colleagues got caught when we had to get 1,000 hired twin cabs to the military a few years ago. Confusing to see one going passed you at 70+ when you are sure you cannot exceed 60.
  4. Did I hear correctly if you arrive on our shores and you are under 25 you are automatically considered for UK residency? I was driving and caught a news article where that was the opening sentence and then the debate ensued about "...all young men, all lacking any papers, all claiming not to speak English" etc etc which seemed to tie in with the initial statement that nearly caused me to crash my car. If this is correct then get the Navy out there pushing the boats back at once.
  5. Nothing changes - 50+ years ago my dad was working as a carpenter on the University of East Anglia and he, a skilled tradesman, was very upset to be forced to use shorter screws to hang heavy doors (dozens of them) than he knew from experience were necessary. This was to speed up process. Two years later he was earning good (better) money re-hanging those doors!
  6. I've walnut, chestnut and 4 decent sized hazel bushes and I live between two woods and a water meadow so wildlife opportunities are endless. I've watched pheasants and they concentrate on buried hazel nuts. Just noticed this morning something has taken a fancy to water lily leaves. Only ones close to side which a quick google suggests Mutjac! Don't you love nature.
  7. Yep although my lawn too is being ruined by pheasants digging up the hundreds of nuts squirrels have buried last autumn/winter! Watched one little sod try to bury a bramley apple after he had hidden a few nuts! He disappeared before the airgun was ready. Isn't nature wonderful!? AND just to make our lives more 'interesting' this little fellow pruned our pear trees last year....
  8. And..... A few years ago we were awoken by a spotty removing a large section of the barge board in our 17th century cottage. The sound, when you are fast asleep, is a bit like a road drill attacking your house. This evil deed was to get at baby blue tits! He or his mates, removed all the house martin nests from my neighbours house AND then they started removing thatch from another neighbours property. There is a point where tolerance levels are exceeded!!
  9. We should see some benefit from lockdown on motor as there will be a massive saving from 10wks of 90% drop off in traffic particularly in urban areas where most crashes occur. I know other forms of insurance may suffer - travel, business interruption etc although there are some refusing claims - but increases on motor must be minimal or none. If your renewal increases shop around.
  10. Yep we got 500ltrs at 19p per litre. Also petrol 99p.👍🏻
  11. Be careful with the newer ones - my company does courtesy vehicles of sickly Volvos and the two variations we regularly see with major electrical failures are the new style XC60&90. It is 'computer says no' - blank screen no action. Love driving them but would go Audi or BMW. Sometimes there are bizarre happenings like boot lid opening when car being driven and they refusing to close but again it is the software.
  12. Little egrets are regulars here in Sth Norfolk. I live near a small river and water medows and egrets are frequent and welcome visitors. Startlingly white when they roost in trees nearby. On the minus side I've heard say they are partial to our frogs and newts and are having a detrimental impact.
  13. We had a pair nest near us for several years but now no more. They used rabbit burrows in a quiet pit hole but this has now been filled up with rubbished and birds have not returned.
  14. My early impression of Sir K is he's a bigger **** *** than his predecessor. God knows who he will appoint to the Shadow Cabinet. PMQT should be entertaining.
  15. Welcome back - at least we can support the nation and do a bit of crop control!!!
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