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  1. Welcome back - at least we can support the nation and do a bit of crop control!!!
  2. One of our favourites too. I have an ex-USAF watch with a bit if history I'm tempted to offer them. We would quite like to get it repaired - it's is visually in good nick but not working - and offer it back to the family.
  3. TV producers really do have a sense of humour - loved the bit last night where the lovely Nicola S was delivering a very serious speech on Covid 19 and the 'breaking news' was Alex Salmon's court case latest!!
  4. Until we see the full budget this is only speculation. The removal of one subsidy - to remove tax evasion or an environmental measure - may be offset by increased farm/fishing subsidies. There are also rumours basic tax down by 2p, an increase to the personal allowance and the 40/50p threshold raised but higher earners hit by various measures to try to reduce wealth gap. Having said this the corona virus may require a big fighting fund and a lot may be deferred.
  5. We've not had spawn for some time in our pond yet we see quite a few frogs. Lots of newts however. Grass snakes are frequent visitors and it was suggested they may have made pond unattractive to frogs but timings seem to be at odds with this statement. We do however have all the other predators: mink, otter, heron, egrets and a few muntjac, CWD etc etc so which or who do you think is to blame? When we first constructed pond summer evenings were lovely with the sound of frogs croaking loudly but less so now albeit there are still a few to be seen.
  6. Our meat production is carbon negative - it is the mass production Americas where feed is soya/maize sourced from land deforested or worked to extinction. Our beef and lamb is pasture and/or haylage-fed but with vegans and the likes of Packman so vociferous our Government are not brave enough to call them out. We need to actively support producers.
  7. Hi Henry from another Norfolk shooter.
  8. I was talking to some of our local armed bobbies today and they were somewhat relieved to have avoided Corbyn and his 'wet nurse' attitude to bad guys. Also said there are some 3,000 potential terrorists currently 'on watch' - what a hell of a burden for them to manage. On Talk Radio an 'expert' said 300 released in the last couple of years (having been jailed for terrorism-linked offences) and a further 200 likely to be on our streets soon. Any one of these could fancy his chances at any time. Boris needs to buy a few more guns and soon!
  9. I hear MM's friends are leaking details to Overseas gossip mags: Royal Family 'toxic' and row with Kate was over MM disciplining staff at Kensington Palace. Sad though this is I think Harry may have picked the wrong one again! At his wedding the film crew picked out the 'exes' - Ellie, Cressida and Chelsey - I was hoping the choir was going to sing 'It Could Have Been Me'!!
  10. I got a ####ing off a keeper for carrying gun barrels up resting on my shoulder - this was how I was told to carry many years ago (I'm nearly 70 now!). The reasoning I was given many years ago which seemed logical then was to bring gun to shoulder to shoot would mean pointing towards anyone ahead of you if you had in under your arm. Over shoulder meant fresh air when mounting. I have tripped and consciously kept gun pointing upwards so seems to work for me. As a beater it scares me walking towards guns and seeing both barrels brought upwards through the line from an under the arm position!
  11. When you say 'no major overheads' don't forget the multi- million pound claims which are an all to regular feature for all motor insurers. In my last days as an underwriter one of my risks managed to let a Latvian (with no driving licence) use a van to ferry his colleagues (some illegals) to their place of work and crashed killing 3 and seriously injuring a young lass - reserve was £3m. Even though technically there was no insurance we were on for the full amount as 'insurer concerned'. How many £500 premiums do you have to collect to cover those incidents??
  12. I've been wondering about a twin cab - I drive these regularly in my p/t job - but recently discovered you are limited to 60mph on dual carriageways if vehicle was first registered as a commercial (ie if VAT rated) and this carries through to subsequent owners. One of my colleagues got done and had to go on speed awareness course where this was explained to him. These vehicles are quite stable at higher speeds so this surely does not make sense?
  13. Write offs are so rare that this is an unnecessary add-on unless the salesman is desperate to sell the car and chucks it in 'free'. Wife and I have 90+ years of driving and have never had a fault claim so salesmen struggle to sell to us although on one deal; an unregistered car where a newer model was already on sale we got £5k off the OTR price plus he chucked in wheel/tyre cover, GAP and paintwork insurance. The only slight dodgy element was a warranty that commenced when car manufactured which was 6 months prior to date it was registered.
  14. Coming from a Socialist background I find this all very disappointing although so long as the 'looney left' have control of labour I can at least keep my guns! I do hope to God there is a contender who has the country at heart and not, as we had with Beardy Bloke, personal hatred of all I hold dear to me. So far none are putting their heads above the parapet so Boris and co will have a clear run for many years to come.
  15. I just hope to God they distance themselves from Momentum as they appear to behind the anti-semitism.
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