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  1. I was chatting to a young lawyer (pretty too!) when out shooting - we had never met before and were exchanging usual pleasantries re jobs, family etc - and when I suggested her path of financial law was rather dry she reeled off about a half dozen potentially huge rip-offs by banks etc that might hit the headlines soon. One was (as above) PCP deals plus timeshare rip-offs and there was another relating to the movement of money, worldwide, away from IRS/HMRC's clutches. So I suspect the PPI vulchures will be gainfully employed for a while longer.
  2. Thanks for responses - wifey is really pushing this and as we are both in fairly good nick I might concede. I'm up for an adventure. Not too worries about Jimmie Crankie - we have the spectre of beardy bloke who wants to remove all guns not used for professional purposes!
  3. My trouble and strife has a mind to move north of Hadrians Wall - even looking at houses on the islands. Whilst I've worked and holidayed there I've never considered living there. Thinking about it I am warming to the idea. I like fishing, particularly sea angling but how easy is it to take my guns and find shooting and beating? I've shot driven, walked up and a bit of wildfowling and just enjoy being out with my cocker. Any thoughts guys?
  4. Sadly this is our world and we can't go back. The biggest crime for me is the way Gemma Collins seems to be adored by large section of our stupid public! What are her qualifications or attributes aside from a big mouth and a fat ****? At least Gary Linaker was a top flight footballer.
  5. Yep agree with all the above particularly the huge damage social media and media more generally has done to the baviour of a very small but vociferous number of people who now have a voice. In times gone by they would not have been heard. Today they are heard and this encourages others to speak out. I worry but I'm determined to make the most of my hobbies for as long as I'm allowed.
  6. None of our Hybrids are charged by hirers so they are running on the small petrol engine for 95% of the time and thus very thirsty. Especially the big BMWs!
  7. Delivered three of the hybrids yesterday. Whilst they appear to be well put together and are very quick and smooth to drive in each of the three I got a dull pain in my hip - thought it was arthritis or similar but then I drove a new Transit and an awful R/capture and no pain. Got into my Mini Cooper S at end of day and also no pain. Very strange.
  8. Bottham's article spot on - saw it on Facebook this am. Packham on C4 really lost it and his extreme statements lost his argument. I think he needs to up his medication. Clear to me 'care in the community' just doesn't work - he needs a padded cell.
  9. I've got Goodyear Allweather tyres on a Mini S 4x4 and very pleased with them in the snow and rain. In fact last year when we had a heavy coating of the white stuff I was getting about when a neighbour in a RR Evoque was really struggling. Noticed in really wet weather how the tyres were throwing huge amounts of spray behind - not good for following traffic but suggested excellent rain shedding tread.
  10. I work p/t for a rental company and we carry a tablet with all current damage listed and described on outline drawings. The customer gets a hard copy too. If on delivery any extra damage is noticed we photograph and add to the computer record as we speak to the client. Although the extra work is a pain in the but we get far fewer issues when new damage occurs. Despite all this it amazes me how small dents or scratches which we all suffer occasionally could never, ever, ever, have occurred whilst the hirer was driving!!
  11. After the incident in Norfolk where a young Royal had allegedly killed a harrier but the so-called witness admitted he heard a shot, saw a bird fall out of the sky BUT: - he didn't know what sort of bird it was - he didn't know if it had been shot - he didn't know if the young Royal was in the area i personally never believe any story of persecution of BOP unless there is a body and a smoking gun. In the incident near Sandringham the journalist spun a web of lies around the flimsiest of facts but the impact of the headlines was sufficient to provoke outrage.
  12. We've got a dwarf buddlier on the edge of our patio and this year it is alive with painted ladies, commas, peacocks, admirals and assorted frittilarys including a couple of brief sightings of butterflies not seen before in our garden. So many they are landing on us, our dogs (terrier has killed and eaten a few!) and our cars. My silver car had a half dozen peacocks on the bonnet. You never have a camera when you need one. Deadheading buddlier this week as another wave of our little friends expected in a few weeks I read.
  13. Our black lab seems to enjoy the sun. She will lay out in it for half an hour then move onto a shady part of our patio which has cool slabs. This routine goes on for hours with slight variations so she gets equal amounts of sun and shade.
  14. My (big) issue with these activists and the socialist and liberal side of our society is the plain fact there are just far too many humans on this planet - our numbers have gone from 3.8bn to 7.6bn in 40yrs. We are so so greedy ie we do not hatch out and live in a hole we need houses, cars, roads, factories, huge quantities of food, hospitals etc etc - the list is endless. And we push animals and insects to extinction. This is a huge truth that never gets mentioned. Sadly the worst of our collective problems seems to be with world leaders and governments. When will we work together to control birth rates and share resources - never I suspect.
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