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  1. Wow I think I'll just keep it sharp! I was amazed how quickly/badly blade stained - this was a new knife a year ago having lost old one.
  2. How do you guys get the blades polished - love my knife but blade sharpe but looks a state?
  3. Check your household covers - mine includes £10m liability and personal effects for guns. One of my guns is specified because of value. I'm BASC too - only because one syndicate requires this otherwise I would not need what amounts to double cover!
  4. Although I'm not a big fan of hybrids I love driving the PHEV version and a few customers at the hire company where I work P/T have said will buy one when their car up for renewal. One lady said was pressing hubby to get rid of Jag XF estate and buy the Mitsy.
  5. Are they just coming in later as I was roost shooting yesterday and 4/5 dropped in close to me then saw me move and exited rapidly. When you are gazing up into the tree tops and there is a rush of wings within a few feet it's quite scarey. Not seen this before.
  6. A bunch of local lads were pushing out a 70 acre wet wood on 1st Feb and walking my dogs past the start of their efforts at least a dozen 'cock flew past me in a matter of just a few minutes. I'm seeing a few at dusk too - more than I've seen for some years. Is there a recovery happening?
  7. Last year the Beast from the East stuffed us and we couldn't move for a week - nearly ran out of wine - but this year only a very light covering a week ago and nothing since. Thank god.
  8. Hertegruten ferries - travel up the sea side of Sweden/Norway and they wake you when the Lights appear. Ferry not expensive but everything else is!
  9. I work with an ex-Lotus engineer who has travelled the world doing engineering design/development on any and everything on wheels and he has seen massive developments in tyre technology and highly recommends using not just top quality boots but also specialist fitters. These 'specialists' are not always the big guys either!!
  10. 12-15 years ago CA did a series of 'schools education' days on large Norfolk estates and it was staggering how anti-livestock farming teachers were then. Even milk production was heavily criticised. When deer management and gamekeepering was touched on I though we were heading for a mass walk-out. The kids however loved it and many of them had some connection to the land. I sometimes think we shooting folk are a tribe apart from the other 60m+ who eat meat but have no comprehension of how it hits their plate.
  11. I tend not to shoot them but was tempted on Saturday with nearly a dozen over me on one drive! Every drive seemed to be full of them and I read somewhere recent shortages may be down to wind direction with this heavy fall of 'cock down to a significant change of wind direction. Any thoughts guys?
  12. We have a bloody awful new bypass north of Norwich - the NDR - with dreadful roundabouts and **** lighting and tonight some one eyed banker nearly took me out. Never any fuzz about until someone breaks down and then you find eight suddenly blocking lanes putting up dozens of sign.
  13. A mate of mine has £100k RRover and basically he says it is **** - both electrical and mechanical issues. It has spent half its short like back with the dealer. He's not impressed with dealership either and that seems to be a common issue. What i can't grasp is this has been the case for years - another buddy who worked for Ford when they had LR under their wing (circa 2000?) said all RR's were passed through Ford quality assessors before they were released to customers. Why oh why haven't they looked at every fault - like all other makers do - and learn from the repetitive faults. Ford fix in real time as breakdown/faults are reported. JLR seem to ignore.
  14. Not specifically designed for snow but my All4 Mini was brilliant on Goodyear all weather tyres during last years snowy weather. A neighbour with RR Evoke couldn't understand why I was mobile and she wasn't. 200bhp and good tyres made for a bit of fun on back roads. It felt a bit like rallying. Also noticed in heavy rain massive spray in rear view - never seen or noticed this before - suggesting the tyres are general poor weather boots. They came with the car from new but I would definitely do same for same when it's time to replace.
  15. Getting ready for end of season walk-about so please do not spoil it!!
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