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  1. We have an old AGA (70-80yrs old we were informed) which is an oil burner converted from solid fuel 30yrs ago. Absolutely love it. Although it is rather thirsty it heats a big chunk of our little cottage and heats a good tank of water overnight. We also have one radiator connected just to disipate some of the heat. It sits in a big inglenook fireplace and after servicing/lighting in the late autumn it also warms the whole chimney breast so our secondary oil boiler rarely cuts in. There is always a kettle on top of hot plate so cuppers are only a few seconds away and I must say wife's whole demeanour improves 100% once lit. Dogs too love this huge lump of hot iron and our (****) mobile phone signal improves when it's up to temperature!! Our repairman has a huge supply of discarded AGAs so spares very cheap. He tells me he does 27 different conversions so when we move - thinking about this as we are getting old and have a huge garden - he says he can sort something out for our new(er) property that will keep 'her indoors' happy. Do we like AGAs.......
  2. All the fears of JC as PM are real and he has already declared no guns other than for 'professional purposes' so start selling a few now before he gets power. But seriously we have a huge problem with millions of youngsters - the snowflake generation - who have known nothing but Tory austerity and Brexit in-fighting and who may believe the extravagant lies of Labour. Unless Tories elect a powerful, credible PM who sorts out our exit from EU AND starts to produce some equality into our financially top heavy society. Teresa had the right words but she is/was just too nice to handle her team (and I use the word 'team' loosely here!). We are in a very very frightening situation at the moment.
  3. I would be very very surprised if Flux got 40% of your premiums unless they were handling claims and had a profit share deal. Were that the case I would imagine they would not let the public know for fear of criticism!
  4. I think you will find Flux is a broker not a registered insurer. They (Flux) will have passed on the insurers renewal quote although Flux should have checked your risk against the other insurers they use. Whilst I sympathise with your situation Flux earns commission from your policy and if he gives you a much lower rate his earnings reduce substantially.
  5. Go Boris! Trump likes him so he must be our next PM eh??
  6. The big threat is a GE and Beardy Bloke and his mob in charge. They want to ban all guns not used for professional purposes which, in one foul swoop, would outlaw game shooting, wildfowling etc. It's primarily an attack on Tory supporters. Class envy of the worst kind.
  7. Part of my current apathy is the total lack of any opposition to our encumbants who like the central government only look after themselves. At the top level the blue lot are an absolute shambles and I would struggle to support them and the lot in red want to take my guns and my fishing rods away.
  8. Strange old world we live in. We slaughter 8-900m chickens annually (+ imports), tens of millions of sheep and cattle but those carcasses are cleverly hidden in plain view in chiller cabinets, freezers or hidden between two bits of bread. We love our fluffy cats but then we pretend to not notice the hundreds of millions of small birds and mammals they kill. But somehow our detractors manage to convince those same 60m+ meat eaters and moggie owners we are somehow more cruel and less human than they are. There is a big Truth we need to tell - we love hunting, shooting and fishing and the rest love eating meat which just doesn't die of old age. I have more respect for vegans!
  9. I've had my issues with BASC in the past, particularly when East of England was rolled into Central Region, but given the way our world is going and even bigger threats on the horizon I feel the time is right for past differences to be forgotten and us all pull together and support whichever organisation we subscribe to. We have some very vocal and well known detractors and more to come I fear. I have to be a member of BASC but I intend to join another (or two) organisation soon but which one(s) I'm not sure. Ideas and why welcome.
  10. Personally I think PM(TM) is a genuine and honest lady but she is surrounded by a bunch of self-serving, selfish ****s - both sides of the House - who were determined to scupper Brexit from day one. I think she has tried to be even handed and land a deal that could have worked for Remainers too but she just didn't have any support. God help us now as we just might get Boris or worse if a GE happens that idiot Corbyn and the red army.
  11. Couldn't be *****. Didn't votes in locals either. If there were a GA tomorrow I would probably stay in bed and I've never felt like this before in the 40yrs I've been allowed to vote.
  12. I think this is very likely. We have a couple of generations of 'snowflakes' who believe the lies and the lot in blue have made such a horlicks of Brexit that we just might see JC as PM. I nearly said at 'number 10' but the **** *** has said he would continue to live on his allotment and us Downing St as his offices. God help us.
  13. Population explosion is the 'monkey (or elephant) in the room' and I despair when I hear of the latest rewilding proposition which will almost certainly create division and acrimony wherever it may hit us. 60 pairs of sea eagles on the Isle of Wight(? I was only half awake) was proposed by some guy on Countryfile with the hope these will expand to join with European eagles and populate the South of England and other European countries. So this will screw up sheep farming although is this all part of the move to ruduce meat consumption and make us all vegan? I worry for my grandchildren.
  14. But the big problem that no one wants to mention and which screws up all attempts to right the wrongs is our massive, expanding population - from 3.8bn to 7.6bn in 40 yrs. This gets mentioned from time to time but no one then expands on the fallout ie we don't just give birth and dig a hole and live in the wild we concrete over the countryside; we buy cars; we build millions of miles of roads; we need doctors, hospitals, planes and airports etc etc etc. We are hugely greedy and nature is displaced. Enjoy what little bit of nature you have because future generations may not have any!
  15. Loved the fat bird with the anorexic trans frog! Why is it they all speak English and several other countries have English artists??
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