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  1. The only saving grace here is Joe Public (and indeed a lot of antis I suspect) know so little about our activities and what is or is not acceptable the flaws are not apparent. We notice because we are careful not to draw adverse attention to our sport.
  2. Ok I've got to photo them soon for some guy up north who is interested. I think the boss was loaded and treated the guy to a few items so they could fish together. Local knowledge says guy was a big gun dog trainer 60-70 yrs ago so this could have been reward for a field trial champ?? Lady who gave them to me is a little 'gaga' these days so can't check but 3 of the rods - those with 'good' names are in very good order.
  3. Several years ago an elderly neighbor - now in her 80s - gave me her late father's collection of rods and other gear. There is a 12ft salmon rod (Edgar Sealey), a greenheart pike rod (Martin James), a 9ft trout rod (Milwards) a Hardy box of flies, a centre pin reel (no obvious name) for the pike rod and lots of end tackle for poking. I'm curious to know if anyone knows of any easy way to assess value and possibly sell these items. We are having a bit of a clear out of our box room and 'her indoors' suggested putting them into auction. Tthe former owner was a gamekeeper to a titled guy and he used to accompany his boss to the Highlands every year to shoot, fish etc.
  4. Whilst this article is exactly what we know and see every time we go out with the dog and the gun Jeremy Corbyn and his dis functional lot do not care - all they see is a hatred of: Our Royal Family; Farming; HM Forces; Big Business; Wealth; Jews (although the previous two could be rolled into the same category); Our Countryside etc etc God knows what sort of Great Britain we would have if he got power. My problem on the 12th December is the other lot do not impress me either so for the first time in my near-70yrs on this planet I may have to hold my nose when I place my vote.
  5. We are thinking of spending the money to get it working - seems to be in reasonable order. Here is face - I think when in service it was a webbing strap as there is one in a local museum devoted to USAF memoribilia.
  6. Are you a watch expert Lord Geordie? I recently found a Bulova watch in our old cottage. Initial research tells us it was 'assigned' to the 448th US bomber GP in 1943/4 - we live 2 miles from a former WW2 air base where 448th were stationed. How it got in our house not clear but local historians informed us when war ended the airmen on the base handed out many 'treasures' to the locals nearby. Facinating eh?
  7. Avoid new style models - I spend a lot of time providing owners with replacements for both XC60/90s where high % have software problems. I have visited one lady 4 times this year and she always asks for anything other than a Volvo!
  8. This won't be the last we will hear of. Tens of thousands are risking this across the Middle East and Europe every day. The legacy of Bush/Blair disastrous war in Iraq. Sadly evil people are making millions out of this dreadful, tragic trade. Like others here it doesn't upset me anymore although I am very upset for those in the emergency services who have to clear up the mess.
  9. I swap from time to time and find it refreshing to change and adds to my enjoyment. The key, as others have said, is good gun fit.
  10. Don't forget if your household cover does not specifically exclude this then both liability - if you injure/kill someone - and loss of or damage to guns - personal possessions - are covered. I have this with Aviva and have one more expensive gun specifically itemised. I still have BASC cover - for a syndicate where it is compulsory - but realise some have to cut their cloth accordingly.
  11. I was chatting to a young lawyer (pretty too!) when out shooting - we had never met before and were exchanging usual pleasantries re jobs, family etc - and when I suggested her path of financial law was rather dry she reeled off about a half dozen potentially huge rip-offs by banks etc that might hit the headlines soon. One was (as above) PCP deals plus timeshare rip-offs and there was another relating to the movement of money, worldwide, away from IRS/HMRC's clutches. So I suspect the PPI vulchures will be gainfully employed for a while longer.
  12. Thanks for responses - wifey is really pushing this and as we are both in fairly good nick I might concede. I'm up for an adventure. Not too worries about Jimmie Crankie - we have the spectre of beardy bloke who wants to remove all guns not used for professional purposes!
  13. My trouble and strife has a mind to move north of Hadrians Wall - even looking at houses on the islands. Whilst I've worked and holidayed there I've never considered living there. Thinking about it I am warming to the idea. I like fishing, particularly sea angling but how easy is it to take my guns and find shooting and beating? I've shot driven, walked up and a bit of wildfowling and just enjoy being out with my cocker. Any thoughts guys?
  14. Sadly this is our world and we can't go back. The biggest crime for me is the way Gemma Collins seems to be adored by large section of our stupid public! What are her qualifications or attributes aside from a big mouth and a fat ****? At least Gary Linaker was a top flight footballer.
  15. Yep agree with all the above particularly the huge damage social media and media more generally has done to the baviour of a very small but vociferous number of people who now have a voice. In times gone by they would not have been heard. Today they are heard and this encourages others to speak out. I worry but I'm determined to make the most of my hobbies for as long as I'm allowed.
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