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  1. A TOTAL 'DO NOT MISS DAY'. Looking forward to it matey - just love seeing those pyrotechnic clays go off 'BANG' even if I'm not lucky enough to win a turkey. Please put me down for one plus me :-)
  2. Browning, Miroku and Winchester are all part of the same group (BWM) but only the B1 and Winchester Select are made in Belgium where it all started. Comments about Berettas being more slender are perfectly true and it's all down to what you like. Try to consider resale value as you may want to trade up in the future and some guns hold their value much better than others but my biggest bit of advice is have it fitted for you - if you're going to £1k+ on a gun why skimp on £50 to have it right for you? Enjoy -whatever you choose :-)
  3. It's a good little club! Fibre wad only. If you want a bit of a change try Fair Clay Targets every other Sunday just outside Dereham. Very friendly and 100 birds for £22. Most important is just to get out there and get your barrels hot - most of Norfolk's very friendly
  4. Top sport, top company, top job. This just gets better and better every time... Shame so many let you down without a word - I do SO hope there will be enough spaces for them next time or perhaps us reall PW shots will have nabbed 'em all... Cheers Alan - couldn't have been better - I'm recovering from the shock of The Chimpster straighting a stand but I'm still feeling a bit shaky
  5. Think you'll find there'll be a stonking shoot on Boxing Day shoot with Fair Clay Targets (Hitclays who ran the PW flush last weekend) in Norfolk, near Dereham... Always a good way to blow away some cobwebs along with the clays
  6. What a cracking day! Best yet Thanks Alan for all your hard work, as usual and Jon for enough grub to feed the 5000... Shame about so many no-shows. Hope noone missed a place a chance because of them You did a fine job yourself Chris - we were 2nd in that flush - Alan's team dropped 3 so we were withing 2 of the boss!
  7. Can't blinkin' wait! When you look at those team names it makes you think they're doing a remake of LOck, Stock... Bring it on!
  8. Stunning day out Big man. Really glad to have been there. Exceptional company as always - big up the Gimp, Mr and Mrs Countryside Lass, The Jackster, Bakerboy and Sean... and all the good people of PW
  9. One more sleep! See y'all tomorrow :0)
  10. Cann't blinking wait - itching just thinking about it (or should I keep using the ointment?) One of the best days of the Summer and great company too...works for for me, Mr & Mrs Countryside Lass and MC Dave S 'n' me are planning to set the stakes (reasonably) high so we'll be doing our best, promise. In case anyone is interested I'll have a Cooey .410 S/B with me in case small people want to have a go and it's also available for a new owner at £100 (SGC obviously). We are going to have SUCH a day - Cheers Alan see you there
  11. Thanks for the heads up - very friendly. Rick's a nice guy
  12. I was a member but I've just let it lapse. Members get first dibs on evening shoots but before I joined I was never turned away and, at £35, I didn't see the sense in renewing. Members only get a discount on clays and if you aren't going to go regularly I doubt it'll represent a saving. It's a decent enough ground but the targets don't change very often and normally you have to stand your corner re 'no birds' as they'll charge you for whatever the little orange box says even if you've had a load of broken clays or empty traps.
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