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  1. I've just had to return two samsung chromebooks back to Argos as the keyboards developed a fault - didn't type the write letters @,£,: etc
  2. Yeah. I think they might have added the patio door opening some time after the building was up. That said there are a few other places that seem to be cracking. I don't think that the cavity wall insulation they put in a few years previously has helped the situation.
  3. I'd be grateful for some building advice. The rsj above our patio doors is rusting and expanding and cracking the render. I've inspected and it looks like there was no cavity tray fitted when built (c1970's). Apart from fitting one, i'd been thinking about cladding the outside of the building with wood. On the basis that it would provide an adequate moisture barrier so that in theory no more moisture would get into the cavity wall. Would that solve the problem? Thanks
  4. It depends how complicated your accounts are. If they are fairly simple and you can handle doing a balance sheet then do them yourself and use an online service to file the iXRBL (cheap accounting £90). Or get a package like DIY accounting to submitt yourself. The companies house bit is v.easy (as long as your balance sheet balances). At the end of the day if your balance sheet balances and you havn't taken any money out that wasn't taxed (corp. or paye), then there isn't much else an accountant can do for you. At least if you do it yourself you learn how to do it properly and you then dev
  5. I have a similar problem and despite changing the washer etc it soon reverts back - it seems to relate to it being fed from a low pressure source ie, in my case a header tank.
  6. Podiatrist is definitely the route to go! Mine made me some inserts that i copied and made a bit tougher: inserts built up on the arch side of the foot packed out with layers of sticky aluminium flashing tape, then covered in duck tape - makes a really solid insert.
  7. Yeah, done most of those with my two, age: 7 and 10., most holidays we hit the hills and stay out all day. The hard part for them to find friends that want to go outside, mostly they go round to their mates and the mum or dad just puts a film on, or they play on the wii, or minecraft. The thing is.the good paying jobs in the future ain't going to be those that involve sitting behind a computer screen, the best jobs will go to people that can function and create in all environments, communicate with all types of people, at all technical levels. The schools are just plonking them in front of com
  8. Is not having Christmas with your parents that big a deal? I'd put my loyality with my wife and children, especially if she is going through a bad time at the moment. Perhaps trying to understand the implied pressures that your parents might be exerting on her, even those of them just being who they are.This is a situation that most longer term married people have to edge around at some stage. That being the decision whether you want to be a longer term married person, or one of those that jumps. Good luck.
  9. If you're worried that you are drinking too much, then you probably are drinking too much! That said reducing the amount you drink probably won't give you a longer life, it'll just feel like a longer life Try drinking the beer with a meal and then having a very strong coffee to draw a line under the one can. The only medical study that has ever been done on a large male population was in Demark - an extract can be seen here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-506974/Drinking-half-bottles-wine-week-make-live-longer-say-doctors.html
  10. Rent it to horsey people for a year and after dealing with their neurotic whinges and the ragwort and... you'll be glad to let his sheep back on - just to get it back into shape.
  11. Working space of a jcb? I need to get a jcb in to work in a space: 15ft wide 20ft deep bay (between house and fence) - to pull up slabs and dig a foundation trench along the fence (15 ft from the house). Would that amount of space be too small to work in? I'm getting him in for a few other jobs - which need a JCB rather than a mini digger.
  12. One place available on the syndicate. Details: 150 acre shoot: pigeon, hare, pheasant, partridge, vermin (not deer). 7 members of the syndicate each pays £100 per year. Informal shoot - shoot when you want, or with other members. Location: nr Royal Wotton Bassett/ Calne, Wilts Please pm me, i'll try and answer within a few days of receiving them.
  13. I realise that this is a long shot, but... I need to get hold of about 10 - 16 tons of chalk soil, for use as educational school samples.. The site i used to get this from has closed - does anyone know of any farms, or other building works that has a big pile of chalk soil, that i could get a jcb into and a 6 wheeler in to load up? Ideally in the Wiltshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Dorest area
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