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  1. I tried inserts with the Pilla’s I had & they didn’t work for me at all. With inserts you effectively have 4 sides of the lenses to look through that can & do cause diffractions. I now use Decot Hi-Wyd Hi-Low with a few different coloured interchangeable lenses much easier 👍
  2. V8 90

    DT11 wanted

    Trap, Sporting or Skeet, what barrel length & M/C or fixed ? Where are you based
  3. V8 90


    There’s 1 for sale on NVUK
  4. Selling my black iPhone 6 Plus 128gb due to upgrade. It’s in excellent condition with its original box & a couple of cases. On O2 network. £175.00 posted RMSD
  5. I have 3 pairs of Zeiss shooting glasses for sale with cases. They have the adjustable nose piece for high/low setting. They currently have my prescription lenses in but it’s cheap & easy to get your prescription/colour lenses made. 1 pair sold. £65:00 posted per pair
  6. V8 90


    There’s contact info on the website but they’re not open today - http://www.pinewoodsg.co.uk/
  7. Pic of the chokes, case, cap (new) & choke grease.
  8. V8 90

    Clear out

    I’m glad to hear you’re ok. Strange you chose not to respond to any messages whilst actively reading them though. It’s a shame that you chose to add the smarmy comment on the end. Norm
  9. V8 90

    Clear out

    I’ve PM’d you to see if you’ve posted the cheek riser out yet
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