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  1. V8 90

    Wales / Bristol clay ground

    Park Farm shooting ground - 👍 http://www.parkfarmshoot.co.uk/
  2. V8 90

    Vertical screw

    Have you removed the socket & looked at the back box ?
  3. V8 90

    Scope / NV

    Steve - I have an Endurance 6-24x50 on my .17 Hornet - L4 Dot ret - love it 😉 mine isn’t the WA version but I got a great deal on it.
  4. How far North ? There’s a guy near Market Rasen in Lincolnshire who has them
  5. V8 90

    Kicks high flyer

    I’ve got 3 new Kick Smoke in Optima HP - 1/2 - 5/8 - 3/4 in a case with a Kicks cap & a pot of Kicks grease - £140 posted for the lot
  6. V8 90

    Walking stick / staff Nottingham area

    Just sent you a PM
  7. V8 90

    12 bore cheddite match 3

    I’ve just PM’d you
  8. V8 90

    12 bore cheddite match 3

    Are these 28g or 24g ?
  9. V8 90

    What's happened to beverley clay ground

    The new owner is still negotiating the lease (nearly there), it’s currently open to all for practice every Thursday & Sunday. I understand once the lease is sorted there’ll be comps on at weekends & practice Wed, Thurs & Fri Oh & it will reopen as East Yorkshire clay shooting ground.
  10. V8 90

    Beretta extended optima chokes

    I’ve got 3 new Kicks smoke chokes in a case if you’re interested
  11. V8 90

    merry christmas to our customers

    All the very best to Mel & Linda ☃️
  12. Have a word with Matt or Chris at Forest Lodge Guns of Wragby, I’m sure they’ll recommend someone up our way 😉
  13. V8 90

    Scope servicing

    If you feel there’s any gain just it off to Hawke uk
  14. V8 90

    Hawke Frontier 5-25x56 FFP Scope

    Once zeroed - just unscrew (using a coin or screwdriver) the big central turret screw, rotate the turret to zero then nip the screw up. You can then can dial in & return to zero as required
  15. V8 90

    Hawke Frontier 5-25x56 FFP Scope

    Info here suggests they do - https://uk.hawkeoptics.com/frontier-riflescopes.html