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  1. Yes - I’ve just messaged you
  2. Anyone selling a set of Ceasar Guerini barrel weights ? Please message me if you have any.
  3. I’m a trap shooter & use them in my Beretta DT11, they don’t shoot loose & give great kills 😎
  4. V8 90

    Bird sightings

    Pop down to Horkstow bridge over the river Ancholme, always a few down there 😉 My favourites in no particular order - Little Awk - blown inland by a storm back in 2003 - was almost tame Nuthatch Goldcrest Waxwing Red kite
  5. It isn’t a new method - I was involved in farming 40 years ago & we broadcast winter wheat & harrowed it in.
  6. We have a Nextbase 380GW with front & rear cameras fitted in our new RAV4, footage is excellent 👍
  7. My old toy - wish I still had it
  8. I’ve been there several times. Mike & Debbie Faux, the owners, are a great couple.
  9. Just over the Humber into North Lincolnshire. CZ 452 .22lr - trigger done - Sak Mod’ Hawke 3-9x50 scope around 150-200 bullets, 1 x 10 shot mag’ £200
  10. V8 90


    I had a Nextbase 380GW with front & rear HD cameras installed in our new RAV4, it’s recordings are excellent quality & very easy to review/download. The front camera records constant & the rear camera only records when there’s someone/something behind you. It also has the parked mode which automatically activates/senses/records anything untoward.
  11. It’s easy to remove thread locked components - just carefully warm the area with a heat gun & it turns back to liquid
  12. I bought a Briley bolt handle & release lever Kit from these guys when I had mine - https://www.clayshooterssupply.com import charges etc were fine & it worked out much cheaper than buying from Brownells
  13. I had the same kind of problems with mine, after a bit of investigation I found the fuel supply pipe perished & split, the split was hidden in the rubber grommet where the supply & return fuel pipes enter the fuel tank - worth a look 😉
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