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  1. this is a 20 bore and is very much quieter than a standard 12 bore,thanks
  2. sat in my car yesterday watching about 70 pigeons feeding on field of rape, every now and then a bird would lie on the ground and lift one wing vertically in the air looking like sail there was light rain at the time and I wondered if that had any bearing on this odd behaviour,at any one time there would be about a dozen birds doing this, can anyone shed light on this as I have not seen this in over 65 years shooting pigeons.
  3. hello,hw95j I have a ATA NEO green, lovely gun easy and quick to strip and also speed load and unload also very reliable and inexpensive,hope this helps.
  4. can anyone recommend the best wiper blades for my disco 3 ,the ones I have on at the moment are very noisy and inefficient,thanks
  5. can anyone recommend tyres for my discovery 3 ,looking for some that would be good off road but also reasonably quiet and economical and not ridiculous money.cheers and thanks
  6. undertree


    I have seen videos of halal slaughter and I can tell you it is horrendous, to see a bullock in a crush having its throat slashed and its head nearly half off still trying to breath 5 minutes later makes very disturbing and angry viewing,of course its not banned as it might upset our ethnic minorities and lose some votes.one of the things i find disturbing is the deafening silence from the hypocritical RSPCA
  7. undertree

    barbary doves

    looking to buy some adult barbary doves to use as broodies to sit my turtle dove eggs,can anyone help?
  8. I have two gaep plastic case trimmers in 12 and 20 gauge I bought from john at FES they are extremely efficient and quick and do a really good job,i have also bought from john several roll turnover heads made by gaep and cortini and pezzotti they are all excellent but you have to get the correct one for the job,i would advise you to talk to him.hope this helps.
  9. can anyone recommend a really good wiper blade for my rear window,thanks
  10. as probably one of the few ex national servicemen reading these posts I can assure anybody that on average the ns man was usually a better soldier than most regulars,i pointed this out to my 22 year man infantry training sergeant and he immediately agreed with me. I believe this was largely due to the fact that most ns men had served apprentices mainly in the building trade and so were slightly older.lncidentally welsh 1 far from doing rubbish jobs I was a member of the best Vickers machine gun platoon in the british armyand am very proud of it
  11. I would be interested to hear if anyone has experience of either of these two autos .thanks.David.
  12. bad news, just been informed by my game dealer that he no longer wants any more pigeons as the market is flooded,dont know what to do now,anybody got any ideas?
  13. I used mine on geese last season with 3 inch 36 gramme steel recoil wasn't too bad at all ,obviously gas operated are slightly softer,I believe you can try before you buy at the gunshop in Broadway also there is one advertised on Guntrader for 499 pounds,hope this helps.
  14. I have an ATA neo green and it is a brilliant gun especially with the easy unloading system never faltered yet and the beauty is its not a dirty gasser so theres little to clean.
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