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  1. secret-squirrel

    iPhone 6s Heavy Duty Case

    I have a 6s plus .. with a mighty case on it . It’s a otter box rip off from the bay .. cost about £8 delivered has to be screwed together with little Allen head bolts . Don’t get me wrong it does make the phone the size of a iPad but I’m clumsy and normally get out the van with it on my knee 🙈only put it on just before Xmas but so far so good .. SS
  2. secret-squirrel

    Lightweight 12 bore under and over

    Personally I would Message wabbitbosher on here you can nearly guarantee he will have something Suitable good luck. SS
  3. secret-squirrel

    Shotgun snap caps

    I should of probably searched for this thread before starting another .... of a mod wants to delete the whole thread that’s fine ... I think I now have the answer (if there is 1 😉😉) 👍👍👍👍 SS
  4. secret-squirrel

    Who do you believe.

    Hi bud. Brought this for the mises she has only put about 150 x 21g hulls threw it so far but she is over the moon with it . Very slightly too short for her so going to get a slightly thicker rubber pad on the back of it but so far faultless. I have probably put about 50 normal 28g cartridges threw it myself and it feels good .... it’s a light gun and is very short for me so it is a bit punchy but the new butt pad and light cartridges will sort that .obviously It is a budget gun but I don’t think you can tell really from a couple of metres away and to be honest I couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks 😂😂 Im sure this won’t help in your quest at all 😂 but all I can say is try and find a second hand one for sale at a clay ground and take it for a spin and make your own decision . No amount of asking people online and other people’s opinions will help . I hope that doesn’t read ars*y or blunt it’s not written in that way at all 👍🙂 SS
  5. secret-squirrel

    Who do you believe.

    So here’s my 10p worth on buying second hand ....... This little yildiz came up for sale and when I spoke to the guy he Described as “like new mint condition” but had no pictures !!! Hmmmmm Also was over £200 cheaper than new .. I was a bit suspicious ... Anyway when I got there this is what I found ... Spoke to the original buyer literally 25 cartridges since new !! There are still some good people around !! SS
  6. secret-squirrel

    Shotgun snap caps

    👍👍👍👍. So basically unless you own a 525 it’s completely up to you and if it makes you sleep better at night then use them or as it may be ... don’t use them .. thanks for this every one 👍👍 SS
  7. secret-squirrel

    Shotgun snap caps

    Hi lads so when I last had shotguns about 5 years ago (o/u semi and pump ) I religiously used snap caps for no reason other than because they exist and some one told me once to use them 👍 So just starting owning shotguns again o/u semi and a pump .obviously started using my old snap caps again .... Walked into the gun shop at my local clay ground . Took my o/u out it’s slip Cracked it open snap caps popped out ... bloke behind the counter “” first of all I’d get rid of them “” followed by it will break your springs ..... ????? so now I’m confused ? Now don’t get me wrong I only own cheap guns but previously I had a few nice ones still sub £1000 but were not all millionaires ay 😂👍 Any explanations ? Have I been shortening the life of my guns mechanics all those years and am I going to do it again ?? Ss
  8. secret-squirrel

    Land Rover Discovery tdi

    You have a pm SS
  9. secret-squirrel

    18650 batteries

    Just to add .... I’m sat next to my mate and he uses “Samsung 30Q” which are pink rapped batteries ... these are 3000mah but are a smaller 20A rated .... Were as the 25R are 2500 mah but are 35A rated 👍 SS (both flat top style )
  10. secret-squirrel

    18650 batteries

    👍👍👍 I just have the big brother to this one !!! Good bit of kit ... it does get quite hot tho but it has done this since day one and 9 months later still gets just as hot and is used every day .. all I do is prop it up on the cable side with a empty 18650 battery case ! Bit of extra air flow never hurt anything .... just never !!! leave these little bombs unnatended !!! That’s the only advice I will give you ..! Also one thing to look for is .. my IR torch used the button top 18650 .. but my vape takes the flat top 18650 and one is maybe 2mm longer than the other so make sure if you do buy more you buy the correct style 👍👍 SS
  11. secret-squirrel

    18650 batteries

    I use Samsung 25R 18650 batteries for my vape and a “nitecore i4 “ intelligent 4 slot charger they last gooding enough in my vape . But saying that I still have 4 sets 😂 SS Tried to upload a picture but this whole 2.9mb thing is a ******* nightmare
  12. secret-squirrel

    Silenced shotgun

    Ideally looking for a .410 pump Hushpower .. but could be tempted by anything silenced looking cheap but I no hat doesn’t really exist in he silenced market 👍👍 nottingham area but willing to travel cheers SS p.s I have already asked wabbitbosher 😉👍
  13. secret-squirrel

    Trip wire

    No problem mate no rush 👍👍 SS
  14. secret-squirrel

    Trip wire

    Only one way to find out 😂😂😂👍
  15. secret-squirrel

    Trip wire

    “Bisley alarm mine “”” about £15 each they Use 12g blanks think you have to supply your own trip wire I’d just use 20lbs fishing line you can get the blanks online for £20 ish for 10 im sure your local shinshop will sell blanks cheaper