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  1. hi all so have a selection of knives and bipods i have accumulated prices are posted to your door Buck rubber handled black knife - £50 buck rosewood handled guthook knife - £65 Harris 25c bipod smooth legs - £65 unknown mid bipod 7-14inch knotched legs (has a bolt as a repair) - £15 unknown small bipod 5.5-9inch knotched legs - £15
  2. Here i have my Global G-2 chefs knife, in a good used condition, has been sat in a draw for a while so i will give it a good clean and a sharpen before posting it. £60 posted to your door This is a genuine global knife, price is posted by buying this knife you are confirming you are over 18, item will be sent signed for delivery
  3. Here we have a selection of Flint and Flame chefs knives, all in a used but very good condition, most have hardly been used as brought in sets and only used and kept some out of the set. Prices per knife posted to your door: Carving set knife and fork - £110 8inch santoku knife - £90 6inch santoku knife - £65 Bread knife - £80 Pairing knife - £45 All of the above for £375 RRP on the website of the above is £605 By buying a knife you are confirming you are over 18, items will be sent tracked and will need a signature on delivery.
  4. Hi all looking for and air gun cylinder 12 litre or a bit smaller is fine. In test ideal. Can collect near worthing west sussex or reading berkshire or basingstoke Hampshire Pm me what you have thanks FS
  5. Hi Louis i have one for sale if your interested. Pm me an email addy or a phone number and il send you some pictures and info cheers FS
  6. how old is the saw itself please?
  7. Hi we have for sale my leupold vxr 3-9x40 firedot duplex ret matte finish scope, brought it for a project that i never started. pretty much as new condition no ring marks etc been in and out the box a few times and mounted onto a gun before but stayed in cabinet! In oem box with rubber bikini covers Pm me an email for photos £390 posted to your door, bank trasfer or paypal, but please cover fees!! thanks FS
  8. Hi all i need some 32/34 5/6ams fiber wad in ir around guildford please to collect tomorrow Thursday. cash waiting after a slab but will take more/less thanks tom
  9. Im a member if basc so if there are futher issues il be calling them. Fingers crossed, but to be honest by the time they sort it all out i will of moved to sussex i would of thought. But we shall see!
  10. Hi all i have for sale my alpha 193 with the gut hook, leather sheath In a good used condition, varnish is a bit pitted on the wooden knife handle Easy fix or use as is. Pm me for photos Price £85 ono posted to your door, paypal or bank transfer please cover fees etc Thanks FS
  11. Cheers guys i will tell them to call wiltshire. Just got ro keep it till i get to sussex 😂
  12. Nope still have all the same permissions main one is my parents farm. Land didnt seem to be the issue, it seemed to be what th caliber was being used for, but not sure what else, as i dont think it meets criteria for a deer gun.
  13. Hi all so i had a variation put on my certificate for a .357mag/.38 leaver action gun, while i lived in wiltshire. They had no problem granting me the variation for pest controll and aolq as usual i have plenty of land to shoot on and gave good reason etc. i have now moved 30 miles up the road into hampshire, and they are not happy with this gun on my certificate for pest control and aolq my new fao is coming to have a chat with me in a few weeks about it. Annoyingly im only in hampshire for 2 months until i move to west sussex. So hopfully wont have to go through all this again with them anyone got any ideas why hampshire dont like the .357 but wiltshire were fine? thanks FS
  14. Thanks both i shall look into it and measure the barrel
  15. Hi all im looking for a sling/fastenings for a winchester underleaver rifle please or any ideas where to purchase from? thanks fs
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