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    Health app.

    Might of been set at a metre a step hence the 10 difference for smaller steps ?>
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    Yes i call it fed them Friday takes roughly 2 hours to water and feed them the peace and quiet is rare LOL
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    Yes its really good value at the first covid lockdown they just gave them away though LOL at the last count i had over 150 containers in the back garden , most have a bulb lasagne (4 layers of different bulbs ) then annuals or centre piece for the rest of the year . I just need something to do after the ferreting ends and from knitting rabbit and fox nets during the summer
  4. Bigbob


    For those interested B&Q are selling off plants this weekend we just got £150 of plants for £13 between that and my order from Suttons coming in march for £30 instead of a couple of hundred pounds that should be my garden full . Although the plants are marked reduced as they go threw the till they come up at correct price and then it reduces them at the end there where a few worried faces LOL
  5. Bigbob

    VHS Tapes

    Ive got 4 crisp boxes full of hunting Vhs tapes , The first Warrener Etc i always ment to put them on dvds and get rid of them but the price of a vhs to dvd always put me off . Well that times come recorders have come down a lot so would you ?. A buy a VHS to DVD recorder new or second hand and get on with it ? B there folk that advertise to do that contact one of them and get it done ? only downside to B is some of the flyers quoted £11 a tape
  6. My Mrs had sever headaches and went to the doctor checked her out and found nothing , As she was going out the door she was asked have you had your second covid injection in the last fortnight , When she said yes they said thats the cause and it will wear off . The trick with the doctor is to say if there's a cancelation i will have it , or say i need a home visit you will get a appointment that day rather than them coming out
  7. Bigbob

    Some folk

    Aye im slow to catch on got a extra 24 last season for a guy local never picked them up and never answered my texts as usual i had my freezers brim full for summer ferret food and had 30 hanging for the ferrets as i can struggle to feed 12 ferrets all summer without paying for food LOL Then he asked me to sell him 2 ferret collars
  8. Thats fine then i always need brownie points
  9. Im sitting on my laptop and the wifes got the telly and i just checked shes watching the masked singer with Jonathan Ross , Deviana McCall on the pannel another one that pops up nearly everywhere is Jimmy Carr i just dont rate them
  10. Firstly 2 things A I want a moan B I think this is in the wrong section ?? When my mate was down swapping xmas cards my son asked can i get a few pheasants when your shooting the boxing day shoot ? , we got the phone call middle of xmas new year week take everything out the chiller .Well he came back with the ford ranger loaded up ,So i had the bright idea put up a posts on some sites offering them for ferret\dog food as the birds in the chiller would have been shot on the Monday and there where 6 trays of birds shot on the Wednesday as it was pouring down and the birds where wet i thought rather than chance then for human consumption just offer them explain and let folk make up there own minds Well i live in Central Scotland and the main moan is theres nothing offered here its all down England First question Will you deliver ?. No Chance Will you pluck them ? For ferrets\Dogs No chance Will you Gut Them ? As above One person 20 minutes away wanted them all for a rescue but at 20 minutes away i was too far away Anyway i gave my address out to a few folk and not one of them showed up I cleaned out my 3 freezers moved a lot of stuff and got them all in bar some ive hanging from the garage roof and will fed my ferrets them then use the birds in the freezers
  11. I went to my place of employment today as M&S, Tesco donated all there frozen turkeys to the students but as the students are fed up of them they are dishing them out got a £70 turkey and 2 £25 crowns with sausage meat no relevant but good news Anyway while i was there the warden showed us the front of his office it looked like a royal mail depot couriers if they can be bothered are just dumping parcels there for the 14 halls of residence if they cant there just dumping parcels outside any hall because they cant gain access one courier even dropped parcels outside the main reception that closed for 2 weeks there's a lot of disappointed students and a lot of parcels going missing i dont think Hermes stand out there all as bad as each other
  12. I wonder if the police just sprayed them with pepper spray etc how quick they would unlock themselves ?>
  13. Anybody got a copy of Simon Whiteheads Ahead of the game they want to sell ?.
  14. When he appeared on telly i said hes going to resign the wife said he wont who would replace him nobody wants the job ?.
  15. No just the snowdrops all the bulbs i planted for next years displays are a good size now , im hoping the frost and snow slows them down or there going to look patchy at best
  16. All that happens is you get a load of crazies buying a lot of stuff on the Friday they take back on the Monday , Funny to watch there antics on the telly but do they really need the stuff that badly to act like that ?.
  17. Yes as said i did it for 7 years and only a handful of folk knew and that was how i liked it , I couldn't believe the venom in the woman that for killing rabbits that where costing the university a fortune she would lie to get me sacked to save a few rabbits . I still get to shoot there but it leaves a sour taste in the mouth and i rarely go now apart from holidays when i know its going to be quiet As said i was just glad i had insurance and help was only a phone call away The university are in a green flag scheme and during the interview after being inspected they where asked do you have rabbit control in place ? yes and said what i did and all was fine . Do you have grey squirrel control in place ?. No and because they wouldn't let me trap them in case a picture of a squirrel in a trap appeared on social media they got knocked back for a award LOL In another place we where ferreting and there was a small estate next door surrounded with grassy fields a 5 highland cattle used to graze (more of a ornament for the owners wife like a pair of black swans on her loch ) and it was riddled with rabbit holes after asking about it i was told there was a old boy came for a couple of hours every Sunday and did the rabbits . After 6 months i got a phone call the old fella didnt fill in a hole he dug to get his ferret out and a highland cow had broke its leg falling in the hole and had to be put down I often wonder if he had insurance ?.because they asked if i was interested in taking over and did i have insurance ?.LOL
  18. Only time i ever had any bother I used to lamp the rabbits at my work a great number during the summer used to get 70/80 a fortnight kept the ferrets feed all summer .There was a woman security guard a confirmed anti used to bring in a carrier bag of bird food a week to feed the birds on her days off i put a trap under the bird feeder and got 23 grey squirrels in a weekend . She used to bring in food for a vixen and her cubs till one bit a student and she was told to stop it , Used to call me up when drunk Bob your a great guy but why do you have to kill things till she got told second word is off Anyway i was needing some ferret food so went to my work my wife driving the car i was in the back with my son who was 18 years old by the way and the rest of the guards always spoke and asked how many you got . When i heard a shout what the **** re you doing . Turned out this woman was in the shadows having a smoke and had witnessed a rabbit getting shot Next thing i get a call from the HR department requesting me to a meeting saying i was shooting on campus something i had been doing for over 7 years to date at this point . Im thinking sod this and phoned sacs they gave me a list of 21 questions to ask and said if i need to say this meeting is finished till my lawyer from Sacs can attend So i walked into a room for a chat to be met with 7 suits the other side of the table they asked what i was doing shooting on campus and this guard said pellets where falling all round her so had went straight to HR (to get me sacked for killing rabbits ) How long have you been shooting rabbits on campus ? 7 years plus You come in once a year ? every fortnight it a good job Who gave you permission as Health and safety and HR know nothing about it you just cant come in and shoot with students being here ? You should of seen there faces when i pulled out my permission , risk assessment and insurance permissions from J Swan Landscape manager okay ? I got off with it and kept my job but they suspended shooting till they had a enquiry LOL but i was glad i had insurance and would of been able to produce a lawyer because when i was asked if i had anything to say i said yes just these questions ? they never answered one LOL Funny thing is a while later a mate said Bob im back shooting at the University I thought sod that i went straight to the head of HR She said i was waiting on you we now have a company in doing the rabbits and you wont be back . I said total rubbish your company is a guy that used to come in with me and how cant not come back as i was proved innocent .I was barely out there building when i was told to report to the director of health and safety ( To be my new boss unbeknown to me )He said Bob if you can tick all my boxes you will be back shooting rabbits next week and i was But it was a big wake up call for me how vicious that lying anti could be , but shes still there and the management knows what shes like ?>
  19. Key board warriors they know they will get away with it if you passed them in the street probably as mild as a lamb
  20. Bigbob


    Yes thanks for that i will be taxed after my married man allowance 12.5Kish ? so im looking at giving my wife one pension next year
  21. Bigbob


    Thanks i dont see a problem now the mod one was a nightmare but i got there they where just so slow should of been sorted in August and only correct now hopeful this one should change from sick pay in December to pension in January then just the goverment one in a few years LOL
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    How much of your alowance have you used already 14.66% I put see what they say
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    When i hit 60 a few months back i put in for my MOD pension after filling in all the details the last page is from HMRC . Do you have any other pensions ? Will you be getting any other pensions in the next 12 months ?. Filling in my work pension papers , last page the same thing same questions The government are making sure they get the tax back there due on money i already have paid tax on They already have this information ?? this there way of double checking it ??
  24. i posted this before but when a mate and i got our retirement money he put 50 k into bonds first year won £750 keeps telling me more than he would of got from a bank LOL
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