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  1. figgy, yes understand where they are made, the mirook is circa 1986 so I guess doesn't have the newer 'features' of the 525
  2. ok cheers all I guess I was used to squeeky clean mirook's high standards. It was eley fibre wads, I'll spray them and have a coffee & an extra large pastie in future before I start 😉
  3. Hi all Just got a new 2019 B525 12G Invector+ & I noticed when cleaning it it took me about 8 felt pads before I stopped seeing kak on the cotton. With my old Miroku 7000 I usually spray napier cleaner in the barrels, drink some coffee, then bronze brush them a few times followed by cotton pads x 3, but with the 525 I just could not get it clean, I then tried Britbore mops which were better but still took 4 runs thru and 2 mops used per barrel after which a check with a clean cotton pad pushed thru still showed some kak. I've used Eley fibre wad Olympics in both B525 and Miroku 7000. Is it down to the backboring allowing more kak to pass the wad at ignition ? cheers endo
  4. Don't forget MILT MEAD MANOR SHOOTING CLUB (search facebook) nr frampton on severn, alternate saturdays (sat 1st of June is next date) Compak & english sporting, nice friendly ground and good value. Milton End Farm, Arlingham, Gloucestershire GL2 7JH
  5. I have an original oem dog guard and rubber boot liner sitting in my shed for sale. £45 for both, buyer collects or can meet in the glos area.
  6. endo

    Zeroing scope

    Another good one to check is your screws are tight on your woodwork to metal, so under the trigger guard and the forward stock, caught me out before now when they were slightly loose endo B)
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