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  1. taffygun

    New Ad

    1x Parker Hale .30cal 1-piece cleaning rod, Rod OAL: 37" comes with only brass pointed jag for cleaning patches. £20 posted
  2. taffygun

    Bad times

    Hey fella, I have a problem with wax build up and often when I have a hot shower it seems to soften the wax and I have muted hearing. After a week of using Earax (or whatever) and then down to the nurse to have it washed out I too have the ringing in my ears for a few days but then it passes The quack told me its perfectly normal due to the slight inflammation that the eardrops give. Unless the quack has actually diagnosed a problem you should be back out shooting by the weekend Chin up
  3. As for the downgrade - you can downgrade if you wish after half the term of your contract. When I came out of work back in 2009 and was unemployed for the first time since leaving school, they contacted me because my bill was returned unpaid for the first time since being with them. I had been unemployed about 4 months by this time so I explained my situation. I asked if a cheaper call plan was an option only until I got back into work. They said it was but instead just gave me a 70% discount on my plan for 3 months so I was only paying £11.50 a month instead of £35 with no loss of allowance. 3 have been great with me but I have heard stories of others having not so great a service. I now pay £37(something) cos of the VAT increase but I get unlimited calls (capped at 5000mins) unlimited texts (capped at 5000) unlimited 3 to 3 calls (capped at 5000) these calls are taken from a different bank of mins from the anytime ones so effectively I could use 10,000 mins, I also get 1mb of internet and 100 picture mails (whatever they are ). The package is high use as I used the phone for work as well
  4. Coverage has improved 100% in last year or so. I've been with them since they started (one of their first 1000 customers) and although it was a shaky start they are a good network now and IMO better than the others. They always deal with any problems - and i've only had 3 in 7 years and each time they've given me money off my bill (the one was even my fault :() There is only one downside - they always try and sting you for 2year contracts :( You do need to battle to get 18months and pretty much give them your first born to get a 12-month contract. They will tell you they don't do 12-month anymore but they do
  5. We were actually trying this today. Using a Winchester Mod70 and Federal Power-Shok 80gr and 100gr. I have my rifle setup 1.5" @ 100yds giving me approx 200yd zero again for the point and shoot aspect but after testing today a 200yds zero using the 80gr variant gave me only just over an inch high @ 100yds so approx half an inch lower. It seems from the ballistics data that the 80gr will give better muzzle energy, downrange energy, velocity and a flatter trajectory/bullet drop over distance Could well be worth the change As much as the point is being argued though I have to concede that where the bullet strike matches the crosshair position is logically the zero point.
  6. Here goes.... 1x Parker Hale .17HMR calibre specific 1-piece cleaning rod, Length: 32" - comes with brush and brass patch loop. This is .170 so specifically for the HMR/MachII but IIRC can also be used for .17REM/Fireball etc and also .177 air rifle. £SOLD To compliment the above 1x HMR/Mach II Hoppes Boresnake - like brand new only been used 4 times - £12 PostedSOLD Also 1x Parker Hale .30cal 1-piece cleaning rod , Length: 37" comes with only brass pointed jag for cleaning patchs. £20 posted For the reloaders - Once fired .243 brass 100 Federal brass - £20 posted 40 RWS brass (20x RWS and 20 RWS Geco) £9 posted Withdrawn Also have 12v 7ah(new) and 12v 17ah cyclic app(new) batteries here but I have no idea on the postage costs so pick up may be only option. These batteries are approx 1 year old but never used. They have been topped up every 3 months or so and will be fully charged before sold. 7ah = £12 17ah = £25 Both SOLD Payment options - Cash by RMSD or on collection, Postal Order, Cheque, Bank Transfer and Paypal(+4% fees) Could be some other things in coming days that don't get fed to the wheelie bin
  7. taffygun

    rifle wanted

    A mate of mine is selling a Steyr SSG Police in 22/250 with Predator 8 mod his advert is over on the BBS under the username welsh shooter http://www.airgunbbs.com/showthread.php?458526-Steyr-SSG-police-.22-250
  8. Check out the piece on Stobarts trucks and trailers on channel 5 She's the fittest female trucker :wub: :wub: :lol:
  9. Can I have 2nd dibs on the moderator cover if sale falls through please :blink:
  10. I've been following the short clips from Kristoffer Clausen for about 2yrs now and he's good. He's in the middle of spending a year in the wild as a hunter and only eating what he can shoot/forage. His films are available from his site http://www.jaktogdvd.no/en/jaktfilmer/index.php Unfortunately they don't come with subtitles - well the older ones don't - he did reply to my email last year saying that as of March 2010 he will be editing all his films and clips with english subtitles as part of the film and other languages are available by request
  11. On the bright side you could make about 8-10 of them for the price of one of those cost posted to your door Its a longer lasting variation on the old thing we used to do as kids - the blade of grass between your both thumbs and blow :good:
  12. Sorry to burst the bubble but I think its already patented http://www.foxcalluk.co.uk/ I have one of those and bought it about 3 years ago
  13. Best mounts for the CZ's are BKL's as they clamp evenly from either side eliminating the scope cant
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