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  1. Edge what make are the tunnel traps and are the talpex traps actually 'Talpex'? Thanks.
  2. She was only on his front bench for one reason. (the clue is on a previous post about the demographic) I've seen more intellect on the old PG Tips advert.
  3. Thankyou all, very helpful.
  4. It doesn't look like the fans are kicking in and the water pipes are too hot to touch!
  5. I've picked up a Shogun Sport 3litre V6 auto (Hreg) and the engine gets incredibly hot. The temperature guage is fine and stays constant but the engine itself emits a LOT of heat to the point where you can feel it in waves from the wheel arches and the panels become hot to touch, any thoughts?
  6. Dare i ask... what's she like on fuel, i mean i don't expect her to trun on a thimble full but i currently drive a Mitsubishi 3.0 V6 auto petrol 😀
  7. and the original post issss....... where?
  8. Jaggsy

    Wasp nest

    Be careful they will pile out (even after dark) do not plug the hole the returning wasps will just mill around with nowhere to go.
  9. Because he's a gutless ***** that's why... he didn't support the findings of TWO independant reports showing clear evidence that the badger culls were working but opted to say they 'may' be having an effect.
  10. Zapp i really wanted to know who here had applied for an A08 license under the new GL35 to control (not necessarily shoot) greylag geese.
  11. I broke the rules by enquiring about greylag geese 🤐
  12. Decided to investigate the odd sharp pain in my right hip at last, its just a twinge every so often and doesn't really impede me in any way but after having it looked at i've been told the hip needs replacing at some point. I can't really afford three months off that's my main concern. Martin
  13. I've been to a few different countries and if you were to swagger into the Police station mouthing off like they do here you'd be in intensive care.
  14. Just watch 24 hours in Police custody, the arrogance of these knife weilding little ****es is unbelievable.
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