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  1. Is there such a thing as a 'gun cradle'? As you know there's nothing worse than having zeroed your rifle and its spot on only to hit a succession of potholes and speedbumps on the way home. So i was thinking perhaps a cradle type thing to go in the back of my shogun sport perhaps lined with dense foam to absorb any shocks. Has anyone got anything like this?
  2. A few months ago i ran over and killed my first fox, broke my heart to be honest but it just sped across the road and i'd hit it almost as soon as it appeared. Please don't misunderstand i have shot countless foxes in controlled circumstances but for me running this one over just seemed undignified and unnecessary. Don't bother commenting if all you have to say is 'the only good fox is a dead one' and all that ********, Thanks.
  3. Same as above great workmanship and i need one, almost makes me want to drive from Surrey to Sheffield!
  4. I'm dumping them after years of being a customer as soon as i find the right alternative, they are very expensive and not that great to be honest.
  5. Does anyone have a shooting method statement that they need for their permission or work they could send over. TIA
  6. Mate how useful is that... i was just youtubing it to see what you meant, thankyou to both of you the long haired general will actually think i do have some lost DIY skills 😉
  7. Of course on a Sunday the loo has packed up... the section that seems to have some sort of plunger (diaphragm) in the cistern has no pressure when you pull the handle and wont flush is this an easy fix? TIA Martin
  8. Go on mate i can probably collect.
  9. His loyal dog could have retired with him no?
  10. Vic I'll try and sort the pics out.
  11. V6 3.0 Petrol Automatic Drives perfectly £1650 Based in Surrey.
  12. Edge what make are the tunnel traps and are the talpex traps actually 'Talpex'? Thanks.
  13. She was only on his front bench for one reason. (the clue is on a previous post about the demographic) I've seen more intellect on the old PG Tips advert.
  14. Thankyou all, very helpful.
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