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  1. Decided to investigate the odd sharp pain in my right hip at last, its just a twinge every so often and doesn't really impede me in any way but after having it looked at i've been told the hip needs replacing at some point. I can't really afford three months off that's my main concern. Martin
  2. I've been to a few different countries and if you were to swagger into the Police station mouthing off like they do here you'd be in intensive care.
  3. Just watch 24 hours in Police custody, the arrogance of these knife weilding little ****es is unbelievable.
  4. New Magnum Bodygrip with Tunnel (see link) £20 https://www.pestcontroldirect.co.uk/bodygrip-magnum-110.html
  5. Jaggsy

    fly fishing

  6. As above Sako Finnfire five shot magazine £40?
  7. Jaggsy

    fly fishing

    PM sent Peejay.
  8. Hi Peejay i'd like to take the fly fishing gear please mate but are you able to bear with me for one week until I get paid?


    Many thanks



    1. Great work wish I had that sort of talent 👍
    2. I have to go to Germany (Berlin) on a quick turn around, I've searched the various flight options but can't find a decent deal has anyone got any advice? TIA
    3. Has anyone taken the plunge and bought one of these?
    4. Is this the best option.... doesn't the P10 also have the Leica camera?
    5. Thanks my main requirements are minimum cost and Leica camera.
    6. I'm with virgin (woeful) but need another phone, i don't think they have Huwei on their range so an upgrade isn't an option.
    7. There was a thread on this section about Huawei phones but i can't find it.... is this the only phone with a Leica camera and is the P10 the one to have? Finally....... cheapest place to get one on sim only? TIA Martin
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