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  1. Had exactly the same a fortnight ago. Eley were the culprit. Will never buy them again.
  2. Would you have bought a new shotgun if it was knowingly sold out of proof? Ah, I see that you would happily have done this and not asked for a refund. I spent £26,000 of my hard earned cash on a top of the range diesel Yeti, which was knowingly sold to me under a false pretence. The engine was 'fixed' and the performance was never the same. According to some I should heave a large sigh, and then say 'Well that's life...' Some people claim that they are very forgiving, and just love turning the other cheek. Would I pay full market price for a 2nd hand 'fixed' VW diesel - well, same may, but they are just plain stupid.
  3. I just love my 20g o/u hushpower. It can best be described as a 'lump' in the handling department, but you do get used to it.... It enables me to shoot in places where previously I would have decided not to because of the potential noise nuisance. I use standard 28g cartridges in 6's and 7.5's - please note fibre wad only as plastic wads can foul things up. I bought a 2nd hand one, which unfortunately had not been regularly cleaned, and as a result the moderator cannot be stripped. Still, the reduction in price enabled me to buy one, and no doubt I will get a new one eventually. A pity that the moderator is not made of titanium (or similar), as the reduction in weight would be a definite benefit.
  4. My wife and I have a half value of a house in a will. The value of the house is c.£140,000 and the other beneficiary is desperate for the money and has asked us if we want to purchase the house so that he can obtain the funds asap. Fortunately we are in a position to do this, but we would only do this with a view to selling the house within 6 months maximum. If we were to do this then I am pretty sure that there would be tax implications on any possible profit - does anyone have any experience of this? Thank you for any replies
  5. I absolutely agree. It would appear that in some quarters the Franco mentality still apples, and democracy is still a dirty word. Here's hoping that the leaders of the EEC offer some criticism as well...........
  6. I did the same. My 22 likes Eley, whereas the 17 uses Hornady. However, both of my rifles are not fussy, although some are.....
  7. I understand (I think) your point, but at the end of the day many of these 'traveller' companies are parasites. Their prices may be 'competitive', but so they should be - most don't pay any tax and it is all cash in hand. From my point of view I would never, ever employ any travellers. As for doing a good job - did you bother to read the press last week when one traveller family employed slave labour and kept the poor souls in squalid conditions ( to put it mildly). They were all jailed, and if it was left to me and many others they would never be released to infect our standards of civilised living. There are lots of press releases referring to the police refusing to enter travellers camps to pursue some parasites - it is just a complete and utter waste of their time and our taxpayers cash.
  8. Where I live the local authority are pushing through plans to build 8,000 homes on mainly green belt land. There is lots of annoyance, and disruption amongst the community, but that's the way it goes nowadays. One gem is that the local traveller camp (illegally founded of course, with lots more living there than are supposed to) is being recognised in the plan as being worthy of a preservation order. You just couldn't make it up - no doubt they (the travellers) will sell the land off to a developer for a huge, enormous profit - which of course they will not pay tax on.....
  9. Had this sort of thing many times, and invariably Joe Public thinks that they can wander where they want to. They always look puzzled when I point out that they are not on the footpath, and in fact trespassing on private land. If they want to argue the point I now politely ask them where do they live, and I will come and wander all over their private front garden......
  10. Waste of time? As I said previously you have to bear in mind the limitations of the system and what you want to do with it.. My Yeti's have all had road tyres and you have to drive sensibly within the limits of the vehicle. I have had no problems driving down roads with heavy snow, but you have to be aware of what you are up to. I had two Subaru Foresters, and their AWD system was superb. However, they were equipped with road tyres and I had a couple of interesting moments until I realised the drawbacks of road tyres.
  11. I have a Yeti 2L diesel, and it has averaged 52mpg over the past 8,000 miles. Before this I also had a Yeti as a company car, and did 120,000 miles in 2.5 years in it. Because of this I bought one new when I retired. I don't do the mileage now that I used to, but this one has done over 70,000 with no major issues. I don't use the 4 x 4 system all that much, but it is very reassuring when I do have to use it. It is a great car around town, and the higher driving position makes things easier. In my time I also had a 4 x 4 Octavia, and had no problems in it. Of the two I prefer the Yeti, but everyone to their own. Is a 4 x 4 really necessary - it all depends on what you want to do with it. To my shame I admit that I once had a Prius as a company car, and again over 120,000 miles in 3 years that gave me no problems. I drove over grassy/stubble fields in it and it coped well. My mate managed to shoot over 500 rabbits out of the window of the Prius. He called it the whispering death, as on battery mode it was amazingly quiet. If you want to get over ambitious and silly then you will get stuck. I was once a passenger in a Disco, and the mutley who was driving managed to get us slightly bogged in a wet patch at 2.00 in the morning. Quote from him when we ground to a halt - "I'll burn ourselves out of this and go for it..." He did - we ended up to the sills in glutinous mud.
  12. I had this happen to me recently - an acquaintance left me a letter in the event of his death.... This happened - the keys to his gunsafe were in a safe, and his wife knew the combo of the safe. I contacted the police, and all they wanted was for the guns to be disposed of asap. I took them to the nearest gunshop and got a pittance for them, which I passed on to the widow. If I had not done this the police would no doubt have scrapped them.
  13. I have 3 gunshops less than half an hour away, but whatever. It would be interesting to time you reloading 200 rounds in their entirety....... And as I said, I do reload for 223, and have reloaded for several cf rounds previously.
  14. I shoot almost 1,000 rabbits a year, and many of these with the hmr. Probably shoot more than that number of rounds on the range, and generally enjoying myself. Yo have to be a dire fan of reloading to do this with a 17 hornet - personally I could not justify the time 'wasted' in doing this. I suppose it all depends on how many rabbits you shoot. I can justify the time in reloading for my 223, which I mainly use for foxing.
  15. The big error in JC's 'logic' is that you cannot reason with the unreasonable, or negotiate with those that have totally opposite views to your own and will not budge an inch.. Throw in the religion aspect and you are at the end of a dead-end alley before you start. He has learned nothing from history - good old Neville Chamberlain came back from talking with Herr Hitler in September 1938, waving a piece of paper declaring "Peace in our time". 12 months later the world was plunged into WW11 and we all know where that ended up. The only area where JC might be correct is that sending in the troops/cruise missiles/bombers before the end game is thought out can only end in disaster.
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