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  1. I currently don't. I have 100 nets plus long nets and my buddy has the ferrets.
  2. I can do - live in Grappenhall...
  3. I repeat, I would happily pay for a mod in titanium to save weight. What would my budget be - £1,000 or so. To me it would be worth it if it prevents aggro and the sight of the police walking towards me because someone, perhaps maliciously, has complained about a noise nuisance. There are plenty out there such inclined.....
  4. I have not noticed any difference at all in cycling using the hushpower mod on my semi. It is louder than my 20g Hushpower o/u but this is to be expected as the mod is obviously smaller, and semi's are in my opinion louder than their o/u or sbs equivalent. My semi is a Beretta model 391. The mod is not lightweight by any means, but in my opinion it is well worth as it gives you options. Options are always good.
  5. No it was not, sorry that I did not explain this more fully. Since using the modded guns (especially the 20g) I have been able to shoot a lot more closer to houses and farms with no complaints whatsoever. No only that but I find that by saying that I use a shotgun 'with a silencer' this has helped discussions for potential vermin control enormously.
  6. I have a 20g o/u Hushpower and a hushpower mod for my 12g Berretta semi. As others have said they are very effective in noise reduction but the added weight can be hugely off-putting. I would happily pay for a hushpower moderator to be made in titanium if this was possible, but an enquiry to Hushpower indicated that they were not willing to consider this. Rather short sighted I think, as if this was possible it could transform a horrible lump into something more practicable. Whether we like it or not noise will have an increasing effect on shotgun shooting and vermin control, a
  7. What I am really interested in is does anyone know the size of the circle that used to apply in live pigeon shooting in the UK using percussion shotguns. Also I have been told that the bore size gradually increased to ensure a clean kill, but what was this eventually regulated to? Live pigeon guns did not have the ramrod fixed to the gun to reduce the weight of the gun, but this obviously had a trade off against the amount of felt recoil. What distance was the shooter from the pigeon/circle? Any information would be appreciated.
  8. I have an old percussion live pigeon gun. It is a Benjamin Hall single barrel with no ramrod underneath the barrel. Does anyone have any idea as to the rules that used to apply? I am told that a live pigeon was held underneath a hat, and the hat was in the centre of a circle many yards in diameter. Once the pigeon was released by pulling a string attached to the hat the pigeon had to be killed within the circle. If it flapped outside of the circle the shooter was deemed to have failed. There was a huge amount of betting that took place between the contestants. I believe my gun is a 6.5 bo
  9. It has permanently closed at the Warrington venue. I understand that the owner is looking at the possibility of setting up elsewhere (near Chester?), but nothing has been decided yet.
  10. 37 x 3' hemp nets 2 x 4' hemp nets. All with pegs etc. Used but good condition. £35 for the lot. Able to deliver within the North West
  11. I forgot the wife's birthday one year - and then forgot our anniversary 3 weeks later. That ended up being extremely expensive. She still loves me - I think....
  12. Had exactly the same a fortnight ago. Eley were the culprit. Will never buy them again.
  13. Would you have bought a new shotgun if it was knowingly sold out of proof? Ah, I see that you would happily have done this and not asked for a refund. I spent £26,000 of my hard earned cash on a top of the range diesel Yeti, which was knowingly sold to me under a false pretence. The engine was 'fixed' and the performance was never the same. According to some I should heave a large sigh, and then say 'Well that's life...' Some people claim that they are very forgiving, and just love turning the other cheek. Would I pay full market price for a 2nd hand 'fixed' VW diesel - well, sa
  14. I just love my 20g o/u hushpower. It can best be described as a 'lump' in the handling department, but you do get used to it.... It enables me to shoot in places where previously I would have decided not to because of the potential noise nuisance. I use standard 28g cartridges in 6's and 7.5's - please note fibre wad only as plastic wads can foul things up. I bought a 2nd hand one, which unfortunately had not been regularly cleaned, and as a result the moderator cannot be stripped. Still, the reduction in price enabled me to buy one, and no doubt I will get a new one eventually.
  15. My wife and I have a half value of a house in a will. The value of the house is c.£140,000 and the other beneficiary is desperate for the money and has asked us if we want to purchase the house so that he can obtain the funds asap. Fortunately we are in a position to do this, but we would only do this with a view to selling the house within 6 months maximum. If we were to do this then I am pretty sure that there would be tax implications on any possible profit - does anyone have any experience of this? Thank you for any replies
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