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  1. Few of us decided to have a go at a few pigeons yesterday weather conditions was perfect apart from the odd shower we kept them on the move with the four of us out all in all good day picked 196
  2. Had a good day on the rape yesterday with that wind howling about they decoyed a dream and have noticed they are starting to break up from there winter flocks picked up 69
  3. Fit as a fiddle me After every fag break lol
  4. Been working on the dogs fitness a lot plus he does a fair bit of picking up and he is starting to look good he will be faster and have more muscle than usain bolt soon lol
  5. Done my bit this afternoon to help out the poor old farmer and made a massive dent in the vermin population ???
  6. Diesel 2ltr turbo 5 door insurance company going to right it off so selling as a run about motor would be ideal for a run around motor on a pheasant got all terrains on very good off only got a small dent in wing and door looking for a £1000 or nearest offer for more info message me and will get back to
  7. Slug is the main damage for the rape not growing well a lot off farmers have had to redrill the rape all ready
  8. Looking at your best bags motty looks like you have your fair share fair play that's some good shooting I have had two weeks off work so had a good crack at um
  9. A good day on the barley stubble with Stuart we split up again to keep um moving they decoyed to the magnet a dream Stuart shot 31 and I shot 150 181 for the day
  10. Had a good day on the woodies today shot um over rape stubble me and Stuart split up so we could keep um on the move worked fairly well shot 206 between us picked up 201
  11. Was ment to be shooting over some oats today to sort the Corvids out but wasn't really enough there to warrant setting up so we found a few pigeons hitting some rape stubble diesel had some good retrieves had to be carful today loads of barb wire about but the dog got around it ok picked up a 140 with a nother mate
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