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  1. Just a quick update i changed the breech seal and managed to get pellets leaving the barrel,the next step was removing the hammer and spring and found the hammer/striker was stuck on the guide.A quick clean up with Autosol and brake cleaner and all is good.Once again many thanks for the help.
  2. Just tried the talcum powder and yes air is leaking from the breach seal.I will go and order some and keep you updated.Many thanks for all of your help and knowledge cheers Lee
  3. Thank you for the advice i will take a look cheers.
  4. Today i went to use my air rifle and it is very low on power so much so the pellet gets stuck at the top of the barrel or will only shoot out about 5 feet.It is holding air and has stayed on 180 bar since the last time i used it.Has anyone got any ideas or should i take it to a gunsmith when i can.Many thanks Lee
  5. Cyberflix is now the new terrarium tv.
  6. They are 27g and at my local supplier they are £8 a thousand cheaper.
  7. I have got some of the RC20 bore cartridges in green
  8. The walk up shoot with the sounds has now gone,but there is now a compact sporting layout by the clubhouse and a practice stand.
  9. Steve is taking new memberships form the 27th November.The rest of the year shoot dates are: SUN 27TH OCT SAT 2ND NOV SUN 3RD NOV SUN 10TH NOV WED 13TH NOV SAT 16TH NOV SUN 17TH NOV WED 20TH NOV SUN 24TH NOV SUN 1ST DEC WED 4TH DEC SAT 7TH DEC SUN 8TH DEC WED 11TH DEC SAT 14TH DEC SUN 15TH DEC WED 18TH DEC £25 per 100 clays for members. £35 non members .Its on a TargetKey system and when you pay for your clays you get 110 on the key to allow for no birds.Fibre wad only.
  10. dicko

    african grey

    Beautiful plumage
  11. I don't know if they will ship to you but, try here http://macongunstocks.net/franchi_shotgun_stocks_99.html
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