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  1. I dropped a couple of pigeons in the local stables yard that had been feeding on the muck piles, I thought they were after rotting seed but when I checked the crops there were all sorts of things in there including a lot of small red worms, I think they are just opportunist feeders that will adapt to anything that will sustain them.
  2. I am sorry but this is called 'progress' and us oldies will have to live with it , if I have any phone or computer problems I call my 10 year old granddaughter who always sort it out, after she has given me that look, you know, 'oh grandad you are hopeless' , I have a very old Huawei p20 which I still struggle with and an equally old Acre lap top, she has an iPhone 11 ( soon to be changed for an iPhone 13 or something) and the latest tablet, god knows what that is, she skypes, tweets twitters and plays a hundred and one games that I cant even get to run as I cannot work out the controls . We are an aging irrelevant generation that cost far too much in pension payments, drive too slowly on the roads holding everyone up and cannot cope with modern technology, watch out as they are trying to get the assisted suicide laws passed, none of us oldies will be safe, and you just worry about working your new phone,!!!!!!!😡
  3. I was about to put up a report from an outing yesterday, but this item caught my eye, so here goes, I called in to a large area of what I thought would be wheat stubble but the harrows and drills beat me to it and by the look of the fields , some time ago. There were green patches all over the two large fields but still a lot of wheat stubble poking through which had just been harrowed and plenty of birds on the ground, crows and pigeons, the spilled wheat had germinated and had sprouts some 3 inches high, but in between the wheat were new oil seed rape plants coming through, very small but two leaves clearly visible. I had seen the drilling about 2 weeks ago but didn't realise it was rape. Not sure what was attracting the attention, the wheat or rape but the birds were there and so was I. A large open field, no trees or hedges, but good reed bed cover along all sides, hide set up in the tallest reed patch and 15 dead birds plus 4 flocked crows out, The crows came first in large numbers and after knocking down 11 they cleared off, so I took in the crow decoys as my number one target is always pigeons, the rest of the 5 hour session was slow but regular, with birds decoying well, by the end of the session I had 21 pigeons and the 11 crows picked, not bad for a very speculative session . So in answer to the original question and as a follow on to Marsh mans comment , yes the birds will come if they can find something they like and in this case it was a nice mixed plate of fresh greens and rotting seed on the surface. So next week I will be there again until the birds loose interest but I will just say, in the past I have not had any decent results on young rape until the first frosts have knocked it back, I think the birds find it a bit tough going and will hunt out anything more edible before finally resorting to shredding the rape..πŸ‘πŸ˜
  4. Likewise, I have used my two sillosocks for several years, they work well even though they have been repaired several times, when not on the magnet I often set them up on some 3 foot rods and when the breeze is strong enough they look good as floaters , set out about 50 yard from the pattern like a couple of sign posts, I have started to leave the magnet in the car recently and prefer a set up with two flappers on timers, set down in the middle of the pattern. but whatever works best on the day.
  5. You should go rummaging around in those dark damp places more often tarquin, oh I say !!!!
  6. Hi Jim, most of the crows are carrions so quite large, I think there were only 3 rooks in the bag , the hooded crow was indeed much larger than the rooks and had the very black beak , not the grey upper section like rooks, the first thing I noticed when I picked it up was the size, it did seem so much bigger than even the carrions, but thanks for the input , I am with you 100% Alan, I always feel a bit disappointed if I don't get the majority of a session on woodie's, on this particular area of marsh the wood pigeons have had a tough time over the last 3 years or so, when I started shooting it there were large numbers , some groups in the hundreds if not 1000+, but with lock down several local shooters had access and particularly last year the birds were well and truly hammered, In the first and second years my best days were 2 @ 70+ and several over 60 but I have been resting it this year in the hope they would build up again but unfortunately other shooters have not let up, I don't think the birds have been shot but simply moved away to safer areas, so now I only go once in while to reduce the ferals and get a measure of the wood pigeon numbers.
  7. A friend of mine linked a car alarm with a flashing light, both 12 volt , through a timer hooked up to a 12 volt battery, these are very loud and would not be suitable near houses but they work in the right situation.πŸ‘
  8. Anyone thinking of giving this offer a go, I highly recommend it, about 5 or 6 years ago I had just got back into shooting after a bit of a break, and was finding it difficult to gain permission anywhere. Fenny had the offer on here and as he was only just under 2 hours drive I decided to give it a go, I spent a day at Fenny's permission and was surprised at how many birds were about, we had the morning and up to 2.30 on the rape then the late afternoon in the woods catching the early birds coming to roost, I was very short of equipment and Fenny loaned me a magnet, battery and a few dead birds, I shot very badly but managed about 25 , which was good for me at that time. I had a great day and Fenny could not have been more helpful , I went on to gain several thousand acres of permission very close to home so I am very busy now with my shooting, but anyone looking for a day out and maybe knock down a few pigeons give him a call.
  9. After some time stuck in the house I needed to get out and check the newly cut rape on the marsh, most of it was still stubble and some areas had quite a few birds moving around, but the main concentration of birds was on a small field next to the stubble that has been ploughed and harrowed, it was covered in a mix of crows and pigeons, I watched for some time to establish any flight lines but it was just a general movement across the field without any particular hot spot, so I chose a place in the long grass with the wind at my back and set out 10 dead pigeons , 2 on the magnet, and 4 flocked plastic crows. There were dozens of feral pigeons moving around in large groups, I don't normally waste cartridges on them but with a bag full , and not having been out for a while I needed the practice , so decided to bag a few when they presented over the decoys, Rooks and Jackdaws were coming in small groups and I soon started to get the numbers up, wood pigeons were few and far between but there were just enough to keep me keen, the first 4 on the ground were feral but then a couple of woodies and 3 crows came very quickly, from then on it was a good steady stream of birds , most turning across the decoys and presenting perfectly, thankfully my aim was good and I was kept busy running out to tidy up birds that had dropped either on their backs or with wings sticking up like warning flags. The day was overcast from 12 noon up to around 3.30 but then the clouds cleared and a very welcome bit of warm sunshine brightened up the late afternoon, there was a fairly light breeze from directly behind me for most of the afternoon but it did move around to my right side for the last couple of hours, but not enough for me to worry about moving the decoys as the birds kept coming regardless. High points of the session were 3 woodies with one shot, then 2 rooks with a single shot and finally 3 jackdaws which had landed in a straight line and again one shot took all three out in one go, at least the extras made up for some horrendously bad misses on some of the easiest birds but that is something I have learned to accept now I am getting on a bit and my eye sight and reactions are definitely on the decline . It was around 6.00 when I decided to clear up, still good light and a few birds still moving around but I had enjoyed a good session and had not eaten all day, just managing on my usual flask of sweet coffee. it took almost an hour to pick up all the birds and pack the car but the final tally was 25 feral pigeons picked with around 5 lost in the undergrowth, 16 woodies with everyone accounted for, 11 rooks 9 jackdaws and to my surprise a hooded crow, only the second I have ever shot in all my years of pest control. 61 picked with just 5 lost but definitely down, so a decent 66 bird day . Photo's show most but I did pick a few after I cleared up and had a long walk to find them.
  10. My son does investment guidance in San Francisco and never stops talking about the developing Hydrogen power market, a lot of big money in the states is being diverted from electric car development into Hydrogen power, Having had holiday chalets here in the UK for several years please be careful about any investment into Caravans, Chalets etc, ground rents on these parks is going through the roof, owners cashing in on travel restriction due to covid, my chalets went from Β£800 per year up to Β£1500 per year and are now above Β£2500 heading towards Β£3000 , on top of that you would need very good insurance cover, council tax and general maintenance. rent income varies on each site or location but here on the east coast private renters are asking just Β£300 to Β£400 per week peak rates and these are only for around 8 weeks , the rest of the time its scratching around for customers with adverts on the internet and holiday magazines costing more and more every year. A complete waste of time and money. If I had enough cash, I would buy cheap property, fix it up myself and rent it out, tenant pays council tax and rents are on the rise as well, always a good return if you have the money and skills. I have dabbled in the stock market twice in my 73 years and lost a considerable sum each time, just my personal experience and never again. Good luck with whatever you choose, but do your research.
  11. I would say greengage but its easier to tell once the fruit is fully ripe, so depends on the eventual colour of the fruit,
  12. I totally get the point MM but how I look at it, which would I rather do, pack up early to go and sit watching Coronation street or Emmerdale and listen to the wife tell me about her day, or stay longer in the peace and quiet even if I only get one or two more, no contest. to be honest I think she prefers me staying out until the light goes !!!πŸ‘
  13. Nice vid, well done some good shooting , my only note would be lets see more of the dog doing retrieves and some clean up footage, I don't have a dog and have to pick up every 4 or 5 birds as many end up on their backs and will put off incoming birds but otherwise very nice to see someone getting some good sport,πŸ‘
  14. Great job, well done, looking forward to some stubble action here in Norfolk soon, combines are all set to go, just waiting for the crop to dry after all the rain last week, won't be long now.πŸ‘
  15. After my first visit to the freshly cut barley last Tuesday, I had been disappointed by the small number of birds finding it, but not to be deterred I decided to try the same place again, after setting up in the shadows of a large thorn hedge, I put out 8 dead birds and 6 full bodied decoys with two of the dead birds on flappers, I placed 4 flock crow decoys about 20 yards further out but still just in range. I started getting interest straight away with dozens of crows coming in for a look, within the first 30 minutes I had 7 crows and 2 pigeons on the ground, so I set them all up as decoys and brought in the plastics, from then on it was just a steady trickle all afternoon, I had set up at 11.00 and some time later had checked my watch, 12.30 wow with over 15 on the ground I thought I was doing really well, 30ish minutes later I poured a coffee and checked my watch, strange still 12.30, realising the day was not going ultra slowly but my watch had stopped I pulled out my phone, 2.45 dam I thought I was going to get a bumper day with so much time left but no chance, so now with a little more urgency I rearranged the decoys and persevered, crows kept coming but most noticeable was a much larger gathering of pigeons were moving around the field, decoying well at about 30 yards and making good speed over the decoys on the fresh breeze. My tally was mounting , not a red letter day but not too shabby, finishing at 6.00 I collected all I could find, lost a few in the wood behind me and up in the high thorn hedge , no chance of me trying to get them down , I hate thorn hedges as I always end up removing thorns hours later from my hands and arms. 15 crows, 1 magpie, 32 pigeons picked, so 48 plus 4 or 5 not retrievable, but even better was just 65 cartridges fired, with several double taps to drop some birds meant my 'miss' tally was very small, the day had been a real pick me up after quite a long spell of only getting small numbers, there were still a lot of pigeons settling in the stubble all over the field but I was expected home for a family gathering so I had to call it a day, now looking forward to the next outing on the stubble and with the combines out and the next few days forecast as sunny and dry I think there will be a lot of stubble to try later in the week. cant wait.πŸ‘πŸ˜
  16. Sorry Enfield, have not been on here for a while, I have never had a bird of prey attack a decoy, but I have had buzzards try to take the odd bird that has dropped out at distance and I couldn't be bothered picking up until the end of the session. to be honest if anything finds one of my shot birds a tempting snack they are most welcome, so far I have lost birds, one to a fox, one to a buzzard and one to a stoat, although to be fair the stoat just ate a piece of the dead pigeon before running off, the fox found a bird that had fallen into a huge bramble bush right next to its entrance hole, and the buzzard was attracted by the bird flapping around on the ground about 100 yards from the hide, he made off with it despite my shouting at him, cheeky beggar,
  17. I bought a 1/2 litre bottle of white UV paint from eBay, I repaint the white on the decoy necks and wing bars every few months with it and birds come in and land within inches of them, does not work as well as fresh dead birds but always a good fall back if dead ones are in short supply. I only use fresh dead as I believe the UV in the feathers fade once they have been dead for a few days, One thing to be aware of is, if there is any light reflection from the decoys that will cause them to veer away , I get the same reaction when the sun reflects off my glasses , If its a bright sunny day dead birds work far better, but if its cloudy and overcast the plastics work almost as well. As for the glasses unfortunately I cannot see with out them so I now find on sunny days wearing a wide brimmed hat and keeping my head down works ok,
  18. Two possible answers, if the growth was soft and squidgy it may have been a Lipoma, these grow quickly and can be quite large but seldom fatal, unless the rabbit is hit by some fast moving foreign object like lead, The other is indeed a cancerous growth very similar to those found in dogs and cats, cancers are normally hard when squeezed and can be fatal, unless the rabbit in question is already lead, sorry I mean dead. Either way the animal is not suffering now, and you probably did the right thing in disposing of it. πŸ‘πŸ˜
  19. My wife had huge problem with ticks on her horses, she just covers the ticks in Vaseline ,it cuts off the air supply and suffocates them, they just drop off after a very short time , I was in hospital in France for a minor operation, I found a tick in my belly button, the nurse almost had a melt down and ended up rushing me down to a treatment room in the A & E, where a doctor , with 4 student doctors looking on, filled my belly button with surgical spirit then using tweezers carefully removed the now dead tick, they studied it under a microscope to ensure there were no parts missing (presumably still in my stomach) after which they declared me tick free, it was only later I discovered the huge dangers of contracting Lime's disease from a tick bite ,which can be fatal, so their efforts were much appreciated. Just one of the many blood sucking, flesh eating creatures on this planet , lovely jubbly.
  20. I had a call Monday from the farm , pea fields being cut and would be ready Tuesday for some shooting, so I arrived early afternoon, quite a few birds already there but well spread out, with a mix of shells and full bodied decoys plus around a dozen old dead birds I set up and had a steady afternoon until the rain and high winds put a stop to the sport, picked just 20 but well worth the visit, hope to get back again before the stubble gets too old and dry,
  21. Had a ride out to Lowestoft yesterday for a village garage sale's, the pea viner's were cutting in several fields along the way so there may be some pigeon action on the stubbles this week, fingers crossed πŸ‘
  22. +1 ,I have 2 , one is a gel pack battery the other normal lead acid, both from golf carts, via a local car boot sale, one was a fiver, the other I got the cart as well all in for a tenner, the cart I sold on eBay for Β£20, can't be bad, they are both still going strong after a lot of use and recharges, probably had them getting on 5 years now,
  23. I have a pair of Hypa-flaps which I mount up on tall poles above the crop, as long as there is a good breeze, add in a couple of floaters and stick all my decoys up on extension poles to get them above the flattened crop which can still be a foot off the ground, I have two magnets but rarely use them now as I cannot carry them and two batteries as well as all the other gear. If there is no wind I have a flapper mounted on a 3 foot pole which will run all day on a small 7 amp battery, we have just started on the laid barley but its mainly crows , no sign yet of pigeons in any numbers.πŸ‘
  24. You poor weak person, what example are you setting others, see it buy it, dear oh dear, this is exactly the reason my wife will not allow me anywhere near the local gun auctions, last time I just went to 'look' and came home with a brand new Webley & Scott 810, 3 shot semi in black resin stock, multi choke etc., paid Β£250 including commission, Me really happy-Wife not so much, there is another one in September but if she finds out she will lock me up for the day πŸ˜β›”
  25. I have the Hushpower sound moderator fitted to my Beretta 391, Ureka 2, it was threaded onto an extended 1/2 choke with enough wall thickness to take the extra threading, so it can be easily removed and the gun returned to standard chokes. I use it in areas near housing or main roads , it reduces the bang to a subsonic level and removes the need for ear defenders , but it is not silent and still has a fairly loud retort. Disadvantage for me is the added weight on the barrel end making fast manoeuvres a bit more clumsy, also the diameter of the modulator makes the top rib redundant as a sighting aid, and sighting becomes more instinctive , it took some getting used to but eventually my hit rate returned to normal percentages, The other thing to remember is not to use plastic wads, which get shredded as they pass through the moderator resulting in small fragments falling back down the barrel and jamming the the gun completely, something I found out to my cost as I had to manage a full strip and clean while sitting in the hide , watching birds land and leave from the decoy pattern. (very frustrating) So I think it was well worth it to access more shooting land but a slight disadvantage in other ways.
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