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  1. Omg again 🙈. I was mowing my lawn this time . Felt a sharp pain and boom . 😂
  2. I use Stanley but I’ve had them over 20 years now . My lads use marples like above. I can’t fault them . I hollow grind all my chisels and they’re sharper than a sharp thing in sharp ville . to many sharpen wrong . hollow grind Stone remove burr ( so important) on timber then leather strop
  3. I’m not going to jinx myself with that one
  4. Ha lucky for a swear filter 😂 I’ll look into it 👍 So now I have to wash too 😫. It never ends 😂😂
  5. After my last year I don’t pay 😂 except for my divorce 🙈
  6. I haven’t done but I thought I’d be ok in my workshop That’s caused me enough trouble lately 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 cheers Dougy . They love my legs too. My legs get better looking every year 😂 I’ve never tried one 😂
  7. 4 times the things have had me this year. I’ve been bitten at work , my garden , my drive , the field. id never had a bite until a few years back so why ? Where have they suddenly come from ? Look at the swelling again
  8. A ree saw is the thing you need dude . I have more mahogany stacking up right now as we speak . I’ll keep you well stocked . don’t forget a piece of oak fresh sawn of 4x2 would be 5-6 years before it’s any good to use.
  9. Yes dude . It’s a tree in planks still with the bark on sometimes. we mill it really . Saw , plane etc , mould Cheers Dave . Lovely house tho . I can only dream
  10. Thank you . Cheers Mel . You’ve probably had the off cuts 😂. To think it was a plank a few months back
  11. It’s been a nightmare getting glass but we’re getting there . From plank to doors to install.
  12. Being on the dating scene has certainly been an eye opener 😂. I’ve discovered most single ladies have a drawer without a handle by the bed 😂😂😂. Most are so open about it too .
  13. Ripped the old blue ones out yesterday and started the mission of the new installation
  14. No worry’s . I’m always clearing stuff out the rack . I put a selection in of oak , pine , mahogany
  15. I’m not sorry don’t worry . It’s a weird world dating when you have kids . Next date Tuesday 😂 I think Xmas presents are getting closer now so the cheese boards might be an option shortly .
  16. I keep trying to think of ideas to make stuff . Quick money I guess. wish I’d charged her 😂. We split up 2 weeks ago
  17. Today I’ve been a bit sore but ibuprofen helps again
  18. It’s healing and I’m walking now cheers .
  19. I’ve reported it . Loads are saying to capture the dog . 😳
  20. Well today on Facebook I’ve seen a post describing the same dog on the same street that’s escaped and walking the same street with no muzzle . typical
  21. 🤣 I still wobble .
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