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  1. Hi I have for sale a full set of diving kit, with the PADI dive pack (study manual, blank certificate etc etc). This is everything apart from lead weight, that you need to dive with. I am selling up as I simply wont have the time to put it to use. All the kit has proof of purchase, warranties etc, and is all brand new unused. Im sad to have to sell it. I would like to sell it as one kit, but if I cannot I will be happy to sell it off individually. Hopefully it will make an ideal kit for a new diver All equipment really is brand new and unused. There are no faults/wear marks/damage to an
  2. Probably suspected contagius disease/virus, Meningitis, Aids etc. If he is bleeding or similar that is. The PPE is just to prevent contamination.
  3. Been there, had Salmonella once, not nice! (never eating Cadbury cream eggs again) 2 weeks of pure hell. I know what its like to just wish you could die. About a year later there was an article in the news about poor standards at cadbury. Dont trust the stuff with a barge pole. Although I do like mini eggs once a year :(
  4. I have no sympathy for drink drivers. None at all.
  5. *Hic* Whatever I do, I make sure il have no regrets later. I keep a steady mind and I can get on with working hard, not wondering 'what if'.... I can say much for your above post as I havent been the cause of loss of life on grand (or minor) scale. Id probably find a way to live with it, like with everything that I have done wrong..
  6. Hunter


    Cant be that drunk if you remember what you drunk
  7. I count 1 person with too much time on their hands.
  8. Hunter


    I hate politics full stop! Not interested in it. Or celebrities. Infact I dont have a TV in the house.
  9. FAC air is pointless in my opinion. Good luck with it, nice setup there! I always wanted an AA. You really cant beat squirrel hunting with an airgun. Its what I grew up with.
  10. Hunter


    Cheers guys! been looking at Henry hoovers today, I can get them at work for about 70 pounds which is good, but I might go for something a little more powerful? if I can afford it.. We have them at the school where I work. The car cleaning is for the vehicles used by staff members of the boarding school. So its all 'off road' and not on any public highways or carpark areas which is good. Theres a bunch of hard working Polish chaps car cleaning outside Homebase where I am at the moment, and on sunny days they have tons of cars rolling in. Must be good business.
  11. Cracked me up! well done
  12. Hunter


    Hi all! I feel a bit lady like doing a topic like this. Some of you know I am joining the fire service (overnight, daytime cover) as a retained fire fighter. I have been stuck with finding work, but I have found something that everyone needs and will pay for on a regular basis if done well. Car cleaning. I have bought myself an ex display model Karcher Pressure washer. (worth 200Pounds+ new) I have test run this on my car using of of the add ons that Karcher sells, I had to spend more on accessories then on the machine itself! but the car is looking like new. Now my dilema... Im th
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