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  1. Thanks i did try some breeks on one day but they were far to short and i looked like a giant tin tin will have a better look at plus 4 Thanks for the info
  2. Thanks for that where do breeks fit in then inbetween plus 4 and plus 2
  3. May be a daft question but is there a length difference in breeks and plus 4s
  4. Been useing this for a long time now with no problems Pet pride kennel disinfectant i just get from the bay
  5. No probs i think they are the best boots iv ever had If they did them with a steel toe cap id be working in them
  6. Iv got a pair for the last 3 years nowt else comes close The only thing i find they can wash out on the toe but a bit of polish and back to new Think they do a pair with a rubber scuff gaurd round the toe now
  7. Stick a dish washer tab in it fill with boiling water 1/2 to 3/4 full leave for a hour to let the froth settle then top up to the top leave it over night brand new next day And dont put the top on
  8. Thanks pal got some bells here now iv got a use for it
  9. Sable 25 can you tell us more about the way you make the sloe whisky thanks
  10. did i miss

    Gun watch

    Hi did that dont get the go to site anyway bit Its strange some times it will let me on then i carnt get on oter times
  11. did i miss

    Gun watch

    well i thort all was good And now i carnt get on to gunwatch again
  12. did i miss

    Gun watch

    Dident no how to clear cache till now All i did was install the plugin and it works a dream Thanks again
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