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  1. Has lakeland guns not been bought out by westlands or just mite be gossip
  2. Hi all well my boots came to day yes took a bit for delivery but worth it And the price is right no extra to pay and no charge for exchange rate Thanks for the help
  3. You will pass it just and you will know when its on way out Iv had two ops and still got them in both sides If I was you ask for carat spell it lithotripsey it a bit like touching a electric fence bit uncomfortable but its a lot better than it getting stuck on the way out because if it dose believe me you and the next country will here you Good look
  4. Hi all and thanks again for the help Modifiable I can't seem to find them in the UK any where Jkd it seems that at check out the total is what you pay with the duty and tax and shipping all in and no fees to convert from the pound to dollar useing PayPal by the look of it Thanks all
  5. Hi all thanks for the help its not ebay its a web site in the usa rocky clothing it was a pair of boots I was after Thanks
  6. Hi Thanks just was not sure the goods are from a shop and include shipping and import duty on check out but was not sure I was gona get stung on exchange rate useing pay pal
  7. hi all any idea how much it costs to pay by PayPal for goods from the USA
  8. Have a look at rapter comes in a kit black white or tiltable can be brushed rolled or spray good stuff
  9. Had one cla amg line with all the bells nice car but not a lot space and even less in the back you bang your head every time you get in and not good to get out of front or back 7000 miles and need two new front wheels because of corrosion loads of road noise and two hard on suspension My opinion stay clear and go for something else had ours about 12 weeks and got shot
  10. Thanks i did try some breeks on one day but they were far to short and i looked like a giant tin tin will have a better look at plus 4 Thanks for the info
  11. Thanks for that where do breeks fit in then inbetween plus 4 and plus 2
  12. May be a daft question but is there a length difference in breeks and plus 4s
  13. Been useing this for a long time now with no problems Pet pride kennel disinfectant i just get from the bay
  14. No probs i think they are the best boots iv ever had If they did them with a steel toe cap id be working in them
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