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  1. Annan and Southwaite

    Allways a good day can get a bit bizzy have a look at his days hes allways got sumert on
  2. Annan and Southwaite

    If by southwaite you meen mattys at intake farm you will have agood day i think some sundays days are practice and others are comp Think you can find him on face book under sumert like cumbria clay shooting
  3. Lambton Chester le Street

    Every time iv done it and its a few now we always drove round barr one time and that day it rained from start to finish and all the way home
  4. Beretta eell

    thanks tightchoke i did the best i could with the photos Shot it yesterday and its a dream
  5. Beretta eell

    Im no a lot of good with a camra i did try
  6. Beretta eell

    Top of the page mate will try and do some more
  7. Beretta eell

    Thanks for all the all i looked at lot of classic on line and found some with out the gold trigger and yess think it looks better with out Jrds i waited a long time to find what i wanted and came by it on luck and at the right price at my local shop just called in for 5 mins crack and came out with it
  8. Beretta eell

    Hope this shows
  9. Beretta eell

    Thanks i must have looked at page after page of photos and they all do
  10. Beretta eell

    Hi all looking for some in fo and help with a beretta eell clasic i have seen, the gun is 2005 and mint but it hasent got a gold trigger and im sure it should be gold iv had a good look and its not rubed off any help to weather it should be gold or not Thanks
  11. Did you get some more photos because thats to differnt guns on the add mate

    1. New stream

      Samsung tab proberbly just me
    2. New stream

      I did say i was a bit thick Ive got it now but still find it hard work it seems just to repeat its self And i carnt find the read new content button that was at the top right hand corner
    3. New stream

      Any one tell me what this save as new stream is I no im a bit thick but i read a topic or a post and then it dissapeared
    4. Forum theme changed.

      Well i carnt make head nor tale of it