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  1. Did you get some more photos because thats to differnt guns on the add mate

    1. New stream

      Samsung tab proberbly just me
    2. New stream

      I did say i was a bit thick Ive got it now but still find it hard work it seems just to repeat its self And i carnt find the read new content button that was at the top right hand corner
    3. New stream

      Any one tell me what this save as new stream is I no im a bit thick but i read a topic or a post and then it dissapeared
    4. Forum theme changed.

      Well i carnt make head nor tale of it
    5. Breeks, Stick, & Scope Torque Driver

      You have pm
    6. brandecosse Boots

      Yep i got a pair of the high top lace ups for this season got feed up with gettig man made boots at a high cost and only getting a season out of them Any way the idea was get them early to brake them in Well that dident happen got a invite on the grouse right out of the box and and on my way i went walked all day no problems at all keept dry and comfortable all day They are well made boots if you get a pair get some polish from them to they do wash a bit on the toe but a bit of polish and the wax stuf that comes with them and are back to new The sizeing is spot on to The laidy called jane is brillant and full of advise
    7. Dog lead post.

      Got mine to day they are spot on
    8. 3 quality slip leads.

      How thick do you make and what from thanks
    9. Shooting trousers

      You could be right its 3 years since i got any seeland stuff Used alan pane pants last year the waterproof ones and for the cost icarnt falt them
    10. Shooting trousers

      I got a pair of precussion trousers they look and feel grate till i put them on the legs are very tight on room Sealands good stuff Try the alan pane i carnt fault it at all
    11. Browning 325 sporter 12 gauge

      You have pm
    12. Beretta 686 s

      Hi all is their a recoil pad you can get for a beretta 686s 20 bore the problem is its the old 686 from the 80s with a cerved stock any help
    13. Oxygen/acetylene cylinders +all hoses/gauges etc

      Dont take this the wrong way mate but you carnt sell the bottles