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  1. Evening all; im looking for a 12 bore over and under field gun either s56 or silver pigeon in good condition. Please drop me a line many thanks
  2. Hi folks this a well looked after rifle, rifle and accessories all bought as new but lack of time due too family commitments. Will need a quick sale before xmas so willing to negotiate price and reduce if need be. Nothing dodgy with this rifle, all 100 percent.
  3. Great session on the crows ! might have a bash tonight if It's dry, very satisfying when the drop from the sky !
  4. Aye, all for it. Predominately a fox shooter here with either the 12 bore, .17hmr and slowly more so with .223. . Always enjoy reading the write ups. Thanks
  5. I have issues with my .17 hmr, previously zeroed. Im pretty sure i banged the scope but so now its shooting 2 ft high at 50 yards, just used 40 shots and im still trying to get it on sight. Any ideas or do i just persist. Thanks
  6. Have you considered a ruger 10/22 ? tidy rifle for rabbit shooing with open sights.?
  7. So is the .17HMR not suitable to shoot quarry open sights,? iv used a .22 open sight bolt action for years, it can shoot out to 70 80 yards easy. Im just opting for a lever action and no scope to make the hunting more sporting. , but as you clarify Im not sure of the accuracy of the henry lever in .17 up to 80 yards with no scope. Surely its a case of aim correctly and fire, with give and take for wind
  8. ive checked them out , the henry express has a circular barrel and the henry golden boy has the option for the hexagonal barrel or circular. My only worry is how accurate they are and what distance they could shoot. Id be only shooting rabbits, crows and the odd fox. I dont expect to shoot further then 100 yards with open sights.. Thanks
  9. i have a ticket already, just trying to get more info, thanks
  10. Hi Are lever action rifles available in the UK, iv searched the winchester 9417, and the Henry Octagon. Id like to find one but struggling ! Are they legal in the UK. If my licence says legal for a .17hmr does it have to state wheather i purchase a bolt action, semi auto or lever action. Any advice greatfuly received. Many Thanks welshboy
  11. Underdog, i dont know you personally but i think you have a flair for writing posts, plus the vintage shooting you do is great. Rise above the other folk and please carry on doing what you do , dont change ! i dont post regurarly enuff but you are an interesting gentleman with great photos and write ups. Please keep them coming Thanks regards Welshy Hopefully crow shhoting this week ill drop some posts soon folks
  12. Nice write up, good to see the younger ones enjoying the sport. Ive a fox pro, works a treat on the crows, which noise do you think is more suitable to use on cubs this time of year ? Diolch /Thanks welshy
  13. Is that a fox pro? if so you having much luck with it and what call do you use for cubs n adult foxes ? Many Thanks
  14. having trouble upload on mobile phone , says pic detail is to large to upload
  15. been quite a while since i was out last ! all work n no play ! i had an itch to get out today so went up the mountain just after 12, heavy rainpour had just stopped. sun was shinning n got to the gorse was. bout 8 rabbits chilling with pimms in the field, i was about 25 - 30 yards away n gave rip with some No 6 shot from my trusty 12 bore. got 2 bunnys on the run and one small one lying still . 3 shots 3 bunnys not bad . nice to be bk !
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