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  1. Evening all. Has anyone had an issue trying to list a second gun on Gunwatch? I currently have one active sale post and wish to put a second gun up for sale, too many in the cabinet currently. I need to pay the fee, £2.79 or whatever it is, which is absolutely fine, however, regardless of card payment I use (debit or credit (plenty funds there)) it says it cannot process the payment. At first I thought it may have been NatWest asking me to verify the payment but that's not the case. has anyone got any suggestions? kind regards Jonny
  2. Hi guys, this is my rifle. Open to sensible offers or part-ex's. kind regards Jonny
  3. Hi Del, sorry, just saw this message. I will check and get back to you.
  4. Hi guys, this is my rifle. My pal and respected rifle enthusiast can vouch for how many rounds have gone through it. I will include cleaning rods, guides etc too. Reasonable offers considered. can rfd too.
  5. Hi, is the wall that you are wanting to fasten it to an external or internal wall? Are there any sockets on that wall that you could remove and have a look behind the back box to see what the wall construction is? That will help determine what type of fixing. Depending on how long you plan living there you could always just get a skim over by a plasterer when you decide to leave. In my current property I drew around the cabinet where I wanted it/suitable position, then used an angle grinder and 1mm cutting disc to cut out the plasterboard. There was about a 10mm gap and the cabinet sat in there.
  6. I would love a Wanless cartridge if you wanted to sell one? Jonny
  7. Haven’t had a PM yet mate. Depends, ideally wanted local pickup but could do rfd or meet in the middle?
  8. Think I may have some in the garage, I’ll check tomorrow Sorry just read the post again, I’ve got steel wheel nuts but not locking.
  9. Anyone looking to sell their HMR around the North East, Durham Sunderland area? PM me if you are, cash waiting. Thanks
  10. Aw thanks Martin, I've put a thread on the main area but I'll send you the link via PM too.
  11. Hi all. I'd just like to say thanks to the great members who have given their support to me and our family as a result of my wife's stroke. Biggest thanks goes to CrazyCooker who has given Molly, our ESS a lovely home. The gentleman drove through the night from Dover to Durham, with his daughter. Grabbed a few hours sleep and has taken her home. He's sent some lovely photos of her working this afternoon, and we are sure she's gone to a great home. That has taken a great load off our minds. For those who have been asking, here's a link to my fund raising page for Stroke Association, who, along with the local community stroke team, have been great. We are 8 months down the road now and Sue has made great progress with her mobility. Still a long way to go, but we are on that road. ATB Jonny and family https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Jonathan-Greenwell
  12. Thanks all for the replies and the messages. Reading through them hasn't been easy. Molly has gone to what sounds like an ideal home. Andy travelled up through the night with his daughter. Really nice genuine people and although it's hard for me, Sue and the kids, it is the best thing for Molly. He's promised to keep in touch and send photos of her when she's settled in. A lovely outcome from the good people of this unique forum. ATB Jonny
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