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  1. The machine is calibrated and should stand up in a cort of law if anyone was to question the results, so im told. The 1p and 2p coins are interesting with a magnet. If you have got a handful of them with different dates the older ones dont stick and as the dates get newer the better they stick.
  2. My nan wasn't very well the other day and at 89 since coming out of hospital she has been trying to sort out everything. To the point that she wants to get in the loft and go through that. She is in a position where she won't go hungry if she kept hold of them. I'll order the spinks book and see if I can get her interested in the research of the coins instead of getting rid and it might give her something else to concentrate on. Thanks Mark
  3. My brother took some in to work today and scanned them with there machine to tell the purity. They are between 50 and 60% silver according to there machine. Im assuming that the 1920 coin was on the higher end. Gold coins would have been nice but as a £73.50 investment all those years ago, its still a nice profit for her. Thanks Mark
  4. Thanks for that i think I'll order a copy as there is about 1200 coins to go through. Might get lucky and find something of grater value. My brother checked the silver prices today and at that purity it was 17p a gram. Not bad considering the face value of the coins is £73.50. Thanks Mark
  5. I don't mind doing some research but not everything you read on the internet is true. Just looking for a reliable source to start with. Thanks Mark
  6. If I was to scrap them I can be fairly sure im not being ripped off as my brother works for a non ferris scrap yard, but don't want to go that route if I'm only going to get a fraction of there ture value. I had a look on ebay at the shillings and they have sold for about £1 each, but only found about 10 uk listings. She has over 400 and at that rate i would have thought it would take me the rest of my life to get rid of them. Thanks Mark
  7. Hi My nan has some UK old silver coins that date from between 1920 and 1946. She is on about getting rid of them and has asked me to see what they are worth. I have had a look online and from what I can gather they are best put in for scrap for there silver content. Has anyone had any experience with selling shillings, half crowns, 6 pence, florin and 2 shillings. She has about 8.5kg in total. Is scrapping them the best way or selling them to collectors. Thanks Mark
  8. They only send PCSOS but better than nothing.
  9. I use to get it where I live. I use to just phone the police as 9 out of 10 times they were in the pub two doors down. People finely got the hint with the police keep going into the pub to find them.
  10. This is Duke who I picked up today (cocker spaniel ). After many arguments this was the only name that we could all agree on.
  11. I've not had anything to do with the iP cameras so can't be of much help. With my dad's camera system you needed a static ip address to view it from anywhere, but there are websites that you can use to get round this. Mark
  12. Most camera system are easy to set up. If you use the proper camera cable it has the video and power leads together so you can put the power pack with the recorder. That way it keeps everything in one place. Mark.
  13. The easiest way that I can think of is a remote key fob. The control box could be installed at the house so you wouldn't need to run cables to the end of the drive or run cables down and put a pir at the bottom of the drive and point a pir facing the house. Mark
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