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  1. It's now marked up as sold on Gun Watch.
  2. Try Rimfire magic (South Yorkshire Shooting Supplies), great for spares and fair price. I had same problem.....not ejecting used cases?.... it's an easy job just make sure you put them in the right way round. https://www.rimfiremagic.co.uk/
  3. What is the title of the book to the right of "A Mouchers Tale" please?
  4. This is good advice. Be realistic and decide what range you will be shooting at. I usually shoot at 50/60/70 yards, never more than 100. I zero at 60 yards. Out to 130 yards the bullet is within a 0.6" radius which lets you just aim and shoot. It saves you a lot of time without needing to adjust for elevation and just as importantly it gives you confidence. Have a look online for a ballistics program, plenty are free, and work out what suits you best.
  5. Price reduced to £1950 posted.
  6. Yes it's still for sale, located in South Yorkshire (S10). PM sent
  7. Absolutely, it's a piece of cake compared to chains. It takes about 10 seconds to fit one, it's like fitting a glove over the tyre. When they're in position and you set off the centrifugal action of the wheel centres the snow socks on the wheels. Just remember to fit them on the drive wheels Here's a few examples.
  8. John Norris Ni WF#5 fly line, this is the high performance floating version, only used a few times. https://www.johnnorris.co.uk/collections/fly-lines/products/john-norris-ni1-high-performance-floating-fly-line £12-00 posted.
  9. Unused pair of Silknet plus 50 snow socks for sale, kept in case of emergency but fortunately never needed. I've changed vehicles and these don't fit the new tyre size. Brilliant piece of kit for getting you going in snow, a real eyeopener if you've never used any before. Fits the following tyre sizes, 165/70 R15 165/80 R14 175/65 R15 175/70 R14 175/70 R15 175/75 R14 175/80 R13 175/80 R14 185/55 R16 185/60 R15 185/60 R16 185/65 R15
  10. Bought new by me on 21st May 2018. This has had very little use and has only been used for a few months before and after the pheasants are in the pens. Carefully looked after and in very good condition, the focusing controls are still as stiff as when new. Complete with all accessories, mount, bag, etc. Comes with the uprated IPS7 battery, the original died as I didn’t realise that it should only be charged when back up to room temperature rather than when still cold after an outing. £2000 delivered via Royal Mail Special Delivery.
  11. Is this the standard or wide angle version please?( 5310A or 5310WA?) How old is it also? Cheers,
  12. is it the 007 or 007a model and what size lens does it have?
  13. reddog


    I would like the Richards novelty knife please. PM sent
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