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  1. Sorry mate I've only just seen your reply! It is still available if you're interested?
  2. Good afternoon, My two lads (13 & 15) are trying to get some beating lined up in or around Richmond North Yorkshire. They're both sensible fit lads who are desperate to earn some brass. If anyone knows of a shoot that may let them come along and show their worth could you let me know please? Thank you, Dave
  3. Well @dogger very kindly sent me some Antler and in return I agreed to stick a handle on a blank he had. Long story short, the blank was bloody hideous 🤣 so, I’ve knocked up one of my blades for him with the handle material he sent me. I had to get it cracked quickly as I’m a busy busy man for the next few weeks!! It’s 1075 steel with doggers handle scales and some brass pins (the ones that screw together??) i haven’t had chance to sharpen it yet but I’ll give it another going over tomorrow night and put an edge on it. Hope it’s ok for you dogger!!!
  4. Thanks for the info, I think I probably need something a bit bigger even though it looks awesome! Cheers
  5. Hiya Mate, Could you tell me what sort of temperature this gets up to please? I'm thinking it may be the solution to my knife heat treating problem! Thank you, Dave
  6. Hi mate, thank you! it’s full tang and no liners this time and no file work. I only started in May so not attempted file work yet, I need to watch some YouTube and give it a go. I buy all my stuff from Ground Flat Stock in Bedale, they have some amazing handle materials!! I’m a big fan of their Juma stuff.
  7. Thought I’d try some wood for a handle this time. It’s stabilised walnut burl. Probably the most expensive handle I’ve made so far! I used one mosaic pin as I didn’t want to detract from the pattern and a brass lanyard tube. Loads and loads of sandpaper was sacrificed for this one. This is the last one for a few days, I need to pick up some steel, cut out some more blanks and get some grinding belts!
  8. A lovely chap is sending me some antlers mate. I’ll let you know how I get on 😉👍
  9. Finished this little beauty tonight. I genuinely think this is technically my best knife yet. The grinds, plunge lines, and edges are the best yet. The handle fits great and the pins are nice and flush. It’s 8670 steel, G10 handles and carbon fibre pins. Definitely one of my favourites yet!
  10. Not yet mate. I need to sell a few more knives first!
  11. I do fancy trying that, i haven't been able to get hold of any yet though!
  12. I’m making a Kydex one mate. I can’t do leather yet. I’m hopefully going to start soon though.
  13. I’ve finished this one up tonight. Polar opposite to the one I completed last night. This is a more modern and cleaner look. It’s 8670 steel with a G10 handle and carbon fibre pins. I’ve finished it on my new Scotchbrite belts so it not a mirror finish but still really shiny. This is my favourite G10 material at the minute, it keeps it a bit more military looking which I like.
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