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  1. Here’s a few of blades that I’ve just finished. I used some nice woods and had a bit of fun with these. Ive left the steel a bit rough, these are knives to be used and abused but still look a bit pretty. Couldn’t be happier! On a different note, The missus has just bought me a lathe as a 20th wedding anniversary present so I’ve had a go at turning some Pens. It’s a bit addictive! I used mainly woods but then tried a block of recycled plastic and it’s turned out amazing! I can see this getting expensive!
  2. Cheers for the replies gents, I've actually taken the hit and bought a Draper WTL457 550W Variable Speed Mini Wood Lathe 230V from Machine mart. Its a very small lathe but I am restricted on space with all my knife making tools but it'll do for a starter i'm sure. I'm going to be ordering some pen turning stuff and some chisels today, its all very exciting however the Amy has stamped on my plans and are sending me away for a month. I suppose thats a month of watching you tube videos in preparation though!
  3. So, i'm looking at buying my first lathe, I want it to turn pens, make ferro rod handles, maybe a priest or two and to turn both wood and acrylics. Thus far in my research i know i want variable power but that's as far as i've got! I have a budget of about £300 for the actual lathe, are there any experts out there in PW land who can advise me please?
  4. I've only just been forgiven for the second motorbike I accidentally bought 😄
  5. That is rather lovely! I'll get there eventually. I need a new grinder like @fatchap to progress I think but her indoors doesn't seem to think its essential!
  6. So, I tried a tapered tang mate, and.....It failed miserably! Definitely more learning required
  7. I know what you mean about the holes, I put them in as i don't have the ability to do decent fullers yet. I made another knife with them in and its a proper pain in the ****! I definitely need to put a milling machine on the shopping list along with all the other bits i need
  8. Nice mate! I'm extremely jealous!!!
  9. I did acid etch until i got my stamp, using the old 9v battery method. I prefer stamping them as its a bit less unpredictable
  10. I stamped my logo in mate and then got my local engraver pal to laser engrave the '100' on for me, he only charges me a fiver. I've found it rubs off quite easily though so isn't ideal.
  11. A wise man once told me a blade makes a knife but a handle sells it! These are the most boring yet practical one I’ve ever done but they are supposed to serve a purpose and be seen. Points taken, the next batch will be prettier and minus the lanyard hole 👍👍
  12. Thanks for the input mate, the lanyard hole will be gone on the next run I love the Emberleaf knives! I'm quite careful not to try and replicate any though as they don't take kindly to that! There are a few people who have fallen foul of their solicitors i believe. I haven't tried a tapered tang yet, my grinder only has a flat platen which i think will make it quite difficult but i'll definitely try. I'm always looking to improve. Cheers
  13. Cheers mate, I've done a few stone washed blades, the whole process seems a bit hit and miss though! Mines a devils forge as well, its an awesome bit of kit! I get all my HT info from the GFS website, it mentions soaking at certain temps for a certain time and plate quenching so i assumed it would be nigh on impossible in a forge. I need to do some more research! I usually have my blades almost finished prior to the HT as i've had the hole drilling issue before.
  14. I recently finished my 100th knife so I thought I would make something a bit special. A lot of people ask me for a Bowie, and i thought it couldn't be that hard! (I was wrong!) I did use Stainless for this one but used my mates kiln and some aluminium quenching block for the heat treat, a pretty interesting process. The holes are instead of a fuller but i think they also look pretty cool! The hardest part was shaping and fitting the brass guard and finding a suitable bit of antler but it worked out well eventually. This knife was weeks and weeks worth of work and hand san
  15. Exactly mate! Although my forge is pretty aggressive, I need a longer set of tongs so I stop melting my gloves!
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