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  1. Perfect mate!! I don't know why i didn't think of looking at Amazon , im not great at online shopping, Thank you
  2. Hi All, I'm after a router and small router table to take my knife making one stage further. Ideally from somewhere in North Yorkshire as i know it would be a nightmare to post! Happy to pay a bit or do a swap for one of my knives? TIA, Dave
  3. I don’t think they’re Irish Elk, I’ve had a google and they went extinct 11,000 years ago. That would make these the best preserved antlers in the world! I wish they were bit I doubt it somehow. They do look very much like Moose though, from what I can tell?
  4. Wow! Are you certain? That would kind of ruin my plan to chop them up 🤣
  5. Good afternoon all, So it seems after making my hunt for antlers well known I may be in line to receive these monsters! They sit on the wall at work, weigh a ton and are held up by two tiny screws, they're a bit of a hazard so the boss is looking in to how to get them off the books! My question is, what sort of antlers are they?? They're extremely old, and extremely huge! Would it be a cardinal sin for me to chop them up for knives?? Do antlers degrade over time? They should keep me going for years if i do decide to chop them up
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone. Looks like I have a few methods to try! Always learning
  7. That's what i thought mate, someone else mentioned polishing with wire wool first!? It seems a bit extreme though?
  8. Morning all, I've just finished a knife with a rather nice Purple Heart wooden handle. I've put a few coats of shellac on and it does look nice, however someone mentioned i should finish it with a coat of beeswax and a polish. My question is.... How do i apply the beeswax?? Do i use it on my polishing wheel like normal compound? Or melt it and apply like I would if i was bulling some boots? Or a totally different way?? I have no idea! Thanks, Dave
  9. Cheers OB, I’ll give Martin a ring tomorrow 👍
  10. I've only used Red so far mate, but i'm willing to try either!
  11. Good evening chaps, I’m on the hunt for some antlers to make handles for my knives. Ive looked on eBay but they seem to go for silly money! Is anyone able to assist? Cheers Dave
  12. Here she is, finished. I’ll be sending her off to woodlanderUK for a sheath making on Monday and raffling it off on my Facebook page 👍 i think I need some more antler Dogger!
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