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  1. Hi all, with plenty of time on my hands I saw a bushcraft chap carve a spoon the other week so I thought id give it a go. I only have hardwoods left over from my knife handles so it’s hard going so I probably spend more time sanding than I do carving! I have used a power tool, I use the bench polisher to finish them off but I suppose that’s not breaking the hand carved rules too much! I'm now a spoon addict!
  2. If you have a belt grinder i recommend scothbrite surface conditioning belts, if you don't have one I would be happy to do it for you?
  3. 🤣 no I nearly got stuck there but got out just in time I think! I'm scaling back the operation now And I’m going to start making much nicer knives a lot slower 👍
  4. Hi all! My stint in Canada has been cut short due to some sort of illness going round!?! Anyway, I’m taking the opportunity to get back on the tools again! These are a few I’ve made in the last couple of weeks. All 8670 steel with various different handle types. Ive even done a couple of through tangs now and I think I like them! I’m also working with a Deer guy developing my own gutting/skinning knife which is looking awesome already so I’ll keep you updated with that one! I hope you’re all well guys and staying safe Dave
  5. Hi all, I have a Ken Onion Edition work-sharp Knife Sharpener for sale, its circa 6 months old and has had light use. (Still in its original box) I'm selling as i'm upgrading to a Tormek which is a lot better suited to the quantity of knives i sharpen! (These are just shy of £200 New) I'm after £130 (Posted 1st Class signed for) which is a massive saving. This is the UK version and comes with a set of belts that I've used a couple of times so still plenty of life. These are awesome pieces of kit and give a great convex grind, will sharpen any angle of bevel and can even be used for axes etc. Here's the down side - i go to Canada late on Sunday for three months so if you're reading this after then its gonna have to wait until May! Cheers for looking, Dave
  6. Cheers guys. I’m going to drink all the Canadian beer and eat all the bacon, standby for some pics!! 🍺🇨🇦 🥓
  7. Luckily i have a box full of antlers due to a very kind soul (Who i do owe i knife to!!) Plenty to keep me going
  8. I’ve been a bit quiet on here for a bit but I have been busy! As well as knives I’ve made a few pry bars and bottle openers which seem popular with the EDC crowd.... I’m just about to head to Canada for three months with work but big plans to upgrade tools when I get home. Hopefully to turn this from a hobby in to a job!
  9. I’ve narrowed in down and I think it may be Tamboti, I’ve got so many off cuts though you may be right!
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