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  1. I bought a machine mart job about two years ago and i have absolutely thrashed it! Its probably drilled the steel for about 200 knives in total as well as wood working projects etc. I found the standard of the drill is largely irrelevant if you use decent drill bits. Abracs sent me a set of their cobalt bits which are amazing, I regularly drill through hardened steel with no issues, not bad for a £100 drill! I do need to regularly realign the table but that's because i use it for things it probably shouldn't be used for. the belts still going strong and the speeds are easily change
  2. For posh pen kits i use beaufort ink, they're pricey but good. Oliver's Woodturning is another good company and Turners Workshop.
  3. I do some CA finishes but have had mixed results, some are amazing and others crack quite easily. Ive started using melamine, theres loads of vids on youtube how to apply it. My trick is sanding. People say theres no point sanding much more than 600 but i sand up to 1200, i then heat the wood to raise the grain and sand again and I get amazing finishes. Happy to talk you through anything you need help with mate
  4. Awesome! I'm itching to restore a bike, and a Land Rover but I need to retire and get a MUCH bigger workshop!
  5. Sorry mate I have to stick to the site rules, I don't sell any of them on here. I just use PW to show what i am up to, get advice and for constructive criticism.
  6. Cheers mate, Ill put some pics together at some point for you and show you how its done.
  7. Thanks Al, Yes its bog oak mate, I buy it from GFS Knife supplies and so far haven't had any splitting. Its hard as rock though and a nightmare to sand! I have a bet sander from downland engineering but saving the pennies to upgrade to a proper job one! Thanks Mate, yeah i make them from flat 8670 steel mate, so stock removal rather than forging. I like the idea if using leaf springs but i use 8670 flat stock at the minute,
  8. Hi All, Since getting my lathe my pen turning hobby has turned in to an obsession as these things tend to do. I haven't made a knife for weeks! With Christmas round the corner suddenly everyone wants some pens so its been a few busy evenings and weekends. I've just had a knee op to keep me on the road for a few more years, Apparently spending spending 25 years (so far) in the Army has given me the knees of a 70 year old! But im just about managing to stand behind the workbench for an hour or so a night now. Hope you like em! There's even a few antler ones to keep Ditchman hap
  9. I spent Jan and Feb this year on Exercise in Alaska and this was my go to jacket. They're an awesome piece of kit!! I'll only buy Snugpak warm kit now. It should get snapped up as soon as people realise how good it is mate!
  10. Here’s a few of blades that I’ve just finished. I used some nice woods and had a bit of fun with these. Ive left the steel a bit rough, these are knives to be used and abused but still look a bit pretty. Couldn’t be happier! On a different note, The missus has just bought me a lathe as a 20th wedding anniversary present so I’ve had a go at turning some Pens. It’s a bit addictive! I used mainly woods but then tried a block of recycled plastic and it’s turned out amazing! I can see this getting expensive!
  11. Cheers for the replies gents, I've actually taken the hit and bought a Draper WTL457 550W Variable Speed Mini Wood Lathe 230V from Machine mart. Its a very small lathe but I am restricted on space with all my knife making tools but it'll do for a starter i'm sure. I'm going to be ordering some pen turning stuff and some chisels today, its all very exciting however the Amy has stamped on my plans and are sending me away for a month. I suppose thats a month of watching you tube videos in preparation though!
  12. So, i'm looking at buying my first lathe, I want it to turn pens, make ferro rod handles, maybe a priest or two and to turn both wood and acrylics. Thus far in my research i know i want variable power but that's as far as i've got! I have a budget of about £300 for the actual lathe, are there any experts out there in PW land who can advise me please?
  13. I've only just been forgiven for the second motorbike I accidentally bought 😄
  14. That is rather lovely! I'll get there eventually. I need a new grinder like @fatchap to progress I think but her indoors doesn't seem to think its essential!
  15. So, I tried a tapered tang mate, and.....It failed miserably! Definitely more learning required
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