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  1. have you got any pictures please
  2. Hi is this lanber still for sale

    1. wogger wabit

      wogger wabit

      hi yes it is sorry i did not get straight back to 

    2. emdee


      whereabouts are you mate , i am only in south kirkby 


  3. Hi is this still for dale . I am only in south kirkby
  4. emdee


    i had always used a .22 calibre for all my shooting up until last year when i bought a bsa spitfire with a .177, and a .25 barrel ( both spare ) as well as the .22 fitted. as a matter of experiment i changed the barrel to the .177 and to be honest i now own two other guns in .177. as a hunting calibre the flatter trajectory makes it so much easier to hit the kill zone,and on both fur and feather i have not noticed any difference in stopping power . the exception to this rule being rats, which i would not attempt to shoot with anything less than .22 anyway. remember that if the shot is on target ,i.e, the rabbits brain then regardless of stopping power, the rabbit will still be humanely despatched. and you cannot kill something deader than dead,regardless of whether it is hit with a .177 pellet or an atomic bomb. the flatter trajectory of the .177 also makes it easier to effect a clean kill when lamping, as you do not have to be so precise at range estimation , which as anyone who lamps will tell you is a lot harder at night than in daylight . hope this helps mark.
  5. i have a white tail classic 1.5x5 x20 on one of my guns and it performs well when using a lamp. a definite no no is the hawke map pro 4x16x50 as the reticle is that thin that you lose the aimpoints on the crosshairs on some targets even in the daytime , . at night they are much worse. in my opinion these scopes need a thicker reticle , like the ones fitted to the old airmax mil dot. this would make them a great low light /lamping scope . hope this helps Mark.
  6. hi, the best pellet i have used on rats in .22 calibre is jsb jumbo match , .they are available from www.air ammo.co.uk, they weigh 15.9 grains and are the heaviest wadcutter(flathead) pellet that i know of . because of their weight they give good muzzle energies out of pre charged guns. they are very accurate out to thirty yards as well . hope this helps . Mark.
  7. hi, i am a newbie to this site and this is my first post so i thiought i would introduce my self. my name is mark, i am 36 years old ,i have been involved in shooting and customising airguns for twenty years . i have several guns , precharged , gas ram and spring . they are in .177, .22., and one of them is in big.25. my other hobbies includelurchers, terriers , ferrets, and pigeon racing. i also like to go fishing . i am a regular member of the airgun bbs .
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