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  1. ant.mass


    just sent you a pm with a list of the scopes i got for sale mate
  2. ant.mass

    Pard oo8 nv.

    i get all mine from old laptops
  3. i got one new boxed pard nv008 left
  4. i got cpl of diy heads up nv kits here but im in oxford put can post
  5. yes thats right what he says above
  6. no im not vat registered and im not charging you vat
  7. Hi sorry No cheques and yes is should be ok cz or you can get some dovetail to picatinny adaptors from ant supplies https://www.ant-supplies.uk/rails-and-adapters/scope-base-rail-adapters.html and Scouser sent you a pm and yes still got some left £490 posted
  8. £490 posted to uk add only
  9. i got aload of fishing tackle that im going to sell as i dont go fishing anymore but im in oxford i got carp rods + reels + chairs + bivvy + alarms + aload of coarse fishing gear too
  10. they are dedicated night vision / scope comes with a weaver mount and has a one shot zeroing freeze frame system
  11. yes there very good nv's mate
  12. Pard NV008 Unit New Boxed Come With 12 Month Warranty Selling For £490 Each Posted To Uk Add. There are great Night / Day Rifle Scope it offers great performance out to 200m with the on board IR but add one of Ian Sirrell's XTL Laser then it go out to 600m+
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