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  1. Private postage of Low-Powered air rifles and pistols. https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/287689-posting-air-rifles-and-their-components/
  2. i have 2 max pro lamp kits and 1 mini pro lamp in my bits box they both very good and both have dimmers and like others have said they are a bit big but very good lamp kit for anyone on a budget
  3. i have few NV's Here one its a dedicated night vision and 2 are NV-Add-On's or i have few Red Filter Torch / Lamps
  4. i got half dozen pistols here if your still after one? some are still boxed
  5. Deno sorry no pouches and sent you a pm with pic's
  6. scope has been posted out to you this morning mate
  7. i got some scopes here ill send you some details later bud
  8. ant.mass

    Pard 008

    they sell for £450 to £480 depending on condition
  9. ant.mass

    fishing tackle

    where about are you? as i have new carp chairs and new terminal tackle for carp + Match & River i also have some rods reels fishing luggage
  10. i have cpl Multi-Tools Here that dont use anymore but i dont have pouch for them well i cant find them yet both are in used condition but still in good condition i have a Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool and a Kershaw A100L Multi-Tool i think £60 o.n.o posted is a fare price for both
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