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  1. last price drop £400 posted to uk address only
  2. i need this gone so sell for a very good price of £420 pick up £428 posted This is 1st model pard made which has the better IR like it says its running firmware 1.25/ PIP version
  3. last price drop £425 pick up or £435 posted
  4. New price £430 pick up or £440 posted Uk Address Olnly
  5. Pard NV008 its in fully working Comes with Case usb cable + sun shade + battery. And its the older model which has the better IR Its Running firmware version 1.25 it comes with Sightmark Wraith Mount and Not a Rubbish Pard Mount all boxed for in Very Good Condition £435 pick up from Oxford or £445 posted Also for sale elsewhere
  6. Sorry No i thought you was the same guy / Deker thats of another forum that wanted to buy the NV008 off me
  7. is this the same Dekers that was after a nv008?
  8. what type pond liner is it pvc rubber and what make ? and any pics please
  9. i no rapid inside out and im in oxford but im not RFD
  10. i dont think Mike is RFD but i maybe wrong
  11. i sent you kev's details other on the other forum
  12. i will take this if your post as of pm the other day
  13. ant.mass


    i have few scope mounted Lightforce lamps if thats any good to you ?
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