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  1. i did a 1 4 1 few months ago and it took cpl weeks with TVP
  2. what's your budget mate as there few for sale on FB from £800 upwards
  3. ant.mass

    FAC air .22

    the shot on both S410 are R10 are not that good at around 55 shots + the regulators or the R10 are **** / they fail wheres with my rapid mk2 running at 28 ft/llb im getting 120+ shots need i say more
  4. ant.mass

    Pard 007

    i got one here that i dont use
  5. has any one on here fitted one of theses if so what they like ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Cheek-piece-adjuster-for-air-rifle-single-pin-air-gun-Riser/193149634315?hash=item2cf89d870b:g:FqkAAOSwsh5bObN-
  6. nice one on the bbs
  7. shearwater got diy nv add-on here that im selling cheap if your looking at buying one?
  8. still got few left guys
  9. i still got few left guys
  10. loads of bunnies round my way
  11. ant.mass

    Night vision scope

    got a used pard nv007 for £255 posted
  12. ant.mass

    Nitesite Eagle

    i would just turn the brightness down as that will help and hoge911 sent you a pm as i have pard nv007 here that i dont use anymore so if your still after one then get back to me
  13. i had 2 last night with my howa 1500 233 + my new Ward WT1 75-3 thermal scope Total 5
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