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  1. ant.mass

    Air rifle

    Like i Say Its Hi Power
  2. ant.mass

    Air rifle

    i have a AirArms Hi Power + scope for £175 posted
  3. i ordered a piston head & seal for my mk5 meteor form the company in Australia and it was delivered 2 weeks later. I just haven't got round to fitting it yet.
  4. Hi Rob i dont know if your still after a camera? But i have Gopro Hero 2 camera + Mounting + other Accessories Also New Still Boxed 4k action wifi camera
  5. ant.mass

    New pard

    the old nv007 isn't going anywhere so i cant see them selling many not at that price anyway
  6. ill offer you £800 for it
  7. ant.mass


    maybe not what your after but what about Drummond flatbed Lathe
  8. still looking guys and yh BSA Meteor would have been fine as not to heavy for him heavy
  9. thanks bud ill go and have look on there
  10. looking for cheap push on airgun silencer to go on a bsa supersport something like a webley Pro system silencer
  11. ant.mass


    my old 223 is my local gun shop https://www.guntrader.uk/dealers/thame/d-b-guns/guns/rifles/191016131936001
  12. if your willing to post then i would buy this off you for £150 + £20 P&P
  13. would you take £35 posted ?
  14. im banned from bbs for selling pard nv uints cpl years ago ill pm you bud
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