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  1. ok thanks mate come on someone out there must have a BSA Lightning
  2. Looking for a Old MK1 BSA Lightning
  3. Hi mate yes they are very good and so is the nv008 for the money you cant go wrong mate if you do a search for nv007 or nv008 there's loads of info and videos about if you would like more if then just send me a pm mate atb ant..
  4. ant.mass

    Springer project

    pm's replied too but had reply back so still looking
  5. was using a Solaris SRX but Now im using one of ian sirrell XTL laser and its something else and im using pard nv007 + nv008
  6. if thats £11 posted for both then ill take them mate
  7. ant.mass

    Springer project

    still looking guys
  8. ant.mass

    Springer project

    like i said when you get it back send me some pic or i can come over and have a look at it and i don't see why you offered it to me in the first place if you had no intention on selling it
  9. ant.mass

    Springer project

    Hi Gordon sent you a pm mate
  10. ant.mass

    Springer project

    Hi im looking for a Springer project anything that needs some work doing to it As im wanting one to do up to give to my mates 15 year lad to use and get him into shooting anything considered. Thanks A.M..
  11. dave pm sent mate Bludy with the onboard IR they say 200yds but ill say 160yds but with a SRX IR or a XTL Laser then 500 600 yds
  12. The Units Are New And They Come With 12 Month Warranty Its The 16mm Lens Version + will be fitted with a New 32gb Micro SD HC Card All £325 Posted To Uk Add I also have some Spare Adapter Sleeves 48mm they are £20 posted NV008 willbe here at the in few weeks and willbe for sale for £485 posted
  13. As above 8500w Silent 4-stroke Generator has 3 x 220 sockets + 1x 380V + voltmeter Its only used a few times so its in very good condition yours for £250 pick up from oxford
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