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  1. last price drop £400 posted to uk address only
  2. i need this gone so sell for a very good price of £420 pick up £428 posted This is 1st model pard made which has the better IR like it says its running firmware 1.25/ PIP version
  3. last price drop £425 pick up or £435 posted
  4. New price £430 pick up or £440 posted Uk Address Olnly
  5. Pard NV008 its in fully working Comes with Case usb cable + sun shade + battery. And its the older model which has the better IR Its Running firmware version 1.25 it comes with Sightmark Wraith Mount and Not a Rubbish Pard Mount all boxed for in Very Good Condition £435 pick up from Oxford or £445 posted Also for sale elsewhere
  6. Sorry No i thought you was the same guy / Deker thats of another forum that wanted to buy the NV008 off me
  7. is this the same Dekers that was after a nv008?
  8. what type pond liner is it pvc rubber and what make ? and any pics please
  9. i no rapid inside out and im in oxford but im not RFD
  10. i dont think Mike is RFD but i maybe wrong
  11. i sent you kev's details other on the other forum
  12. i will take this if your post as of pm the other day
  13. ant.mass


    i have few scope mounted Lightforce lamps if thats any good to you ?
  14. NOW SOLD and what pcp you got mate ?
  15. x3 22 Mags Are Sold only the 177cal Mag Left
  16. it's very well known nv kit i think i have video clip here somewhere
  17. i have a NT 300 nv add-on unit here which is way better then NVUK kit and its good out 300yds+ put its also good for close range ratting. comes with MTC Scope Adapter which Screws into back of the Scope + Pulsar DSA for other Scopes + removable soft rubber eye piece and battery charger, It has a fine focus ring on the near eye screen housing Also screen dimmer that’s located on the front of the battery housing, a push button on/off switch on the side, Selling for £165 posted which will be sent RM 1st class signed for
  18. or i may swap for good PCP setup
  19. 12mm lens lets you see all of the scope ocular and dont affect the magnification of the scope. The benefit is for short range and need to keep the field of view as wide as possible to make it easy to pick up the target. / shooting rats A 16mm lens on the shows part of the scope ocular and reduces field of view. + it multiplies scope magnification by 1.7. This is good For longer range shooting , but not to good for short range ratting shooting.
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