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  1. you got a bargain there mate as theses still sell for £450+
  2. here's little video of the NT300
  3. ill send you some pic's bud and ill be selling the nv kit for £150 posted here's pic of the NT300 it comes with battery charger +mtc scope adaptor which may fit others. it has an inbuilt dimmer.and with the correct scope and IR it is capable of going out to 300yds
  4. i still have few here that i made other years and i also have NT300 i can send you more info + some pic's if your interested?
  5. anyone after a good IR
  6. never mind you keep looking
  7. like the above post said the IR laser is no for the XT LED's is best for XT and i have few LED IR's here if your mate needs one
  8. sham its a single shot or would've bought this off you
  9. 2 for me the last night 233 + thermal =211
  10. 5 for me the other night With 223 and my New T-Ceptor PRO 55-3 12 Micron Thermal Rifle Scope Total 188
  11. ok bud let me know when your have there ready and ill send the money over cheers tony..
  12. would like me to pay you know bud ?
  13. Hi Steve can you put me down for some please
  14. if you hunt around your pick a new XM22 for £700 maybe less
  15. No Sold To the Man Above
  16. Selling My NV008LRF Which is 16 months old or so no warranty remaining i have used it about 10 times so its in very good condition and its the older better model with the better IR selling £635 posted. also for sale elsewhere
  17. yes there very good mate or the very good black sun dark engine.
  18. Mate if you cant find a 2nd hand one then i would go for a compact VCSEL IR laser for £44.99
  19. ant.mass

    Scope camera

    i dont no if this is any good to you ? Gopro Hero 2 camera + Mounting + other Accessories Also New Still Boxed 4k action wifi camera + Accessories
  20. ant.mass

    Air rifle

    Like i Say Its Hi Power
  21. ant.mass

    Air rifle

    i have a AirArms Hi Power + scope for £175 posted
  22. i ordered a piston head & seal for my mk5 meteor form the company in Australia and it was delivered 2 weeks later. I just haven't got round to fitting it yet.
  23. Hi Rob i dont know if your still after a camera? But i have Gopro Hero 2 camera + Mounting + other Accessories Also New Still Boxed 4k action wifi camera
  24. ant.mass

    New pard

    the old nv007 isn't going anywhere so i cant see them selling many not at that price anyway
  25. ill offer you £800 for it
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