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  1. 20 hours ago, Keith RW said:

    Thanks Crossy but looking for something along the lines of the  Axion Key XM22 or XM30 for 200-300yd spotting

    if you hunt around your pick a new XM22 for £700 maybe less

  2. Selling My NV008LRF Which is 16 months old or so no warranty remaining
    i have used it about 10 times so its in very good condition
    and its the older better model with the better IR selling £635 posted.

    also for sale elsewhere








  3. i dont no if this is any good to you ?

    Gopro Hero 2 camera + Mounting + other Accessories

    Also New Still Boxed 4k action wifi camera + Accessories


  4. On 23/06/2021 at 08:49, ditchman said:

    been having a look round for various BSA stuff upgrades...........have found a couple of sites where they sell parachute seals for some BSA's....sometimes they fit straight onto the piston...sometimes the piston needs slite modification........a parachute seal is the way to go...HW always fit them..........

    have been toying with the idea of making /turning a parachute seal out of high grade carbon fibre...modifiy the piston head and use a dry lube (graphite ) when assembling it

    what i want to acheive is minimul friction/drag...so i can put the softest spring in possible so i acheive very little kick and 12ft/lbs....i will be doing this with my BSA Merc "S"

    i could fit a parachute seal to the Merc S...as far as i can see there is only one company that supplies the piston head and seal ...and that is out in Australia..

    i ordered a piston head & seal for my mk5 meteor form the company in Australia

    and it was delivered 2 weeks later.   I just haven't got round to fitting it yet.



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