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  1. i sent the seller a email few weeks ago saying i would like to buy the gun off him and asked if he would meet up halfway which he said he would. but the next day i received an email saying he not long had an op on his leg and he can’t drive so he can’t meet up. but would be willing topick the gun up from his home but then we went into lock down and i have sent the seller cpl emails but i have had reply
  2. Jim IR was post off to you today mate
  3. there was one for sale on one the forums the other day but for the life of me i can't remember which one
  4. And Burney its a DM80 over barrel mod
  5. Yha sorry my mistake and Burney sent you a pm
  6. did mine on my Suzuki Vitara last year very easy and took me an hour and half
  7. sent you a email with a pic and payment details bud
  8. yha its the 850 laser version and ill send you some pics later today and i would remove your add from your post mate
  9. got one here still in its box not been used £30 posted if your still after one
  10. it has a price now as the seller edited his post
  11. your post needs a price bud All sales items must be accompanied with a suggested price of sale
  12. sham its 1/2x20 as i have one Daves DM80 223 Mods here but its 1/2 unf which i will be selling very soon as soon
  13. Hi im interested in the posted? but can i have some pic's large camo net in carry bag £5
  14. Hi im interested in the thats if you would post? Large mesh hide net £10 jack Pyke pigeon decoy shells £10 battery powered hypa flapper £15
  15. going by Basc its ok to go out shooting / vermin control https://basc.org.uk/coronavirus/
  16. pigeons are hitting the rape here in oxford
  17. i was just going to say that zapp
  18. i dont no where they wont do a test as if you search the net there loads of places that sell twin set cylinders
  19. that T20 rubbish man this what you need bud https://www.blackwoodoutdoors.co.uk/special-offers-deals-discounts/night-blaster-ir-laser-torch-night-vision
  20. ant.mass

    .22 PCP

    Gamo Coyote for £200 https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/409615-pcp-air-rifle-177/?tab=comments#comment-3794417
  21. like i and others have said your not go wrong with a the IR Laser in the link i put up or just buy a XTL off ian sarrel i can pm you his email if like bud
  22. i no but the guy is after a Laser IR
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