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  1. it's some thing to do with java script copy and paste pigeonwatch.co.uk it in to your trusted sites
  2. hi can any one give me info on splitting the signal from the cable modem to the TV i have got cable splitter i put one of the cables into the modem and the other into the TV i can get the basic TV channels (BBC 1 and 2, ITV1, C4, C5 and 5 cable channels what bits will i need for more channels? thanks anthony..
  3. I recently got slimview S530 monitor which I want to use on my wife's computer. However the Slimview monitor has a DFP 20-pin connector Is this a digital connector. if so how can I attach it to a normal output from a regular Geforce 3 graphics card? Thanks Anthony.. ps Can I get a converter /adapter for the monitor
  4. Been out today Lots of pigeons on rape field in radley That’s wired. there were no pigeons anywhere near that field yesterday. Anthony..
  5. hi I'm in littlemore/rose hill just wondering if the pigeons are on the rape yet Drove round rape fields at Abingdon yesterday no sign of them anthony..
  6. Any members form oxford anthony
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