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  1. Them magpies are difficult at the best of times to get, i had to change tactics just get that one in that pics lol
  2. If its legal and the farmer wants them dealing with for a valid reason then i will ok and if i cant get a positive identification then i wont take it out. im not stupid, and as for magpies IVE if you look in pictures then you will see i also got them, not that difficult if you use the right tactics really though i must admit they are cunning little critters lol but with the right tactics it can be done
  3. Look if you lot are going to keep having ago about if i can i.d my quarry then go ahead!! have some fun and keep douting me!! bit childish if you ask me And if you must know its the BROWN RAT (Rattus Norvegicus) if i spelt that right.... satisfied now?
  4. ADMIN or MOD can you please close thread before i stay purple forever :*) :*) :thumbs: :blink:
  5. You must have been in the parachute regiment.................................. Marines wouldnt fall for that. Infantry,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Artillery,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you just cant be a tanky........ Ps, I can take out rabbits at 150 yds with my crossman ratcatcher.... :blink: har har har i was in the Royal Engineers as a combat engineer then was attached to other divisions for training
  6. You shouldnt even be shooting stuff if you cant tell what it is, or if its not causing you or your shoots land any problems :thumbs: I can now tell the diff after looking into it so there is no question that i cant tell what it is!!! like i said before if you read the post that i only look into what i will be shooting as there is no point for me looking into what i wont :blink: at present all i shoot is Corvids, Rabbit, Woodies, Tree Rats and your bog standard rat so i only know about these and now i know about Gulls
  7. hehehe i cant believe i was dumb enough to fall for that well done to the Air Gunner team who certainly fooled me :thumbs:
  8. You can legally shoot them as a pest as they are on the list
  9. :o ooooooooo **** I AM SOOO DUMB :blink:
  10. Well i bought air gunner tonight and one of the products disscussed was something called Verm-Glow lol it stated that you add this liquid to some food that you pre-feed the quarry that you intend to shoot and a couple hours later when it is dark the quarry that has had it really dos glow in the dark so there is no need for lamps ext and that when AirGunner tested it it increased some bags by 104% :blink: what do you lot think of this?? will you try it when its released?? makes hunting at night a bit to easy if you ask me
  11. Yes they are and thats the reason he wants rid of them but after readin most of this i dont think i will bother :blink:
  12. Very true. Maybe i should of explained myself more in the first place as reading back what i put it dos appear and even sounds like i am shooting them for the sake of it. I am not though and never would, i will only shoot quarry that i have a reason to shoot. Sorry about that, hope this explains it
  13. And yes it is good, although i only look up what i will be shooting as i dont see the point in looking it all up when most quarry i have no reason to shoot!!! so yes my knowlege is good :blink:
  14. There is a reason for it as the owner of the land is seriously peed off with them so knowing that i can shoot certain ones will help him out.... I didnt say anywere in my previous posts that i will be shooting them for the sake of it!!! Every species of quarry i shoot is for a valid reason and if i didnt have a reason for shooting gulls i wouldnt shoot them!!!!! @ dazza
  15. Plus my main point being that i have never shot Gulls before or even gone for them so i should find it fun finding the best tactics for it and so forth
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