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    Pigeon shooting/ fly fishing/ odd bit of aigunning/ my dog/ and winding up NTTF!
  1. Tractor Driver, working the ground of Hampshire
  2. Yep I will be there, shooting the sporting and flush then going for a wander around the show ground to hunt out any bargins
  3. Wallers Ash is on today, two 50 bird layouts (red & blue) and a 5 position compak sporting stand . Atb Buzz
  4. Are they still going up there , I havent been up there for ages, used to get very busy and used to have a problem trying to find some where to park. A great lay out though set in the woods and a good bacon sarnie to be had at the end of the round atb Buzz
  5. Hi Buzz nice to see your still active.

  6. Nicky T Just to say thanks for a cracking April fool joke, I must say that I cacked my self when I saw my user name on the fist post this morning. I fell for it hook line and sinker for a while untill I rembered todays date once again top job and well done ! All the best Buzz
  7. eh?? what is it that Ive done ? :blink: Oh ....you got me Cheers guys
  8. Plenty of pigeon on drillings here..... only problem Ive got is that Im a tractor driver working the ground and can only watch them from my cab All the farms around here are busy drilling at the mo, so the birds will have plenty to chose from, it might be a job to keep up with them
  9. Very nice fella, let us all know how you get on with her when you get out for a session
  10. Wont let me in as well
  11. Mine was Relum Tornado Webley Mk 3 Spent many a hour with them both
  12. I might bump into you Ampshire guys one day, although I dont do much clay shooting nowa days, need to get back into it. I used to shoot clays @ World End Gun Club, Blacksleepers Gun Club, Winchester Gun Club & Wallers Ash.I know Winchester and Wallers are still up and running not sure about the others? All The Best Buzz
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