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    shooting,ferreting,beating,fishing,and net making.

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  1. I have one hundred plus empty clear pint bottles for brewing your own beer or lager in. Free to collection only.
  2. 👍👍just a thumb's up for n w p .I sent off my shotgun and firearm's cert's for renewing,and from posting the form's to a home visit, to getting my licences it only took five week's.[[thank's to all involved.]]
  3. thenetter


    hi there, If anyone is just starting out in home brewing I have got about 150 empty pint bottles FREE to collection only. PM me.
  4. hi there, you could try this site .lakeside pottery.
  5. these were bought brand new ,and as stated some were only used the once.
  6. hi there, I've got aprox 150 glass bottles for sale. They are 440ml size, some have only been used the once. they are for collection only, and I want £40.00 .
  7. go on i'll ask. what's a may fly burner??.
  8. no probs, looks like Im hand plucking for another season, thanks anyway. paul.
  9. hi there, can you tell me how old and how much work has it done, also what has it been used on, Im a retied butcher but I dry pluck quite a few pheasants, paul.
  10. Hi there, we've had the same problem this year.some of the tail's have been really bloodied. never had this problem before.The only thing we can put it down to is when we got the poult's, there were some different aged one's mixed together. The older one's picking on the younger one's perhaps. just a thought.
  11. Hi there, I have a large chest deep freezer free to anyone that will collect. This is ideal for a garage, and can be seen working.Im only getting rid as I've bought another one. this is collect only from north wales [[prestatyn nr rhyl]].
  12. hi there, I've got plenty of 3' 6'' spun polly, and a few 4 footers. they are brand new ,made by myself. they're in canary yellow.the 3'6'' one's are £2.00 each for 10 plus £3 for p.p. the 4 footers are £2.50 each. give me a p m i'm in prestatyn.
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