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  1. God... its years since i saw that shlock horror... They live... 😂
  2. del.gue

    John McDonald

    Seems to forget his policies were rejected by most of the country a few months ago. Needs reminding he does not have all...or even any...of the answers
  3. No changes needed. The laws are already there. They just need enforcing. A police officer turns up at a job and has both sides trying to put a point across. He/she can only go with what they feel right at the time and best evidence of an offence. Sometimes they get it wrong. But no charges were brought in this case. Most bobbies do not deal with aggravated trespass regularly... or poaching... or anything under the ecclesiastical act... (ok im being flippant)... but i would not criticise the police in this incident. But if it carried on in the same way it is cause for a complaint.
  4. Been before and went again today. Had a slow amble around, saw some stuff, tried some stuff, met some friends. Had a decent day out. Took our own food because theirs is abysmal and way over priced. I dont like really like the NEC though. It was better at Stoneleigh though.
  5. del.gue

    BBC News

    A big issue of mine is the amount of people they send to a news location for no apparant reason. Example. An entire film crew standing outside of someones house or a building, with no chance of interviewing anyone, and spouting **** because they have nothing to say. Or at a crime and endlessly speculating on what might be inside the van that went up the road. To be fair...its not just beeb that do this. But they do need a cull of useless staff. They want to save 80m and cut 450 jobs??? Jeeze how much are these parasites on??
  6. Whatever day you go take a packed lunch... the food is c**p. This is supposed to be our national exhibition centre so is thd food so poor?
  7. del.gue


    I would prefer to be bacon!
  8. del.gue


    Thank you for the explanation. I guess i cant be "woke" because i dont follow the lefty doctrine... or because im too old to be bothered. 😁
  9. del.gue


    Woke... another BS word invented by the "right on set"
  10. Strange how these things happen when he is not constrained by the bbc campaigning for his AR agenda while presenting for them... eg, springwatch finished?
  11. I heard a report that a security guard who went in to help could not get out of the pool, apparantly he was shivering so much... so it could be that cold played a part. Whatever happened it is sad.
  12. I really enjoy cooking... xmas dinner is my preserve...im in charge of the kitchen. Wife in charge of the starter. This year its muntjac haunch...celeriac puree...sprouts, bacon and chestnuts and 3 veg. Im also getting nicely pickled.....
  13. I suppose things like this can be genuine and it seems it has happened before... but....I read this incident on bbc and sky websites yesterday. The young girl who found the card, her father just happens to be some sort of legal adviser on human rights and exploitation. He is quite high powered and advised the government in the past. When i came to re read the items last night the reference to his job has been removed by sky and the bbc. Why? What are the chances of a young girl with a human rights dad finding this card? Maybe its just me being a suspicious type...but something is a bit whiffy about this. JMO....
  14. If they dont get rid of momentum its them and the unions that will pick the next leader... just like they did with corbyn
  15. Yet there is still a possibility he will be PM. If this country puts him in office then we deserve everything we get. Need to look at options to get the hell out of dodge...
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