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  1. Dont blame the bobby on the street for lack of action, its their leaders and in particular the great mayor who decide policy. But as he got his fingers burnt last time he supported these idiots i suppose he still hiding under his rock.
  2. I guess most of us are waiting for a visit from the boys in blue... im worried for kissing a girl when i was 14... hope she cant remember my name... cos i cant remember hers!
  3. Spot on... i have always been suspicious of people who use things like food banks. I know there are people in need and everyone needs a hand occasionally. But on the run up to the last election that May b***** up i was in the dentist waiting room. A young woman about 25ish was in with her mother. (I gleaned that from the chat they were having). Mother asked if her friend beccy had been to the food bank. Daughter said she had and that they had been good to her...all nice so far! The conversation drifted and then again went back to beccy... mother asked if beccy was still going to spain for her holidays... no, replied, daughter...she is saving to go to disneyland!!! At which point i stood up and went to sit in outside the waiting room!
  4. She is part of the reason i stopped watching bbc news... very moody and opinionated.
  5. As i dont watch bbc news anymore...what did she say??
  6. For Corbyns voters to be happy with an extra day off.. They first need to have a job 🙂
  7. As another poster pointed out, a good read about the family is hair raising. (Take a look at her sister!!) This is expolitation of a child. They dress her up like a cross between pippi longstocking and the creepy Wednesday Addams just to pull at the heart strings of the gullable. She is their meal ticket. I hope when all this blows up in their faces the parents are rightly vilified.
  8. To prove their hypocrisy?... diane abbott amongst other labourites sent her kids to a private school.
  9. del.gue

    More terrorism

    Oh what a mess. Left or right we seem to always want to pigeon hole people. Both left and right can be evil... but it seems lately that its acceptable to be leftist and shout about it, but not if your right leaning. Both extremes seem to be the same...hitler was regarded as nazi and right wing... but his party was...the national socialists? Hmmmm
  10. Seems like greed of the organisers are killing them.
  11. I always enjoyed this show despite its slide in the last few years. Worked it on saturday so didnt get a chance to look around. Had feeby tickets so i went today.. Jeez, what a disappointment. It was a tat fair... one tent selling beds??? Plastic bows and arrows and catapults...gunmakers row (or festival of shooting) really?? One guy said it was £2.5k for his pitch!! Feel sorry for people who paid 18 quid. It needs new management and revamp.
  12. Anything by Tom Robinson and Billy Bragg... and most country and western...
  13. del.gue


    Like most dictators they are always responsibile for more deaths of their own people to stay in power, than any foriegn wars they can fight. He was no better than better stalin, mao, saddam hussein....etc etc. The world is better off without him.
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    Thanks for all the replies. Got some homework to do now. All the best
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    Thank you
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