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  1. Yes... its an age thing and something to rage about while i wait for upgraded brakes to be fitted to my wheeled zimmer. 😁
  2. For me: Raw celery. 🤢 Orange flavoured chocolate. 🤢 Packham "someone i would never get sick of punching" The Biased Broadcasting Corp, and all who sail in her. Judy "bloody" Murray... a face like scraping nails down a black board.
  3. Yes, ive met him a few times too. Very full of himself.
  4. I sent mine back too in the handy sae... kindly declining their offer to fund a terrorist group.
  5. I have seen vids of some of his early speeches and in a few he waffles incoherently in places. I feel sprry him as i dont think he will make the full term. For me he was the anti trump candidate, with a side issue of getting a black female president before the next election... just my opinion
  6. Nice guy. Met him a couple of times. RIP
  7. Also from the 60s i remember having Ckarks Commando shoes, with a compass in the heel.
  8. I spent 18 months fitting Smet1 and started to fit the latest Smet2 when i packed it in They can save you money if you want to watch the display 24/7 but some old people have been panicked by the display and turned off things like their heating. The only real advantage was no estimated bills. However, it had also been suggested that smart meters, in the future, could help the national grid from crashing should everyone plug their electric car in at the same time. I have key meter... i pay, use my electric, then buy some more... no bills.
  9. Seen the video of creepy joe touching and handling kids and women... there is something wrong with him. I couldnt give a hoot who wins, but i also saw the vid of creepy joe wandering around a stage a few days ago, it reminded me of Regan in his latter years when he was clearly unwell. The funny thing i find is the msm, especially the beeb with their "impartial" reporting, obviously supporting creepy joe, and acting like they have great influence on the outcome. Im sure the majority of voters in the US dont give toss what the beeb think.
  10. 3 days ago i got a text from a 5 figure phone number, i just ignore them and dont reply. Then yesterday i get a text from O2 telling me i have been charged £3.75 for a premium rate text. I checked back to this text and saw i had never replied to it. Something about cheap holidays... Contacted O2 and was told i would have pay this and the charge stood. She gave me a number for the company to reclaim the cost from them. Unbelievable!! I have to pay for recieving a text! It seems there is something you can now add to your account that stops this but only for accounts after 201
  11. TCM show older films.
  12. While they are restrained i bet a strimmer could be busy removing some of the "save the badger" mascots they are hiding. Then a good hose down with a water cannon.
  13. del.gue


    I was on nights. I got up and sat half asleep staring at the news. The towers had alread fallen. I remember thinking it was a trailer for a film. I snapped wide awake when my wife pointed out it was real.
  14. If it is the flue terminal outside on the wall, then they do get hot. It is a requirement that a guard or cage is fitted over it, if it is below 2m from the ground.
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