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  1. While they are restrained i bet a strimmer could be busy removing some of the "save the badger" mascots they are hiding. Then a good hose down with a water cannon.
  2. del.gue


    I was on nights. I got up and sat half asleep staring at the news. The towers had alread fallen. I remember thinking it was a trailer for a film. I snapped wide awake when my wife pointed out it was real.
  3. If it is the flue terminal outside on the wall, then they do get hot. It is a requirement that a guard or cage is fitted over it, if it is below 2m from the ground.
  4. Can you just confirm what you mean by back of the fire? Do you mean the flue terminal outside?
  5. The ones suspected of this have been in the Midlands and north wales. They are defo dodgy and upto no good but as Cheshire police have said only one reported incident. This bunch have moved, as of yesterday, and thought to be a few miles away in another village toward Whitchurch. All irish plates and crappy cars and caravans. Looking at local fb pages people love to slag off the police, but never report anything... and just like sabs they think a conviction can be gained with a crappy pic of two guys in van. Evidence is needed.
  6. The Franklin expedition in Canada. Covered in one of Ray Mears series i think.
  7. I used to enjoy watching but not been interested for about 20 years, like F1, it bores me. From what I recall Ronnie usually threatens to give up when he looses, too much drama for me...
  8. Its quite a good series.
  9. I thought the NFU were looking into it?
  10. Yep, all those repeats...sorry, classic episodes. 🙄
  11. My wife got one these emails onto her work email. (Large multi national company). The IT guys told her it was common and that an old site had probably been hacked.
  12. Thanks for that. Just found it and turned it off.
  13. I think Plan 9 from outer space was regarded as the worst film ever made. But there were some stinkers in the 50s and 60s like Robot monster and Attack of the killer tomatos. There was a book by a guy called Michael Medvedev (or someting like that) that listed some of them... but that was in the 80s... since then there have the star wars add ons!
  14. Make sure you download and keep the footage
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