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  1. I can't believe this Is still for sale. too much cash exchanging hands for bog roll. Bog roll could be our next currency!! I bid you 600 Bog roll, for the gun bosher!! 😆
  2. neil w

    Bits and Bob's

    Sold to bang -bang - birdy
  3. neil w

    Bits and Bob's

    . Sorry it was a typo !! Scope caps for sale . Not a vortex scope.
  4. Fox pro inferno as new with rechargeable batteries and charger £120 posted. Sold !!! Rws leather ammo pouch with belt loop, very good condition £23 posted. Rws leather rifle sling good condition £23 posted. Allen rifle sling good condition £23 posted Vortex scope caps set objective 50 £16 posted. Riserva cheek riser made from leather and cordura . As new £ 40 posted Bank transfer payment only!!.
  5. You might find the odd 10 pound note in the pockets. Must say the plastic 10.pound notes wash rather well !!. A nice fitting gesture, well hopefully.
  6. A gift, añd hard find. Definitely adds ££££ to someone that has bought a DT 10 without a case!!. Absolute bargain, or a give away price, but don't beat yourself up about it !!.
  7. I'm sure he knew what "he" purchased it for !!!!!!!!!.
  8. Because the seller wanted to be 6" closer to the target !!. There real nice shotguns.
  9. Very nice indeed. Can't believe it's still for sale!!.
  10. I'll take it, as long as the rfd fees aren't ridiculous!!. And it's not a junior stock!!
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