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  1. Good luck facing your predicament tomorrow chap. Horrible when you're caught in the middle of something rotten. Keep your chin up fella

  2. You bought the cheap and nasty poor mans pikie rod from tackle discounts then chap. Brilliant aren't they!! Bit stiff but loads of guts.

    Hope you enjoy it.

  3. 'I swing both ways - men and boys'. Quote of the night

  4. Evening Gram, what an informative comment board you have. Haven't been getting the trouser mauser out in public have we?

    1. Paddy Galore!

      Paddy Galore!

      i was only taking a leak, then dan pushed the bloody door shut mid flow!

  5. Good morning,

    Are you having any joy at Bewl at the moment. I'm hoping to get up there Friday for a boat outing though may postpone until Monday so that dad can come along. As much as he moans about the price he allways enjoys himself. Any pointers would be gratefully appreciated.

    many thanks, Rob

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