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  1. Quick update... coming along nicely
  2. She is doing well for a 22 week old pup. There was me using puppy dummy’s for quite basic stuff and she had no problems running off with a good Drake mallard! She will be on the wash next year maybe
  3. When you’re big enough you can come with Rhia too
  4. I’m thinking about buying it with my early retirement fund 🤣
  5. Youre a property tycoon Harry and a wildfowler so dip your hand in that deep pocket
  6. Same place I got Rhia from but all sold now Konnie
  7. I will do harrycat but only a small breakfast now because I’ve lost a fair bit of weight and don’t want to put it back on ? Thanks. From the start of December i will pretty much be done work. Only 3 day weeks from now on. So i will have time to do what I want to do once I’ve got down the mrs list of jobs. I would like to meet up with Ben again sometime as not been in touch for a while and owe him a walk on shep white and other things too
  8. Rhia is still good Harry but as I’m taking early retirement it’s a good time to get a additional dog to bring on. Nice looking dog moongeese
  9. The early stages are going great. All play related at the moment but she’s already keen and quick. Sits on command and hand signal. Walks ok on a lead. She should be ok for the following season but if not she can learn a bit from Rhia Thanks Gerry she’s a good looker. Takes after he mum who’s a Swedish imported bitch I must have lost half a stone chasing my slippers
  10. Yea doing fine thanks. Will be doing a bit more wildfowling soon as well as my game shoots as I have taken early retirement and finish work mid December. Always willing to take you again Thanks
  11. Thanks Nigel. Been a long time since I’ve been on here. I still have the great stick you give me. If you ever fancy getting your second pink let’s me know ?
  12. Meet Ida my new dog that will be helping Rhia on the Wash in the future
  13. My new partner for the future to join Rhia on my shooting trips
  14. I was there this morning..it was the thought of lodge cafe that convinced me. I don't really look on here very often and post even less.
  15. I'm coming if you are getting the breakfast.
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