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  1. rails still for sale.


    1. Hi, Pepe1 are these still for sale?
    2. cleric

      Lanber 1/4 choke.

      Hi, i have a 1/4 choke and cylinder chokes flush fitting surplus to requirements. Make me a offer
    3. You don`t happen to travel to the midlands at all by any chance do you?
    4. Gun now sold, nice to meeting you mark, hope you enjoyed your drive back.
    5. Likewise mate, cheers for the cracking gun, have a good trip up Scotland.
    6. Top gun shotgun slip in green, as in new condition, I will upload photos later. £20 posted.
    7. cleric

      gun case

      Pm sent mate.
    8. Ok guys that's what I thought initially, but what roughly would the cost be for a gunsmith to reblu the barrell?
    9. Hi gents, I'm just about to acquire a .22 match 54 rifle but the barrell could do with rebluing, I was thinking of having a go myself, is is hard to get good results or is it better to get it done by a gunsmith for the bests finish?
    10. Match 54 target rifle wanted, anything considered, Cash waiting.
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